Pro-Rec's Synth
Sound Cards & Disks for
the Yamaha SY85 & TG500

We have excellent sounds for the SY85 - 3 program disks and a bunch of sample disks, all at a really great price. The SY85 sounds are some of our best and have been incredibly well received.

Here's information on our sounds
for the Yamaha SY85 & TG500 & compatibles!

Our synth sounds have been TOP RATED
in "Keyboard," "Electronic Musician," "Recording,"
"Korg Connection," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"FutureMusic UK" & many more!



Our SY85 sounds are exceptional, and an amazing deal.
Our program disks offer all new patches based on the internal samples.
Sample disks provide patches that simply play back the all-new samples based on the disk.
Floppies for the SY85 hold only 512k of data, so that means there are fewer sounds,
but all-new samples you would have never heard before, ever!
And, the 512k of samples on the sample disks work with all factory-standard SY85s,
so you don't have to worry about having enough memory.
They are both a great deal.

Introducing our high quality program disks for the SY85 &
TG500, filled with 256 voices & 128 performances each!...
Pro-Rec's sounds have won awards and top ratings from
major magazines and newsletters... IncIuding a 5-STAR
review from Keyboard. And buying our sounds is easy!

Each program disk is just 39.90, with 256 voices and 128
combinations each, every synth, piano, drum or misc sample
disk is now just $18 (any 10 sample disks, just $99.90!)
First Class Mail shipping is only $2 anywhere in the US,
no matter how many disks you order! ($6 International!)
Pro-Rec has the best sounds available... be sure to call us today!

Program Banks Pro-Rec Offers for the Yamaha SY85 & TG500:

Disk: 39.90
ROM: 69.90

Get All 3 SY85 Program Disks, JUST $59!
Get All 3 SY85 or TG500 ROMs, JUST $149!
Get All 24 Sample Disks, JUST $149!

Sample Disks Pro-Rec Offers for the Yamaha SY85:

Super Dance
Super Synth
Super Pop
Super Jupiter
Ultimate Pop
Analog Synths

B3 Organs
Acoustic Strings
Synth Vox & Choir
Piano 1
Piano 2
Piano Mix 1
Piano Mix 2

Electronic Dance 1
Electronic Dance 2
Electronic Dance 3
808 Dance
909 Dance
Super Rap Kit 1
Super Rap Kit 2
90's House Kit 1
90's House Kit 2
90's House Kit 3

Disk: $18 each SPECIAL: BUY 2, GET A 3RD FREE...

Get All 3 SY85 Program Disks, JUST $59!
Get All 3 SY85 or TG500 ROMs, JUST $139!
Get All 24 Sample Disks, JUST $149!

SY85 Dance features superb, heavy-hitting
digital and analog dance sounds of all types...
super basses, rich pads, powerful hits,
dynamic leads and more! Highly recommended!

A1 HydrPoly C1 SqrePoly E1 SlwSweep G1 SlowRPad
A2 Panatone C2 SuprAnlg E2 Syn Keys G2 ShooFlte
A3 HelioSyn C3 SynPluck E3 HelioPls G3 HoloFlut
A4 PanToins C4 RichPads E4 Eli Pops G4 BandPuls
A5 Dynasine C5 AcsStrng E5 AnaTones G5 TriplSyn
A6 Hydratik C6 RvrsBrts E6 SoftPad1 G6 PSynBass
A7 SuprHits C7 Resonnce E7 Brights G7 Reso Syn
A8 PanSweep C8 MultiSBas E8 ItoWaves G8 GSynBass
B1 HeliSynt D1 Revelogg F1 SynToinc H1 AnaSPuls
B2 AnaWaves D2 DynaSynt F2 SynCowbl H2 SawwKeys
B3 ResoKeys D3 ReveKeys F3 ItohRise H3 HydraLog
B4 AnalgSyn D4 WireKeys F4 FarFlute H4 PulsChor
B5 ItohWave D5 ShooPads F5 PanBrite H5 Syn2Bass
B6 PanSynth D6 FethrFlut F6 DynaPads H6 Syn1Bass
B7 Vocasis D7 SynSymph F7 MedSynBs H7 Hyper Q
B8 ResoPoly D8 FullChor F8 Marimba H8 DanceDR1





"There's plenty to like on Pro-Rec's Supersynth and
Filmscape disks for the SY85, [and] their Dance collection
takes top honors! ...The focus stays tight on Euro/techno
and other electronic dance patches. Buzzing, hard-edged
lead and pad sounds are Dance's strong suit.
...A healthy share of stuff that's perfect for contrasting solo parts.

