Pro-Rec's Synth Sample Disks
for The K2000 & K2500

PRO-REC K2000 & K2500 SOUNDS

Our K2000 & K2500 SYNTH sample disks feature 1.4 Megs of
all-new Samples and 100 high quality programs using those samples,
DRUMs contain one high quality drum kit per disk, and
PIANOS feature 1.4 Megs Samples + 30 high quality programs

K2000 & K2500 Individual Sample Disks from Pro-Rec:

Super Dance
Super Synth
Super Pop
Super Jupiter
Ultimate Pop
Analog Synths
303 Basses 1 (NEW!)
303 Basses 2 (NEW!)

Piano 1
Piano 2
Piano Mix 1
Piano Mix 2
B3 Organs
Acoustic Strings
Synth Vox & Choir

Electronic Dance 1
Electronic Dance 2
Electronic Dance 3
808 Dance
909 Dance
Super Rap Kit 1
Super Rap Kit 2
90's House Kit 1
90's House Kit 2
90's House Kit 3
Techno Rave 1 (NEW!)
Techno Rave 2 (NEW!)
Techno Trance 1 (NEW!)
Techno Trance 2 (NEW!)
Reggae & Ethnic 1 (NEW!)
Acoustic Drums 1 (NEW!)
Hip Hop 1 (NEW!)
Hip Hop 2 (NEW!)
Super Funk 1 (NEW!)
Super Funk 2 (NEW!)

Disk: $18 each

ANY 3 Synth Collections, JUST $129!

Get All 38 K2000 Sample Disks, JUST $169!
Get All 4 K2000 Program Disks, JUST $59!

K2000 & K2500 Sample Disks' Patch List:


Super Dance
00Acstc PanaMix25Spr ResoLogg50Pops Mixx75DynoSynths
01Silo Plucks26Hyper Marims51Dance (Slider)76Pulse Leads
02Super Calliope27Dance Calliope52Silo Saws77BackwardBass
03Analog Sync28MallePiano53Sineo Syncs78Rough Callios
04Native Dance29ReversSync54Indian Calliope79Native EPs
05Hydrattack30Simple Sync55Jptr PanWaves80Water Calliope
06Pulse Bass31Mallet Dance56Multiple Jupiter81Resonant Lead
07Pop Jupiter32MallaBars57Light Syncs82Silo Dances
08Poly Marimba33Marim EPs58Pops Calliope83Sync Leads 2
09Poly Bass34Bright Calliope59Callios (Slider)84ResoPulse Bass
10Pulse Bass35Multi Vibes60 Piano Softs85Poly ResoBass
11AquaPls Bass36Mini Resonance61Marim Chiffs86ResoSync Bass
12Bright Syncs37Sync Keys62Marim Poly Syn87Piano Callios
13Dance Split38CallioKeys63Mallet Karim88Callio Moogs
14Marim Strings39CallioPulse Soft64ReveSyncs89Marim Mutes
15Silo PanaMixx40Rezzo Lead65Vocal Karim90Danc PulseVox
16Indian Waves41Reverse Pops66Jupiter Mallets91Mni SyncLead
17Pop Bars42Plucks Soft67Double Calliope92Jupiter Waves
18Vox Calliope43CallioDepths68Indian Dance93Silo Brushes
19Panalogg Sync44Kalim Squares69Marim Saws94Space Calliope
20CallioSofts45Calliope EP70PanaReverse95Pop Vocals
21Analogg Keys46CallioSweeps71Pop Marims96Fantas Callio
22Mute Marims47Pop Sawws72Calliope Piano97PanaMutes
23Pulsar Synth48MalleoPanes73Marims Voices98SlowCalliopad
24SprAcPanaMixx49Pop Soft EPs74Pop Saw Keys99Water Callio 2

