Sample disks & sample collections
for the GeneralMusic S2 & S3 & compatibles!

Our synth sounds have been top rated in
"Keyboard," "Electronic Musician," "Transoniq Hacker,"
"Sound on Sound," "Korg Connection," & many more!


DISKS, JUST $149!!


Pro-Rec offers two great types of
disk libraries for the GeneralMusic S2, S3 & Compatibles!:
Individual Sample Disks and
AKAI Sample Disks*.

  • Individual Sample Disks:

    These are high density disks that feature
    great synths, drums, pianos or other types
    of great sounds. There is one disk per title.
    These are just $18 each, any 10 for just $99!
    Note: The SX, WX and WK4 can read our S3 libary
    with the optional memory expander installed.

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    AKAI Sample Disks*:
    *If you have the S2 Rack, or the S2 or S3 Turbo versions,
    you can read our popular AKAI library of sample disks
    and synth collections.
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    Individual Sample Disks

    Our HD sample disks are just
    $18 each, any 10 for $99!


    DISKS, JUST $149!!


    Super Dance

    Acoustic PanaMix Cool Pop EP Dance sound
    Silo Plucks Bright, resonant asia pulse
    Analog Sync Analog, resonant synth/lead
    Native Dance Multi-tuned dance tabla
    Asia Pulse Electric resonant dance pulse
    Pulse Bass Fantastic brick/synth bass
    Aquapulse Bass Fast-hitting synth pulse bass
    Super Calliope D-50-like synth calliope sound
    Hydrattack Superb synth mallet hit
    Pop Jupiter Brilliant jupiter EP + pad
    Poly Marimba Super mallet pop marimba
    Pop Plucks Muted pop keyboard plucks
    Dynasaw Reverse resonant analog dance
    Poly Bass Rich synth dance bass
    Ultra SynBass Super synth dance bass
    Phone Demo Code 920

    Panadrome Rich analog/digital synth wave
    Planet Chiff Bright, multinote synth chiff
    PanaMarimba Rich, multitone synth marimba
    Poly Square Poly square dance pulse wave
    Dance Bass Rich synth dance bass
    Brick Bass Heavy-hitting synth bass
    Jupiter ResoBass Muted resonant dance bass
    Planet Hits Bright calliope synth hit
    Fanta Bottle Super, original synth dance snd
    Pop Plucks Simple, rich pop synth plucks
    PalaSynth Synth trumpet-like lead
    Super Pulse Pulse synth-lead wave
    DyVocal Bass Rich, low, vocal-like synth bass
    JV SynBass Pulse synth-dance bass
    Phone Demo Code 922

    Super Pop
    Ultimate Pop Brilliant digital synth hit
    XanaPluck Digital marimba synth hit
    Silo Poly Resonant digital synth wave
    JV PanaLeads Bright digital synth lead
    PanaHarmony Original multitone dance sound
    Power Kong Powerful dance synth orch hit
    Xylo Waves Superb mallet-type xylophone
    Helio LogBass Original dance vocal bass
    Sync PulseBass Super pulse synth/dance bass
    Perfect Pop Superb digital pop sound
    Elastidance Bright digital elastic wave
    Padra Light Light synth callioflute
    Vocal Pop Super vocal synth hit
    Poly Synth Bright digital synth hit / bass
    Dance Bass Simple poly dance bass wave
    Phone Demo Code 924

    Super Jupiter
    Super Wires Bright digital synth wires hit
    Jupiter Pads Rich jupiter mallet pads
    ResoPulse Keys Super resonant synth hit
    Poly Keys Muted jupiter poly keys + bass
    JD Poly Bass JD rich poly dance bass
    Vocal WahBass Super vocal bass with wah efct
    Jupiter Mallets Rich syn mallet w/ super pad
    Hydro Waves Resonant analog dance hit
    Synth Pulse Bright digital synth dance hit
    Wire Jupiter Absolutely beautiful pop pad
    PWM PulseBass Rich, low synth dance bass
    Phone Demo Code 930