...Problems are few and hard to find in this collection.
...We love what Pro-Rec did with the percussion kits..."
"Pro-Rec's Dance delivers what it promises - a
comprehensive and frequently exciting arsenal of techno timbres.
If dance grooves are your game, you won't need any other
synthesizer sound source than this."
- Robert L. Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine

Many thanks for the sounds. I can't believe it only
took about 30 minutes before I had my order!
10 minutes later all sounds transferred to disk and in my synth.
I think that the Filmscape disk is absolutely gorgeous.
There are some very rich sounds on there. I will be purchasing the sample
disks soon to complete a very diverse library of sounds.
Cheers, and keep up these great products.
- SY85 Customer

SY85 Supersynth features a collection of
rich, dynamic and powerful synth sounds
of all types... super hits, leads, pads, basses,
percussive sounds & more!

A1 PanaPoly C1 WaveSynth E1 BeefBass G1 Pans Rise
A2 PulSynth C2 CutSynth E2 DanceBs4 G2 LushPadd
A3 HelioKey C3 Poincs E3 SynStBass G3 BandyAahs
A4 Resologs C4 OBX Pads E4 ResonPBs G4 Pluxxs
A5 Padd Keys C5 Toinc Bass E5 BiggBass G5 SuperMts
A6 MatrixPad C6 HeliPoly E6 HardLead G6 Pad Pulse
A7 PanaSweep C7 BrushAna E7 AquaPlBs G7 AnaBands
A8 Pulse Pad C8 Big Pad E8 DSynBass G8 SynLKey
B1 Punch Syn D1 Whisp Ito F1 HydrKeys H1 ItohPads
B2 FilSweeps D2 RevChoir F2 Pulse Tom H2 Lent Pads
B3 ReveSynt D3 Cloud Plk F3 HydrHits H3 HiloPads
B4 Heavy Pad D4 Sweepss F4 Pulsarrs H4 SynSwept
B5 Band Keys D5 LushChor F5 PeliPans H5 SfxCrowd
B6 ResoRevs D6 AnaStrngs F6 WarmPPad H6 Micro Pad
B7 M Strings D7 SlowSpan F7 BrashKeys H7 SoftOohs
B8 DynoWave D8 Filterrs F8 Washes H8 DanceDR1


SY85 Filmscape features stunning, 3-dimensional
sweeping and dynamic filmtextures, great for
music of all types. Super-original SY85 sounds!

A1 Itoms C1 P Zones E1 PleniVibe G1 RiverPads
A2 Ultrapad C2 SoftStrng E2 HolloPad G2 SlowRPad
A3 Wonders C3 VocoPlex E3 SynPadds G3 SoftPad1
A4 Hydrates C4 ChoSweep E4 Micros G4 PanWaves
A5 Aquatics C5 SawPadds E5 Hydrofoam G5 Fluteos
A6 Planets C6 FluteWve E6 AnaFalls G6 SpaceFlute
A7 Plenesis C7 Special E7 MudySine G7 RoomPads
A8 Panaters C8 Wash Pad E8 Sweeps G8 Mellooww
B1 Congates D1 Vocals F1 FarString H1 Axxes
B2 HollowPlk D2 Lush Pads F2 Hollows H2 Risers
B3 WatrOohs D3 FlutWash F3 SlwSweep H3 Pitches
B4 Osmosis D4 Washers F4 WaveSqnce H4 WaveOohs
B5 Fantasia D5 Choirs F5 Sequents H5 SeqWatrs
B6 Wavers D6 SpecFlut F6 SlwChors H6 WasheSeq
B7 Planetos D7 FlyFlute F7 PhasePad H7 SpaceDig
B8 Sequence D8 Planars F8 Phaserrss H8 SpaceDR1


SY85 Sample Disks' Patch List:


Super Dance
A1 SprCalio C1 ElstCali E1 CaliWave G1 Digi Cal
A2 Hydratak C2 Soft Pad E2 CalioRise G2 SyncFals
A3 PopJuptr C3 SftCalio E3 PopsLite G3 CalDepth
A4 AnlgSync C4 CalMello E4 PanaSync G4 Hydra Ld
A5 NativDnc C5 NativPls E5 SyncSynt G5 CaliLong
A6 APlsBass C6 ReveSync E6 RevePops G6 SprCalio
A7 PulsBass C7 HitWaves E7 AsiaPuls2 G7 PanSweep
A8 PolyBass C8 AqPlsBas E8 PopRivrs G8 PolyPuls
B1 FastMarm D1 ElsHydra F1 Rez Sync H1 WhisprCali
B2 CalioFst D2 BrteClio F2 CalioChif H2 CaliSoft
B3 ElstPops D3 MutePops F3 CalWaves H3 DreamCal
B4 CalioMte D4 FastPops F4 WveDream H4 Transport
B5 Pops Mte D5 ElastPls F5 SuprSync H5 SuprSoft
B6 PopPlcks D6 CallioST F6 CalFilter H6 FntSweep
B7 PulsSync D7 HydraBas F7 Ah Calio H7 SpaceCal
B8 ElastSnc D8 ElPlsBas F8 PulsDnce H8 DnceDrms

Super Synth
A1 Panadrme C1 PolyPlse E1 MuteHits G1 DnceWave
A2 PlntHits C2 PanaElst E2 PlntLite G2 SoftChif
A3 FantaBtl C3 BrteChif E3 LowChiff G3 SynWaves
A4 Palasynth C4 SoftHits E4 ElstChif G4 SyntSoft
A5 PlntChif C5 MarimRse E5 RevSynth G5 Pop Hits
A6 PopPlcks C6 FullSqre E6 FastHits G6 RevDrome
A7 PnaMarmba C7 ElastDrm E7 PlstiDrm G7 FastSynt
A8 DnceBass C8 LowDncBas E8 ElstiVocal G8 PlseBass
B1 PolySqre D1 ChifPlse F1 PlntSoft H1 WhsprSyn
B2 ElastSyn D2 PanaBrte F2 HitsKeys H2 BotlSoft
B3 FastHits D3 Fast Hit F3 MuteSynt H3 DreamBtl
B4 DnceMute D4 ElastPlk F4 MutePlnt H4 SlowWves
B5 BrtePlnt D5 Soft Syn F5 SnapMarm H5 SuprSoft
B6 PneDrmLg D6 PlseDnce F6 LowDncBs H6 ChifSoft
B7 BrickBas D7 PlstiSyn F7 LowVocBas H7 Cascades
B8 DyVclBas D8 ElstiBrk F8 PulseBas H8 DnceDrms

Super Pop
A1 PopWires C1 HrdWires E1 SoftVoxx G1 PulseTom
A2 XanaHits C2 DncXylos E2 AnnaPoly G2 AltString
A3 PolySynt C3 MaleWave E3 Pop Hits G3 BouncSyn
A4 PlseHits C4 SyncPBas E4 LowSncBs G4 SnBubles
A5 SuprPoly C5 MuteKeys E5 SnapPoly G5 DncePoly
A6 MaltsVox C6 Voxx Hit E6 Snap Syn G6 IndianPl
A7 XanaPlck C7 MteElstc E7 BrshKeys G7 BrightLd
A8 MalleBas C8 PolyBass E8 MalleRise G8 DnceSynt
B1 VoxMutes D1 FastPlck F1 WhsprVox H1 DreamVox
B2 ElastDnc D2 SoftLtes F2 SwepPops H2 DynaSweep
B3 HeloKeys D3 HydraKys F3 FastHelo H3 DreamStr
B4 MutesDnc D4 PlastiSyn F4 RichVoxx H4 SuprLtes
B5 DynaLead D5 MutePoly F5 RepeatBs H5 SlowVoxs
B6 FastMarm D6 PlckPoly F6 FastSilo H6 SweepVox
B7 PulsMBas D7 PlseMoog F7 PopRvrse H7 SoftWave
B8 PowrKong D8 VoxSynth F8 FastVoxx H8 DnceDrms