Super Synth
00Panadrome25Bright Planets50Rich PanaDrme75Marim Moogs
01Planet Hits26Pops (Slider)51SuperChiffMoog76Far Bottles
02FantaBottle27Pop Reverses52Planet Strings77Super Chiffs
03Planet Chiff28Spr MarimBars53Callio Planets78Deep Pads
04PanaMarimba29Palasoft54Synth FM Lead79Whisper Waves
05PalaSynth30DromeKeys(Sldr)55Planets (Slider)80Bright Chiffs
06Pop Plucks31Hard Drome56PanaDrme Mtes81Light Planets
07Poly Square32PalaMutes Synth57Fanta Bars82Bright Marims
08Super Pulse33Panasynth Long58Fast Chiffs83Drome Fast
09Dance Bass34Synth Voxxes59Pop Synths84PlanaChiff Mix
10Brick Bass35Synth Reson60 PlucksSurround85Plucks Softs
11DyVocal Bass36Jupiter Chiffs61MarimbaVoices86IndianDromeMg
12Pulse Squares37Marims Mixx62Bright Chiffs87Space Pads
13PalaSynth Light38Planet Lights63Reverse Pads88Soft Lights
14Planet Mixx39Plane Chiff64PalaSofts89PalaWaves
15Spr Panadrome40Marim Lights65Tribal Waves90SynReverses
16Jup Synths41Drome Voxxes66Rich PlanaChif91PanaDrome Rgh
17Hydradrome42Super DncSplit67Bottle Softs92Chiff Lights
18Bottle Waves43Xylo Marims68PanaLights93Planar Synths
19PanaReverse44Reso PLanets69ResoDrome94Indian Pulse
20PanaSaw Keys45Synth Plucks70Synth Reverses95PalaPads(Slder)
21Choral Mutes46UltraSynth Lte71Marimba Mutes96Space Bottle
22Stereo Synths47ReveDromes72DncSawws Split97Planet Hydras
23Mute Voxxes48Pana Bars73Glass Pads98MarimSequence
24Spr FantaBottle49FM Lead Tones74Fast Dromes99Syn Sequences

Super Pop
00Ultimate Pop25Voxx Whispers50Bright Pops75Xylo Voices
01Mallets Vox26Spr PulseBass51Hyper ElastiBas76Vox Dreams
02Xanapluck27Xylo Mutes52DynaPops77Silo Sequences
03Paleo Lights28Bar MalleVox53Mallelog Keys78Wire Voxxes
04Xylo Waves29Plucks Long54Slow Lights79MultiLights
05Poly Sawws30Spr MuteBass55MettaliMallets80Light SoftSwps
06Silo Poly31Fast Mutes56Square Plucks81Windy Mallets
07Elastidance32Indian Pulse57Mallet Tones82Metal Mallets
08Poly Bass33Mute Mallets58Anlg Resonance83ElastiMoogs
09Sync PulseBs34Mallet Voxxes59Marimba Mutes84Voxx Softs
10Power Kong35Hydrattic Poly60 Mallet Rvrses85SlowResoVox
11Pluck Whispers36Hydrattic Waves61MetalliSilos86Rough PlsBas
12BrightMalleVox37Short FM Lead62Silo Hits87Lights (Slider)
13Reso Elastics38Voxx Pads63Square Xylos88Voxx Sequences
14Mallet Wires39Light Paleos64Waveshape Bs89Mallet Marims
15Wire Waves40Deep PolyBass65Pluck Waves90Planar Voces
16Bright Plucks41Metal Mallets66Indian Pulse91MalleLights
17Rush Sweep42Spr Synth Moog67Indian PolyMg92DeepSpcVxes
18Mutes Voxx43Poly Loggs68Voces Lights93Deep Voxxes
19Pluck Lights44Silo Keys (Slider)69Revrse Voxxes94Indian Plucks
20Hard Analog45MallePulses70Fast VoxRvrses95Polys (Slider)
21Resonant Poly46Bright Wires71Analog Wide96Warbly Voxxes
22Digital Pads47Resonant Silos72Indian Crash97MalleoPlexes
23Xanas (Slider)48Marim Mutes73Poly Saws Splt98Space Voxxes
24Pop Waves49Helium Silos74Hydra Analogs99WaveLights

Super Jupiter
00Wire Jupiter25Resonant Wires50Bright Lights75PluckyVoices
01JupiterMallet26Deep VocoBass51Q PulseBass76SlowWirePads
02Poly Keys27Mutes Synths52Slow ResoPads77SynSequences
03Hydro Waves28Bar Mallets53PolyDanceSplit78Reso Dreams
04Super Wires29Synthy Waves54ResoSweeps79Asian Wires
05Jupiter PadKeys30Hydro RezBass55MallePulses80WireSoftSweeps
06Synth Pulse31MettalicSynths56Square Mallets81DynaReverses
07JD Poly Bass32Indian Pulse57SquareMallets282Metal Mallets
08Vocal WahBass33Simple Hydras58Mallet Sweeps83Resonant Sweeps
09PWM PulseBass34Mallet Voxes59Key Mutes84Wire Waves
10ResonantAnalog35MalleoPads60 Mallet Synths85Dyna Wires
11Bright Mallets36Hydratic Waves61MetalliPads86Blast 'Em Bass
12Waves (Slider)37Heavvy Leads62HelioAttack87Wires (Slider)
13RoughPulseKeys38Wave Pads63MalletReverses88Soft Wires
14Wire Mallets39WireSweepPads64Pulse Claves89MetalliWaves
15Mallet Waves40PulseLowBass65Space Mallets90BrightSynKeys
16Bright Mixx41HydraSynthKeys66MetalliMallets91Resonant Keys
17Wire Waves42Synth Moog67SprHydroMoog92Jupiter RePads
18DynaLights43DancePulseBass68Wires Voices93Wonderful Pads
19ResoPulses44Jupiter Syns69Indian Syns94Indian Hydros
20JupiPad Mutes45WaahPads(Slider)70ResoWaves95Jupiter (Slider)
21Mute Mallets46Bright Wires71Super Pads96Whispering Pads
22Jupiter Pads47Resonant Pads72HydroRezBass97Mallet Softs
23MoogPulseBass48Rhodes Mutes73PolyPulseSplit98MalleoPlexes
24SapcePopWaves49Helium Pads74ResoWires99Space Pads