    Analog Bright Bright reso analog waves
    Analog Wahh Super rverse syn mallet pad
    Dance Rhodes Rich poly dance rhodes keys
    Power Orch Hit Super dance orchestra hit
    Super Electric Heavy digital dance elec gtr
    Pulse Bass Acid, resonant dance bass
    Super Dance Bs Super rich poly dance bass!
    Super Synth Rich resonant synth strings
    Vox Hits Rich dance voice poly pluck
    Callio Light Beautiful pop calliope flute
    Super Marim Super natural marim sound
    Super Pick Bass Great dance acstic pick bs
    Dance LowBass Analog poly dance low bass
    Phone Demo Code 932

    Ultimate Pop
    Pop Waves Resonant synth pop waves
    Super Poly 1 Super rich, reso dance poly
    PanaVox Deep, rich, great vox hits
    Super Mutes Incredibly rich mute gtr hits
    Pluck Voices Light pop pluck voice waves
    Dance Marims Rich poly acoustic marims
    Super Dnc Bs Super rich poly dance bass!
    Super Chiff Rich calliope dance chiff!
    Penna Log Super log with rich pad
    Supr Poly 2 Rich, resonant dance poly
    Synth Waves Beautiful synth strings
    Syn PulseBass Resonant dance pulse bass
    Spr Slap Bass Super dance slap bass
    Phone Demo Code 934

    Analog Synths
    OB Poly Rich, dynamic poly synth hit
    Analog Keys Muted, synthy analog keys
    WurliDance Rich wurlitzer EP keys
    Moog Plucks Rich moog pluck synth sound
    Filter Bass Dynamic moog synth dance bs
    Pulses Bass Rich, dynamic synth dance bass
    BrilliWires Brilliant, rich wirey synth hit
    M Strings Beautiful string synth hit
    Poly Plucks Dynamic, rich synth key plucks
    VocoBass Super vocal-type synth bass
    Indian Bass Rich, dynamic synth dance bass
    Phone Demo Code 936

    Electronic Dance 1

    909 Basic Kick
    Pop Snare
    909 Snare
    Compu Kong
    Dance Snare
    808 Snare
    Closed HH
    808 Claps
    Compu Closed HH
    808 Deep Kick
    Compu Open HH
    808 Syn Cowbell
    Super Scratch 1
    Wood Block
    Hard Dance Snare
    Super Scratch 2
    Dance Snare 2
    Super Snaps
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Orch Hit
    Cabasa Shaker
    Spectral Noise
    Techno Snap
    Super Kong 2
    808 Cowbell 2
    Rev Technosis
    Poly Mute Pluck
    Poly Vocal Pluck
    Techno Zap
    Phone Demo Code 901

    Electronic Dance 2
    Deep Kick
    Pop Snare
    Deep Snare
    808 Snare
    Closed HH 1
    808 Claps
    Closed HH 2
    Electronic Kick
    Open Natural HH
    CompuTong 1
    Cymbal Hit
    CompuTong 2
    Cymbal Crash
    Vocal Pop
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Conga Slap
    Side Stick
    Bongo Low
    Bongo High
    Dance Timbale
    Bongo High Slap
    Chime Bell
    Cabasa Shaker
    Dance Knock
    Plick Knock
    Dance Toinc
    Super CompuChime
    Phone Demo Code 901

    Electronic Dance 3
    Dance Kick
    Block Snare
    909 Snare
    Pop Snare High
    Dance Knock
    Pulse Knock
    Closed Dance HH
    Open Dance HH
    Open Syn HH
    Brush Dnc Snare
    Elec Dance Clap
    Synth Brush
    Metal Knock
    Brush Knock
    Compu Snaps
    Elec Brush Snap
    Compu Block
    Brush Snaps
    808 Cowbell 1
    CompuBongo Low
    808 CowBell 2
    CompuBongo Hi
    808 Cowbell 3
    Syn Orch Hit
    Compu Tom
    Syn Sine Tom
    Dance Zap
    Compu Ploinc
    Electronic Chimes
    Phone Demo Code 901

    808 Dance
    808 Kick
    808 Kick (Long)
    808 Snare
    Electronic Kick
    808 Snare (Brush)
    808 Side Click
    808 Closed HH
    808 Open HH
    808 Snare (High)
    808 Snare (Mute)
    ElectroTom Brush
    ElectroNoise Slide
    Smack Clap
    CompuBend Tom
    808 Ride
    808 Snare (Mute Hi)
    808 Kick (High)
    808 Brush Snare
    808 Long Clap
    808 Fast Clap
    808 Tom (High)
    Electronic Deep Kick
    808 CowBells
    808 Toms
    808 Conga Sound
    808 Claves
    High Q Sound
    Toinc Hollow Noise
    Space 808 Toms
    CompuScratch Plick
    Phone Demo Code 902