Super Jupiter
A1 WireJptr C1 JprMutes E1 WreBright G1 WireWves
A2 HydroWvs C2 HolwSynth E2 WirePads G2 FastPads
A3 JuptrMlt C3 Reverses E3 ResBright G3 Repeaters
A4 JupPdKys C4 QuickPls E4 ElastiBas G4 Key Rpts
A5 SynthPls C5 FastPlcks E5 MalleRise G5 MuteSynth
A6 SynPlsBs C6 ElstiPBas E6 FastWire G6 SoftWires
A7 JDPolyBs C7 WreWaves E7 WaveSynth G7 FarMalts
A8 PWMPlsBs C8 WireBass E8 DncLowBs G8 DncPulse
B1 SprWires D1 BrteHits F1 ReversWah H1 Fantasy
B2 MuteKeys D2 PluckWave F2 ElastiWavs H2 SlowPads
B3 ElstiPulse D3 Reverevs F3 SprPulse H3 LightPad
B4 FastWves D4 Vocoder F4 FastWire H4 SprSwept
B5 WondrPad D5 MltPulse F5 WreRvrse H5 RoomMlts
B6 FastWires D6 WavePads F6 WiresPad H6 FarWires
B7 WreMalts D7 Soft Pad F7 HardKeys H7 ToneKeys
B8 JprPlsBas D8 MutePuls F8 MalleBas H8 DanceDrms

A1 MuteWahs C1 SynMutes E1 ResBright G1 ElastiWaves
A2 Vox Hits C2 HeliSynth E2 SoftCallio G2 AnaPads
A3 SuperSyn C3 ReversSyn E3 PopBright G3 Repeaters
A4 DanceRhds C4 QuickVox E4 ChiffFlute G4 WaahRepeats
A5 CalioLite C5 FastMarim E5 Synth Hits G5 SynthKeys
A6 AnalogBrte C6 ElastiBright E6 Reso Hit G6 MuffleVox
A7 SprPckBas C7 SynWaves E7 WaveSynth G7 SynthWaters
A8 SprDncBas C8 SynMalts E8 ElastiBass G8 DncHvyBass
B1 SuprElec D1 HardHits F1 PluckWaah H1 EarthSynth
B2 FastRhdes D2 PluckSynth F2 ElastiRhdes H2 Soft Vox
B3 ElastiVoxs D3 Reverevs F3 VoxPulse H3 HeavenPad
B4 AnalgWaah D4 DistLead F4 FastVoxes H4 WahSwept
B5 SynthPad D5 AnaPulse F5 PopReverse H5 RoomVoxs
B6 FastSynth D6 DynaPads F6 CallioPad H6 VoxNites
B7 DncLowBas D7 Flux Pad F7 HardRhodes H7 ToneKeys
B8 SoftDncBas D8 MuteLead F8 ResoLead H8 DanceDrums

Ultimate Pop
A1 SuperPoly C1 Pop Mutes E1 WavePads G1 ElastiPops
A2 PanaVox C2 Mute Synth E2 Soft Poly G2 WobWaves
A3 SuperMutes C3 ReversSyn E3 Pop Bright G3 Repeaters
A4 SynWaves C4 SuperSynth E4 Hard Poly G4 PolyRepeats
A5 DynaPops C5 Fast Mutes E5 SynPlBass G5 Mute Keys
A6 LoggPads C6 ElastiPad E6 HvyDncBass G6 Soft Marims
A7 SprDncBas C7 SuperWaves E7 WaveSynth G7 Pop Pads
A8 SynPlsBass C8 ChiffMallets E8 PlsMuteBass G8 LowDncBass
B1 Elastics D1 Hard Pops F1 Logg Pad H1 SoftLogs
B2 Fast Voxx D2 Soft Mutes F2 VoxxPulse H2 Soft Voxx
B3 Marim Soft D3 RunningBass F3 SuperWave H3 Vox Pads
B4 SuperChiff D4 VoxSynth F4 FastVoxes H4 SynSwept
B5 SynthPad D5 Filter Pad F5 Pop Reverse H5 RoomVoxs
B6 MuteWaves D6 Soft Voxx F6 Syn Waves H6 Softest
B7 SuperSlap D7 Poly Pad F7 MutePluck H7 Far Pads
B8 Metal Bass D8 Super Poly 2 F8 PulseLowBs H8 DanceDrums

Analog Synths
A1 OB Poly C1 PolyMtes E1 WreBrght G1 Multies
A2 BriliWrs C2 Hydratic E2 Wonders G2 DynaPoly
A3 MStrings C3 ReveWire E3 ResBrite G3 Repeatrs
A4 AnlgKeys C4 QuickPly E4 ElastVoco G4 KeyRepts
A5 MoogPlks C5 FastMoog E5 PolyRise G5 MutePlks
A6 PolyPlks C6 ElstiPBs E6 IndianLw G6 StrgPads
A7 VocoBass C7 FilterBs E7 WavePoly G7 FarMoogs
A8 SynthPls C8 IndianBs E8 DnceLowBs G8 VocoPlse
B1 WurliDnc D1 BrteHits F1 RevrsWah H1 FantaPad
B2 MuteKeys D2 PluckWve F2 ElastWres H2 SlowWires
B3 MiniPlks D3 HydrPoly F3 FastKeys H3 MutePads
B4 FastPoly D4 Rough Ld F4 Filterrs H4 PolySwep
B5 PolyPads D5 IndianPl F5 ReveStrg H5 RoomStrs
B6 FastWres D6 WavePads F6 SlowStrg H6 FarPolys
B7 Elastics D7 WatrPoly F7 PlukLead H7 LongWres
B8 IndianPlks D8 LowMoogs F8 AnlgLwBs H8 DnceDrms