00Vox Hits25Marim Resonance50Bright Lights75Full Callios
01CallioLight26Super CallioHits51Bright Marims76Slow Pads
02Analog Waah27Mutes Synths52Slow Waahs77Waah Sequences
03Dance Rhodes28PanaMarimbas53DanceBassSplit78Vox Dreams
04Super Synth29Synthy Waves54ResoSweeps79Asian Marims
05Super Marims30Power Hits55VoxPulses80PanaVoxSweeps
06Analog Bright31Pulse Voxxes56Analog FMs81Pop Waveos
07Synth Waves32Jupiter Waahs57Layered Voices82Metal Keys
08PowerOrchHit33Poly PanaSynth58Micro Sweeps83Sweep Lights
09Super Electric34PleniVoxxes59Logg Waahs84MarimSpaceVox
10Super DncBass35Ultimate Waves60 PennaLogSynths85Spr Moog Syn 2
11Spr PickBass36Mute Marims61CallioResoRvrs86Rezzo Synths
12Dance LowBass37Fuzzy Leads62Bright SynKeys87Voxx (Slider)
13Marim Voces38Wave Pads63Reso Reverses88Soft Voxxes
14Jupiter Voices39Ultra SweepVox64Voxx Softs89Spr HeavyBass
15Dance Mixxes40Spr Key Pads65Wave Synths90Bright SynKeys
16Dance Brights41Hydra SynthKeys66MetalliSynths91AquaLights
17Marimba Synth42Logg Synths67Spr Moog Synth92Waah ReWaves
18UltraSynth Pads43Dance PulseBass68Rhodes Voces93HeavenlyPads
19Poly Voxxes44CallioFlute69Indian Syns94Indian Synths
20Simple Synths45Waah (Slider)70DynaVocals95ResoPads(Slider)
21Spr VoxPlucks46Bright Keys71Spr AnaPads96WhisperingVoces
22Spr WaahPads47Resonant Waah72ResoCallioBox97Micro Waves
23DynoSynths48Rhodes Mutes73Dnc Pulse Split98CallioPlexes
24SpaveVoxWaves49Helium Sweeps74WaahSynMutes99Space Pads

Ultimate Pop
00Pop Waves25ResonanceDreams50Rich PanaDrome75Pop Pulses
01Super Mutes26Mute Loggs51Marimba Logs76Slow Pads
02PanaVox27SuperSynth Pads52Super FastVoxx77Vox Sweeps
03Super Chiff28JupMutes (Slider)53MarimaVoices78Pops (Slider)
04Dance Marims29Synthy Waves54Poly SynWaves79Multiple Marims
05Penna Log30Mute Waves55VocoPulses80PanaVox Waves
06Synth Waves31Mutes Chiffs56Panadrme Mutes81ReversePopWvs
07Super Poly 132Multi Mutes57Fanta Bars82Pulse Voxxes
08Super Poly 233PennaLogMedium58Hydrattic Polys83Dream Pads
09Super DncBass34Fast Poly59Log Mutes84Space Logs
10Syn Pulse Bass35Ultimate Synth60 PennaLogSweeps85Voxx (Slider)
11Spr Slap Bass36Mute Marims61HydratticReverse86Fast MarimChiffs
12Jupiter Mutes37Space Vocals62Mettalic Poly87Indian Chiffs
13Chiff Lights38Wave Pads63Resonance Pads88Soft Vocals
14SpacePopWaves39Super Chiff64Chiff Softs89Soft Voxxes
15Voxx Mixx40PleniVoxx65SymphonicWaves90Pop Brights
16Dance Brights41Chiff Dreams66Rich Polys91Pop WavesRough
17Chiff Voxxes42Mutes Waves67Fast Voxes92Dynamic Waves
18Vox Dreams43Hard Poly 168VoceLights93Logg Sweeps
19Polys (Slider)44Hard Poly 269Indian Mutes94Tribal Loggs
20Penna Hits45PanaPoly70Mute Chiffs95ResonanceWaves
21Vocal Mutes46Pop Sounds71Simple Marims96Surround Vox
22Pop Jupiters47UltraPad Synth72ResoHydrattic97Slow Waves
23Pop Wves Light48MultiVoxxes73Spr ResoPulse98UltimaSynthKeys
24Marim Lights49Helium Voices74Logg Brights99Space Pads