    909 Dance
    909 Kick
    909 Mute Kick
    909 Snare
    808 Clap
    Super Dance Snare
    78 Super Snare
    909 Closed HH
    Boing Dance Snare
    909 Open HH
    909 Side Knock
    Elemental Snare
    Boing Dance Kick
    78 Closed HH
    Video Dance Kick
    78 Open HH
    Video Kick High
    Metallic Snare
    78 Tambourine
    78 Guiro Sound
    Super Clap
    78 Marc Perc
    Super Clap Short
    Poly C Tone
    Dance Hollow
    303 ElectroBass
    55 Low Claves
    909 Dance Toms
    55 CompuClaves
    55 Claves (High)
    Phone Demo Code 902

    Super Rap Kit 1
    Deep Kick
    Tom Kick
    Low Syn Kick
    Ambient Knock Kick
    Deep Rap Kick
    Tamb Kick
    Closed HH
    Hard Clap Knock
    Open Syn HH
    Heavy Clap Knock
    Natural Open HH
    Fast Clap Hit
    Funky Snare High
    Perc Sound Low
    Hard Snare
    Perc Sound High
    Metallic Dance Snr
    Fast Dance Snare
    Dance Tom Low
    Hard Knock Snare
    Dance Tom Med
    Hard Knock Snare 2
    Dance Tom High
    Funky Snap Snare
    Vocal Hit Snare
    Hard Open HH
    Hard Kick Knock
    Super Q Sound 1
    Syn Bongo
    Super Q High 2
    Snare Side Light
    Conga Low
    Heavy Dnc Q Sound
    Conga High
    Bongo Low+
    Bongo High
    Tamb Perc Knock
    Tamb Short
    Tamb Long
    Shaker Short
    Cabasa Shaker Shrt
    Syn Snap Fast
    Cowbell Light Low
    Cowbell Light High
    Perc Knock Low
    Perc Knock High
    Guica Perc Low
    Super Horn Kick
    Guica Perc Med
    Guica Perc High
    Phone Demo Code 903

    Super Rap Kit 2
    Breathy Kick
    Machine Kick
    Clap Kick
    Standard Kick
    Deep Kick
    Step Kick
    Closed HH
    Sonic Knock
    Open Syn HH
    Knock Kick
    Open Natural HH
    Hard Snare Clap
    Humpty Clap
    Dance Bongo Low
    Hard Clap Knock
    Dance Bongo High
    Fast Clap Knock
    Ambient Clap Knock
    70's Dance Snare
    Funky Snare
    Deep Dance Snare
    Hard Knock Snare
    Deep Dance Snare 2
    Hard Fast Snare
    Ambient Knock Snr
    Closed Knock Light
    Amb Snap Knock
    Deep Knock Kick
    Funky Drum Snare
    Syn Dance Snare
    Old Style Snare
    Syn Bongo
    Short Knock Snare
    Dance Knock Snr 2
    Indust Breath Kick
    Cowbell Low
    Cabasa Shaker
    Syn Bongo Low+
    Syn Bongo Low
    Syn Bongo High
    Super Snare Roll
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Tamb Cowbell High
    Smash Hit Short
    Smash Hit Long
    Phone Demo Code 903

    90's House Kit 1
    Heavy Kick
    Syn Conga Low
    Heavy Fast Kick
    Syn Conga High
    Mute Kick Short
    808 Snare
    Closed 808 HH
    Syn Fast Snare
    Open 808 HH 1
    Syn Snare High
    Open 808 HH 2
    Dance Snare Mute
    808 Clap Med
    808 Clap Mute
    808 Clap Short
    Syn Super Tom
    Side Stick
    Bongo Low
    Bongo High
    808 Shaker
    Dance CowBell
    Conga Low
    808 CowBell
    Conga Med
    808 Syn Click
    Conga High
    808 Syn CowBell
    Super Orch Hit
    CompuVox Pluck
    Shaker Rattles
    Dance Whistle
    Phone Demo Code 904