B3 Organs
A1 FullB3Slow A5 Soft B3 Slow B1 Pluck S3 1 B5 Deep B3
A2 FullB3Fast A6 Soft B3 Fast B2 Pluck S3 2 B6 B3SlowLong
A3 B3 Wave 1 A7 Soft Wave 1 B3 Pluck B3 1 B7 B3FastLong
A4 B3 Wave 2 A8 Soft Wave 2 B4 Pluck B3 2 B8 Wave2Long

Acoustic Strings
A1 AcString1 A5 Staccato B1 BrightStr 1 B5 DpSymph 1
A2 AcString2 A6 Soft String 1 B2 BrightStr 2 B6 DpSymph 2
A3 AcString3 A7 Soft String 2 B3 BrightStr 3 B7 Wave1Long
A4 AcString4 A8 Soft String 3 B4 Brt Stacc B8 Wave2Long

Synth Vox & Choir
A1 Choir 1 A5 Syn Vox 3 B1 Voxx Pad 1 B5 Bright Vox
A2 Choir 2 A6 Soft Choir 1 B2 Voxx Pad 2 B6 Mute Choir
A3 Syn Vox 1 A7 Soft Choir 2 B3 Choir Pad B7 Sweep Vox 1
A4 Syn Vox 2 A8 Soft Vox 1 B4 Deep Choir B8 Sweep Vox 2

Piano 1
A1 AcstcPiano1 B1 SimpleAcstc
A2 AcstcPiano2 B2 ElasticGrand
A3 GrandPiano B3 Pluck Piano
A4 PianoSoft1 B4 PianoSoft2
A5 Fast Piano B5 Fast Rock
A6 Piano Pad 1 B6 Simple Grand
A7 Piano Pad 2 B7 BrtPiano1
A8 Piano Pad 3 B8 BrtPiano2

Piano 2
A1 AcstcPiano4 B1 Fast Rock
A2 AcstcPiano5 B2 Ana Pluck
A3 AcstcPiano6 B3 Pluck Piano
A4 AnalogPiano B4 SimplePiano1
A5 Fast Piano B5 SimplePiano2
A6 Piano Pad 1 B6 SimplePiano3
A7 Piano Pad 2 B7 BrightPiano1
A8 Piano Pad 3 B8 BrightPiano2

Piano Mix 1
A1 PopPiano B5 Elastic Pop
A2 PowerPiano B6 Pop Hits
A3 JupiterPno B7 Soft Waves
A4 BrightAcstc B8 Bright Piano
A5 Fast Piano C1 Reverse Jup
A6 Jupiter Soft C2 Whisper Juptr
A7 Soft Pop C3 Rich Pop
A8 Piano Strings C4 Jupiter Pads
B1 OldFastPiano C5 Pop Softs
B2 ElasticJuptr C6 Pop Pads
B3 PluckAcstcs C7 Slow Pads
B4 PianoSoft C8 Super Jupiter

Piano Mix 2
A1 GrandLight B5 Elastic Vocal
A2 VocalPiano B6 Bright Hits
A3 Rich Acoustic B7 Soft Keys
A4 Soft Grand B8 Bright Vocals
A5 Fast Piano C1 Reverse Vocal
A6 Piano Strings C2 Whisper String
A7 Soft Vocal C3 Rich Vocals
A8 Bright Strings C4 Grand Softs
B1 SimpleAcoustic C5 Piano Softs
B2 Elastic Grand C6 Vocal Pads
B3 Pluck Vocal C7 Slow Vocal
B4 Piano Pad C8 Super Waves

Electronic Dance 1
Electronic Dance 2
Electronic Dance 3
808 Dance
909 Dance
Super Rap Kit 1
Super Rap Kit 2
90's House Kit 1
90's House Kit 2
90's House Kit 3



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