Analog Synths
00OB Poly25Resonant Pads50Rezzes75Attack Bass
01BrilliWires26OB Lead51PortoPlucks76Slow Poly Pads
02M Strings27Metallic Poly52Slow ResoPads77Poly Sequences
03Moog Plucks28String Pads53Poly Dance Splt78Reverse Dreams
04Poly Plucks29Fast Poly54Resonant Strgs79Asian Wires
05Wurli Dance30Poly Waves55Pulse Wires80Wire SoftSweeps
06Filter Bass31DynaWires56Voxx Strings81Fast Reverses
07Pulses Bass32Indian Poly57Dyna Poly82Keyy Sweeps
08VocoBass33Wire Hydras58Mallet Sweeps83PanaToincs
09Indian Bass34Pluck Voxxes59BrilliSweeps84Metal Moogs
10Resonant Poly35Brillo Polys60 Organ Strings85Moog Wires
11Cutting Strings36PanaHydratics61Edges Poly86Poly Lead Bass
12OB Pads (Slidr)37Rough Leads62Poly Attack87Wires (Slider)
13Hydrattic Obx38OB Poly Pads63Reverse Light88Soft Wires
14Wires Crossfade39Wires Guitar64Wurli Keys89Hydra Metal
15M String Waves40Pluck LowBass65Space Poly90Pluck Waves
16F Bass (Slider)41Obx Pulses66Metal Wires91Resonant Keys
17Slow Strings42Super Moog67OB Hydro Moog92Space Moogs
18OB Poly Long43Cracking Poly68Synth Voices93SuperSlow Pads
19OB Reso44Hydro RezBass69Indian Wires94Indian Polys
20Brush Plucks45OB Poly (Slider)70Obx ResoWaves95Moogs (Slider)
21Double Plucks46Brilliant Wires71Reverse Pads96Whisper Strings
22Jupiter Pads47Resonant OBX Pd72Filter Rezz97Soft Polys
23Poly Moog48Pluck Strings73Simple Plucks98MalleoPlexes
24Double Vocal49Resonant Wires74Hydrasis99Space Pads

303 Basses 1 (NEW!)
00303 AnaBass13Ponnix Bass26Attack Plug Bs38Mute AnaMoog
01303 PunchBass14Talking Bass27Attack Mid Bass39Rez Tronnix
02303 Smooth Bs15Rough Edge Bass28Cutting RezBass40Stixx ResoPad
03303 Pan Bass16Sticky Lead29Mute Talking Bs41Thick DeepBass
04303 Plug Bass17Rough Leads30Sticky Mix Bs42SmoothBs (slider)
05303 Rez Bass18Ana Pulses31Deep SmoothBs43Pan Bass (slider)
06303 Mid Bass19Stixx Moog32Brush MuteBass44Plug Bass (slider)
07303 Mute Bass20Cracking Pan33Attack Mute45Rez Bass (slider)
08Reso AnaBass21Hydro DeepBass34Hydro PanBass46Mid Bass (slider)
09AnaRev Bass22Dopple ResoPad35Deep PlugBass47PunchBass (slider)
10UltraTech Bass23Slow ResoPads36Funky RezLead48AnaBass (slider)
11Deep AnaBass24Mallet Sweeps37Ultra RezBass49MuteBass (slider)
12Poly AnaMoog25Poly Attack

303 Basses 2 (NEW!)
00303 MidRez Bs13P Water Bass26Plug Bass38Mute MoogMix
01303 Reso Bass14Lost RezBass27Attack Reso39Most Tronnix
02303 Mellow Bs15Rough Fat Bass28Cutting QTechno40Reso Dopplers
03303 Q Bass16Pulssar Lead29Mute ResoBass41Thick DeepBass
04303 Fat Lead17Chain Leads30Sticky Mix Bs42Ultra RezBass
05Reso MidBass18Cutting Reso31Rubber Rez Bs43Mellotronn
06Big AnaBass19Mellow Moog32Techno Q Bs44Reso MellowBs
07Resonance Bass20Cracking Q33Falling Cutters45303MidRez (slider)
08Reso Mid Rez21Growling Lead34MulTechno Lead46303 Reso (slider)
09Big ResoBass22Dopple Q Pad35Deep ResoBs47303 Mellow (slider)
10UltraFat Bass23Slow ResoPads36Rez ToincBass48Q Bass (slider)
11Deep MidBass24TronnSweeps37Under RezBass49Fat Lead (slider)
12Pulse Q Moog25Reso Tronn