    90's House Kit 2
    Dance Kick
    Ambient Short Kick
    Deep Bass Kick
    Heavy Stop Kick
    Deep Ambient Kick
    Dance Clap Snare
    Closed 909 HH
    Ambient Dance Snr
    Open 909 HH 1
    Heavy Dance Clap
    Open 909 HH 2
    Fast Dance Snare
    Hard Dance Snare
    Fast Deep Snare
    Dance Snare
    808 Knock
    808 Clap Med
    Fast Super Clap
    909 Syn Tom
    Hard Clap Med
    909 Syn Tom
    808 Clap Heavy
    909 Syn Tom
    Long Hard Clap
    Deep Organ Hit
    C + C Guitar Stab
    Party People Orch
    Dance Organ Hit 2
    Orch Hit Fast
    CompuVox Reverse
    Phone Demo Code 904

    90's House Kit 3
    Deep Dance Kick
    Mute Dance Kick
    Ambient Dance Kick
    Fast Kick
    Fast Brush Kick
    Tom Dance Kick
    Closed 808 HH
    Dance Clap 1
    Closed 808 HH 2
    Dance Slap
    Open 808 HH
    Super Twist
    Block Clap
    808 Knock
    Snare Clap 1
    808 Snare
    Spr Dance Snare
    Block Snare
    Strong Dance Clap
    808 Clap
    Mute 808 Clap
    Spr Dance Clap 2
    Perc Brush
    Dance Stab
    Super Horns
    Dance Toms
    Dance Organ Hit
    CompuDance Sound
    Disco Orch Hit
    Phone Demo Code 904

    Pianos & More:
    Piano 1

    Acoustic Piano 1
    Bright, rich, powerful, natural acoustic piano
    Acoustic Piano 2
    Another beautiful, rich acoustic piano
    Grand Piano 1
    Rich, dynamic, beautiful grand piano
    Acoustic Piano 3
    A beautiful, dynamic, rich acoustic piano
    Phone Demo Code 941

    Piano 2
    Acoustic Piano 4
    Bright, rich, powerful, natural acoustic piano
    Brush Piano
    Beautiful analog-like piano with brush-like sound
    Acoustic Piano 5
    Beautiful, clear, natural acoustic piano
    Acoustic Piano 6
    Rich, dynamic acoustic piano
    Phone Demo Code 941

    Piano Mix 1
    Pop Piano
    Powerful 90's pop piano with a rich, superb pad
    Power Piano
    Bright, rich, powerful acoustic natural piano
    Jupiter Piano
    Bright Acoustic
    Phone Demo Code 940

    Piano Mix 2
    Piano Strings
    Soft Grand
    Vocal Piano
    Grand Light Pads
    Phone Demo Code 940

    B3 Organs
    Full B3 Slow Rich, slow and full B3
    Hammond B3 1 Dynamic hammond B3
    B3 Wave 1 All rich, beautiful,
    B3 Wave 2 dynamic B3 organ
    B3 Wave 3 waves...
    B3 Wave 4
    B3 Wave 5
    Full B3 Fast Rich, fast and full B3
    Hammond B3 2 Dynamic hammond B3
    B3 Wave 6 All rich, beautiful,
    B3 Wave 7 dynamic B3 organ
    B3 Wave 8 waves...
    B3 Wave 9
    B3 Wave 10
    Phone Demo Code 942

    EP 1 Rich, glassy, rounded EP
    EP 2 Dynamic metallic, glassy EP EP
    EP 3 Full-bodied, tine-like EP
    Glass EP Unique and full, glassy EP
    EP Pads Beautiful EP w/ rich pads
    Phone Demo Code 945

    Acoustic Strings
    Acoustic String 1
    Acoustic String 2
    Staccato 1
    Pizzicato 1
    Acoustic String 3
    Acoustic String 4
    Staccato 2
    Phone Demo Code 946

    Strat Guitar
    Sib Acstc Gtr
    Ac Guitar 1
    Ac Guitar 2
    Pick G Bass
    Big Electric 1
    Phone Demo Code 947

    Synth Vox & Choir
    Synth Vox 1
    Synth Vox 2
    Synth Vox 3
    Synth Choir 1
    Synth Choir 2
    Synth Choir 3
    Phone Demo Code 944

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