Piano 1
00Acoustic Piano101Acoustic Piano202Acoustic Piano303Grand Piano 1
04Bright Symph05Crossfade Piano06CrossfadePno207PianoVoxxSrnd
08Grand Mixx09Saww Piano

Piano 2
00Acoustic Piano408Pulsar Piano16Muted Acoustic23Soft PianoVoxx
01Acoustic Piano509Velocity Piano17Piano Bells24Muted Softs
02Acoustic Piano610Velocity Piano 218Hard Piano25LayerPnoVoices
03Analog Piano11Keyy Voices19Rough Piano26Jupiter Soft
04Grand Strings12Piano Keyys20Mellow Acoustic27Soft Analog
05MalleTriangle13Metallics21Moog Acoustic28Soft Piano
06AnnaSaw Piano14Soft Analog22Rich P Mixx29Mute Sweep
07Brash Keys15Brash Acoustic

Piano Mix 1
00Pop Piano08Power (Slider)16Wires Voices23Jup Slow Vox
01Power Piano09Power (Slider) 217Jup Mutes24Jupiter Dreams
02Jupiter Piano10Bright Ac (Slider)18Mallet Resos25Rich Jupiters
03Bright Acoustic11Resonant Jups19Pop Pulses26Dream Pops
04Jupiter Hydras12Mettalic Acoustic20Jupiter Sweeps27Soft Grand
05Pno Soft Strings13Piano Strings21PowerPad Mutes28Muted Keys
06Jupiters (Slider)14Slow Pads22Pop Pads29Moog Piano
07Pops (Slider)15Jupiter Waves

Piano Mix 2
00Piano Strings08ReveVocals16Pulse Strings23Slow Voxxes
01Vocal Piano09Layered Strings17Layered Voices24Soft Acoustics
02Grand Light10VocoPulses18ReverSweeps25PStrings(Slider)
03Acoustic Light11Fast VocoPiano19Voxx Pulse26VocPiano(Slider)
04Moog Voc Piano12Vocal P Hydras20Beautiful Piano27GrdLight(Slider)
05Simple Acoustic13Simple Light21SuperSoftStrngs28GLight (Slider)2
06Rich P Strings14SoftGrandString22Muted Keys29Ac Light (Slider)
07Hard Acoustic15Muted Softs

B3 Organs
00Full B3 Slow03Hammond B3 206B3 Wave 308B3 Wave 5
01Full B3 Fast04B3 Wave 107B3 Wave 409B3 Perc
02Hammond B3 105B3 Wave 2

00EP 102EP 305EP Pads
01EP 203Glassy EP

Acoustic Strings
00Acoustic String108Symph Strings16Keyy Strings23ReveStrings
01Acoustic String209Mettalic String17Staccato Voices24Envelope Strings
02Acoustic String310Padd Acoustic18Muted Acoustics25Saw Acoustics
03Acoustic String411Mallet Strings19Hydra Strings26Brash Ensemble
04Staccato12Hard Acoustic20AcousticSweeper27Metallic String
05String Light13Super Padds21Fast Pulse28Muted Padds
06Lush Acoustics14Filter Strings22Moog Strings29Lush Strings
07Strings Padd15SoftVocalString

00Strat Guitar02Ac Guitar 105Big Electric 1
01Sib Actsc Gtr03Ac Guitar 2

Synth Vox & Choir
00Synth Vox 108Muted Voxxes16Resonant Vox23VoxxSweeper
01Synth Vox 209MetalliVox17Muted Chorals24Brash Vox
02Synth Vox 310Choir Strings18Lush Chorals25HeavenlyChoir
03Synth Choir 111Fast Pulses19Metallic Mute26Voxx Mixx
04Synth Choir 212Slow Choir20PanaVox27Whisper Voxx
05Soff Voxx13Mellow Voxxes21Mute Choirs28Ultra Voxxs
06Mallet Vox14ReveSweeps22MalleChoir29Padd Chorals
07Moog Mute Vox15Vocal Ensembles


Electronic Dance 1
909 Basic Kick
Pop Snare
909 Snare
Compu Kong
Dance Snare
808 Snare
Closed HH
808 Claps
Compu Closed HH
808 Deep Kick
Compu Open HH
808 Syn Cowbell
Super Scratch 1
Wood Block
Hard Dance Snare
Super Scratch 2
Dance Snare 2
Super Snaps
Conga Low
Conga High
Orch Hit
Cabasa Shaker
Spectral Noise
Techno Snap
Super Kong 2
808 Cowbell 2
Rev Technosis
Poly Mute Pluck
Poly Vocal Pluck
Techno Zap

Electronic Dance 2
Deep Kick
Pop Snare
Deep Snare
808 Snare
Closed HH 1
808 Claps
Closed HH 2
Electronic Kick
Open Natural HH
CompuTong 1
Cymbal Hit
CompuTong 2
Cymbal Crash
Vocal Pop
Conga Low
Conga High
Conga Slap
Side Stick
Bongo Low
Bongo High
Dance Timbale
Bongo High Slap
Chime Bell
Cabasa Shaker
Dance Knock
Plick Knock
Dance Toinc
Super CompuChime

Electronic Dance 3
Dance Kick
Block Snare
909 Snare
Pop Snare High
Dance Knock
Pulse Knock
Closed Dance HH
Open Dance HH
Open Syn HH
Brush Dnc Snare
Elec Dance Clap
Synth Brush
Metal Knock
Brush Knock
Compu Snaps
Elec Brush Snap
Compu Block
Brush Snaps
808 Cowbell 1
CompuBongo Low
808 CowBell 2
CompuBongo Hi
808 Cowbell 3
Syn Orch Hit
Compu Tom
Syn Sine Tom
Dance Zap
Compu Ploinc
Electronic Chimes

808 Dance
808 Kick
808 Kick (Long)
808 Snare
Electronic Kick
808 Snare (Brush)
808 Side Click
808 Closed HH
808 Open HH
808 Snare (High)
808 Snare (Mute)
ElectroTom Brush
ElectroNoise Slide
Smack Clap
CompuBend Tom
808 Ride
808 Snare (Mute Hi)
808 Kick (High)
808 Brush Snare
808 Long Clap
808 Fast Clap
808 Tom (High)
Electronic Deep Kick
808 CowBells
808 Toms
808 Conga Sound
808 Claves
High Q Sound
Toinc Hollow Noise
Space 808 Toms
CompuScratch Plick

909 Dance
909 Kick
909 Mute Kick
909 Snare
808 Clap
Super Dance Snare
78 Super Snare
909 Closed HH
Boing Dance Snare
909 Open HH
909 Side Knock
Elemental Snare
Boing Dance Kick
78 Closed HH
Video Dance Kick
78 Open HH
Video Kick High
Metallic Snare
78 Tambourine
78 Guiro Sound
Super Clap
78 Marc Perc
Super Clap Short
Poly C Tone
Dance Hollow
303 ElectroBass
55 Low Claves
909 Dance Toms
55 CompuClaves
55 Claves (High)

Super Rap Kit 1
Deep Kick
Tom Kick
Low Syn Kick
Ambient Knock Kick
Deep Rap Kick
Tamb Kick
Closed HH
Hard Clap Knock
Open Syn HH
Heavy Clap Knock
Natural Open HH
Fast Clap Hit
Funky Snare High
Perc Sound Low
Hard Snare
Perc Sound High
Metallic Dance Snr
Fast Dance Snare
Dance Tom Low
Hard Knock Snare
Dance Tom Med
Hard Knock Snare 2
Dance Tom High
Funky Snap Snare
Vocal Hit Snare
Hard Open HH
Hard Kick Knock
Super Q Sound 1
Syn Bongo
Super Q High 2
Snare Side Light
Conga Low
Heavy Dnc Q Sound
Conga High
Bongo Low+
Bongo High
Tamb Perc Knock
Tamb Short
Tamb Long
Shaker Short
Cabasa Shaker Shrt
Syn Snap Fast
Cowbell Light Low
Cowbell Light High
Perc Knock Low
Perc Knock High
Guica Perc Low
Super Horn Kick
Guica Perc Med
Guica Perc High

Super Rap Kit 2
Breathy Kick
Machine Kick
Clap Kick
Standard Kick
Deep Kick
Step Kick
Closed HH
Sonic Knock
Open Syn HH
Knock Kick
Open Natural HH
Hard Snare Clap
Humpty Clap
Dance Bongo Low
Hard Clap Knock
Dance Bongo High
Fast Clap Knock
Ambient Clap Knock
70's Dance Snare
Funky Snare
Deep Dance Snare
Hard Knock Snare
Deep Dance Snare 2
Hard Fast Snare
Ambient Knock Snr
Closed Knock Light
Amb Snap Knock
Deep Knock Kick
Funky Drum Snare
Syn Dance Snare
Old Style Snare
Syn Bongo
Short Knock Snare
Dance Knock Snr 2
Indust Breath Kick
Cowbell Low
Cabasa Shaker
Syn Bongo Low+
Syn Bongo Low
Syn Bongo High
Super Snare Roll
Conga Low
Conga High
Tamb Cowbell High
Smash Hit Short
Smash Hit Long

90's House Kit 1
Heavy Kick
Syn Conga Low
Heavy Fast Kick
Syn Conga High
Mute Kick Short
808 Snare
Closed 808 HH
Syn Fast Snare
Open 808 HH 1
Syn Snare High
Open 808 HH 2
Dance Snare Mute
808 Clap Med
808 Clap Mute
808 Clap Short
Syn Super Tom
Side Stick
Bongo Low
Bongo High
808 Shaker
Dance CowBell
Conga Low
808 CowBell
Conga Med
808 Syn Click
Conga High
808 Syn CowBell
Super Orch Hit
CompuVox Pluck
Shaker Rattles
Dance Whistle

90's House Kit 2
Dance Kick
Ambient Short Kick
Deep Bass Kick
Heavy Stop Kick
Deep Ambient Kick
Dance Clap Snare
Closed 909 HH
Ambient Dance Snr
Open 909 HH 1
Heavy Dance Clap
Open 909 HH 2
Fast Dance Snare
Hard Dance Snare
Fast Deep Snare
Dance Snare
808 Knock
808 Clap Med
Fast Super Clap
909 Syn Tom
Hard Clap Med
909 Syn Tom
808 Clap Heavy
909 Syn Tom
Long Hard Clap
Deep Organ Hit
C + C Guitar Stab
Party People Orch
Dance Organ Hit 2
Orch Hit Fast
CompuVox Reverse

90's House Kit 3
Deep Dance Kick
Mute Dance Kick
Ambient Dance Kick
Fast Kick
Fast Brush Kick
Tom Dance Kick
Closed 808 HH
Dance Clap 1
Closed 808 HH 2
Dance Slap
Open 808 HH
Super Twist
Block Clap
808 Knock
Snare Clap 1
808 Snare
Spr Dance Snare
Block Snare
Strong Dance Clap
808 Clap
Mute 808 Clap
Spr Dance Clap 2
Perc Brush
Dance Stab
Super Horns
Dance Toms
Dance Organ Hit
CompuDance Sound
Disco Orch Hit

Techno Rave 1 (NEW!)
Deep Techno Kick
Bottomless Kick
Pounding Kick
Hammer Pulse Kick
Open Dance HH
Med Pulse Kick
Med String HH
Tom Bass Kick
Closed Dance HH
Super Pulse Kick
Long Deep Kick
Solid Knock
Metal Machine Kick
Solid Knock
Hard Side Snare
Raw Room Snare
909 Click
Metal Snare
909 Click Low
Hard Trash Snare
909 Click High
Tronic Snare
Full 909 Snare
808 Clap
Flange Hit Snare
Open 909 Ride
Techno Trance
Techno Bugz
Hard Metal Knock
Pulsing ElectroTom

Techno Rave 2 (NEW!)
Fullest Tron Kick
Pulse Techno Kick
Full Dance Kick
Limitless Dance Kick
Open HH
Hammer Tron Kick
Med Closed HH
Deep Elec Kick
Closed Elec HH
Long Full Elec Kick
Pulse Tron Kick
Heavy Room Hit
Pulse Knock
Open 909 HH
Room Knock Clap
Super Snare
Hard Shake Snare
Fast Knock Snare
Machine Hit
Solid Dance Snare
Brush Elec Snare
Mystery Side Knock
Techno Stabz
Machine Worx
Toinxx Stabz
Pulse Tonnix

Techno Trance 1 (NEW!)
Heavy Deep Kick
Pulse Tronik Kick
Breath Hat Kick
Deep Pulse Kick
Electronic Kick
909 Open HH
Deep Bass Kick
Elec Closed HH
Punch Knock Kick
Elec Med HH
Low Dance Kick
Full Bass Kick
Med Tronix HH
Fast Hit Snare
Closed Tron Knock
Fast Elec Snare
Fast Bruch Snare
Walking Snap
Brush Full Snare
Snap Click
Pound Hit Snare
Tronix Bugz
Metal Hard Snare
Full Hit Snare
909 Knock
Electronix Clap
Tronix Knock
Bugz Tron Voice
Low Dance Knock
Bugz Tron Voice
Closed Brush
Metal Alien Rush
Alien Zipperz
Techno Pulsse
Mini Elec Snap
Alien Fallz
High Elec Snap
Heli Alien Toinc
Electronic Toinx
Brush Tron Falls

Techno Trance 2 (NEW!)
Pulse Dance Kick
Medium Elec Kick
Switch Metal
Roomy Elec Kick
Solid Elec Kick
909 Med High Hat
Deep Full Kick
Open Dance HH
Round Deep Kick
Closed Dance HH
Far Elec Snare
Fast Elec Snare
909 Dance Knock
808 Low Snare
Block Knock
Blow Brush Snare
Dance Clap
Electronic Ride
Snap Claps
Closed Dance Brush
Hard Snap Clap
Metal Brush Shaker
Pipe Metal Knox
Hollow Metal Tom
Tron Snap Stab
Metal Room Hit
Tronix Shaker
Metal Tron Drumz
Deep Dance Toms
Pulse Scratch
DJ Dance Scratch
Bass Tron
Alien Scratch
Bass Tron
Alien Fallz
Bass Tron
Helio Dance Pulse
Mini Dance Pulse
Bass Tronix

Reggae & Ethnic 1 (NEW!)
Low Hollow Kick
Mellow Middle Kick
Hollow Kick
Deep Bass Kick
Snare Hi Hat
Deep Elec Bass Kick
Closed Natural HH
Reggae Snare
Brush Open HH
Hi Reggae Snare
Open Large Brush
Knock Snaps
Med Room Snare
Low Bongo
Crack Snap Perc
Clap Med Elec
Brush Shaker
Perc Dance Hit
Open Ride HH
Low Hollow Perc
Shaker Brush
Mellow Knock
Roomy Snare
Tambourine Perc
Timbale Snare
Snap Small Brush
Wood Brush Knock
Wood Perc
Wood Brush Hi
Hollow Snap Perc
Deep SuperFat Snr
Clapz Knock
Waah Man Vox
Mellow Rnd Bongos
Med Bottle Bongos

Acoustic Drums 1 (NEW!)
Deep Kick
Normal Kick
Open High Hat
Punch Kick
Medium High Hat
Ambient Kick
Closed High Hat
Hard Room Snare
Fast Metal Snare
Wood Knock
Hard Knock Snare
Wood Knock
Fat Hard Snare
Wood Knock
Full Hit Snare
Wood Knock
Open Hit Snare
Wood Knock
Fat Brush Snare
Fast Hard Snare
Short Fat Snare
Brush Shaker
High Wood Perc
Metallic Perc
Low Deep Tom
Medium Tom
High Punch Tom

Hip Hop 1 (NEW!)
Room Machine Kick
Deep Hollow Kick
Solid Medium Kick
Machine Wind Kick
Solid Hit Kick
Ambient Knock Kick
Hard Open HH
Very Deep Full Kick
Electronic Open HH
Medium Room Kick
Closed Acstsc HH
Run Solid Kick
Hard Side Snare
Blow Hollow Snare
Full Knock Snare
Shaker Metal Snare
Empty Metal Snare
Closed Shaker Knck
Hi Blow Snare
Hollow Shaker
Metal Door Hit
Blow Shaker
Full Hollow Mover
Humpty Knock
Metal Machine Snr
Hollow Metal Knock
Reverb Hollow Toot
Deep Dance Hit
Clap Mix
Soft Snare
Hollow Empty Snare
Deep Pulse Knock
Rubber Perc Knock
Metal Perc
Hollow Wind Perc
Smash Wind Hit
Click Snapz

Hip Hop 2 (NEW!)
Mellow Dance Kick
Room Flat Kick
Room Machine Kick
Hollow Breath Kick
Solid Medium Kick
Machine Snare
Open Natural HH
Knock Brush Snare
Open Brush HH
Hollow Knock Snare
Closed Acstc HH
Brush Knock
Solid Knock Snare
Snap Click
Small Knock
Brush Hat
Open Snare Kick
Room Knock
Funky Swish Knock
Open Mouth Hit
Deep Mouth Kick
Low Metallic Snare
High Metal Snare
Wooden Room Tap
909 Muted Taps
Heavy Moving Snare
Closed Room Clicks
Full Room Tom

Super Funk 1 (NEW!)
Deep Breathy Kick
Medium Ambient Kk
Knock Room Kick
Deep Acoustic Kick
Open HH
Soft Hollow Kick
Acoustic Open HH
Medium Room Kick
Acoustic Closed HH
Hard Medium Snare
Block Knock
Hard Side Snare
Full Hard Snare
Solid Acstc Snare
Short Intro Roll
Roll Solid Snare
Side Click
Fast Solid Snare
Hard Breathy Tom
Snare Soft Hit
Crash Hard Clap
Medium Tom
Deep Tom
Light Cowbell
High Bells
Scratchy Knocks

Super Funk 2 (NEW!)
Acoustic Kick
Knock Acstsc Kick
Room Kick
Low Acoustic Kick
Open High Hat
Pulse Acstc Kick
Medium High Hat
Deep Acoustic Kick
Brush High Hat
Snare Crash Kick
High Hi Hat Kick
Low Bongo Perc
Medium Snare
High Bongo Perc
High Medium Snare
Brush Side Snare
Block Knock
Solid Snare
Closed Acstsc HH
Brush Solid Snare
Simple Block
Hollow Hit Snare
Medium Crash Kick
Drum Tom
Hollow Hit Tom
Tamb Hollow Perc
Hi Perc Bell
Knock Fast Snaps

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