Sample disks & sample collections
for the EPS & EPS16+ & compatibles!

Our synth sounds have been top rated in
"Keyboard," "Electronic Musician," "Transoniq Hacker,"
"Sound on Sound," "Korg Connection," & many more!

ANY 3 Synth Collections, JUST $129!


Pro-Rec offers two great types of
disk librariesfor the EPS & EPS16+:
Individual Sample Disks and
Synth Collections.

  • Individual Sample Disks:

    These are high density disks that feature
    great synths, drums, pianos or other types
    of great sounds. There is one disk per title.
    These are just $18 each, any 10 for just $99!

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  • Synth Collections:

    Each title features 7 high density disks,
    where we've sampled our best, top rated,
    sounds for various top synths, and
    put them on these multi-disk sets.
    Each title is $69.90 for 7 disks, and you
    can get ANY 3 for just $129!! (That's 42 disks!!!).
    They play back just like the original synths.

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    Individual Sample Disks

    Our sample disks are just $14 each,
    any 10 for $99.90, and are available for both
    the original EPS & the EPS16+:

    ANY 10 SAMPLE DISKS, JUST $99.90


    Super Dance 1
    Super Dance 2
    Supersynth 1
    Supersynth 2
    Super Pop 1
    Super Pop 2

    Super Jupiter 1

    Super Wires Bright digital synth wires hit
    Jupiter Pads Rich jupiter mallet pads
    ResoPulse Keys Super resonant synth hit
    Poly Keys Muted jupiter poly keys + bass
    JD Poly Bass JD rich poly dance bass
    Vocal WahBass Super vocal bass with wah efct

    Super Jupiter 2
    Jupiter Mallets Rich syn mallet w/ super pad
    Hydro Waves Resonant analog dance hit
    Synth Pulse Bright digital synth dance hit
    Wire Jupiter Absolutely beautiful pop pad
    PWM PulseBass Rich, low synth dance bass

    Pop/Dance 1
    Analog Bright Bright reso analog waves
    Analog Wahh Super reverse syn mallet pad
    Dance Rhodes Rich poly dance rhodes keys
    Power Orch Hit Super dance orchestra hit
    Super Electric Heavy digital dance elec gtr
    Acid Pulse Bass Acid, resonant dance bass
    Super Dance Bass Super rich poly dance bass!

    Pop/Dance 2
    Super Synth Rich resonant synth strings
    Vox Hits Rich dance voice poly pluck
    Callio Light Beautiful pop calliope flute
    Super Marim Super natural marim sound
    Super Pick Bass Great dance acoustic pick bass
    Dance LowBass Analog poly dance low bass

    Ultimate Pop 1
    Pop Waves Rich, resonant synth pop waves
    Super Poly 1 Super rich, resonant dance poly
    PanaVox Deep, rich, great syn vox hits
    Super Mutes Incredibly rich mute guitar hits
    Pluck Voices Light pop pluck voice waves
    Dance Marims Rich poly acoustic marims
    Super Dance Bass Super rich poly dance bass!

    Ultimate Pop 2
    Super Chiff Rich calliope dance chiff!
    Penna Log Super log with rich pad
    Supr Poly 2 Rich, resonant dance poly
    Synth Waves Beautiful synth strings
    Syn PulseBass Resonant synth dance pulse bs
    Spr Slap Bass Super dance slap bass

    Analog Synths 1
    OB Poly Rich, dynamic poly synth hit
    Analog Keys Muted, synthy analog keys
    WurliDance Rich wurlitzer EP keys
    Moog Plucks Rich moog pluck synth sound
    Filter Bass Dynamic moog synth dance bs
    Pulses Bass Rich, dynamic synth dance bass

    Analog Synths 2
    BrilliWires Brilliant, rich wirey synth hit
    M Strings Beautiful string synth hit
    Poly Plucks Dynamic, rich synth key plucks
    VocoBass Super vocal-type synth bass
    Indian Bass Rich, dynamic synth dance bass

    303 Basses 1 (NEW!)
    303 AnaBass
    303 Punch Bass
    303 Smooth Bass
    303 Pan Bass
    303 Plug Bass

    303 Basses 2 (NEW!)
    303 Rez Bass
    303 Mid Bass
    303 Mute Bass

    303 Basses 3 (NEW!)
    303 Mid Rez Bass
    303 Reso Bass
    303 Dance Bass
    303 Q Bass

    303 Basses 4 (NEW!)
    303 Fat Lead
    303 Mellow Bass



    Electronic Dance 1

    909 Basic Kick
    Pop Snare
    909 Snare
    Compu Kong
    Dance Snare
    808 Snare
    Closed HH
    808 Claps
    Compu Closed HH
    808 Deep Kick
    Compu Open HH
    808 Syn Cowbell
    Super Scratch 1
    Wood Block
    Hard Dance Snare
    Super Scratch 2
    Dance Snare 2
    Super Snaps
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Orch Hit
    Cabasa Shaker
    Spectral Noise
    Techno Snap
    Super Kong 2
    808 Cowbell 2
    Rev Technosis
    Poly Mute Pluck
    Poly Vocal Pluck
    Techno Zap
    Phone Demo Code 901

    Electronic Dance 2
    Deep Kick
    Pop Snare
    Deep Snare
    808 Snare
    Closed HH 1
    808 Claps
    Closed HH 2
    Electronic Kick
    Open Natural HH
    CompuTong 1
    Cymbal Hit
    CompuTong 2
    Cymbal Crash
    Vocal Pop
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Conga Slap
    Side Stick
    Bongo Low
    Bongo High
    Dance Timbale
    Bongo High Slap
    Chime Bell
    Cabasa Shaker
    Dance Knock
    Plick Knock
    Dance Toinc
    Super CompuChime
    Phone Demo Code 901

    Electronic Dance 3
    Dance Kick
    Block Snare
    909 Snare
    Pop Snare High
    Dance Knock
    Pulse Knock
    Closed Dance HH
    Open Dance HH
    Open Syn HH
    Brush Dnc Snare
    Elec Dance Clap
    Synth Brush
    Metal Knock
    Brush Knock
    Compu Snaps
    Elec Brush Snap
    Compu Block
    Brush Snaps
    808 Cowbell 1
    CompuBongo Low
    808 CowBell 2
    CompuBongo Hi
    808 Cowbell 3
    Syn Orch Hit
    Compu Tom
    Syn Sine Tom
    Dance Zap
    Compu Ploinc
    Electronic Chimes
    Phone Demo Code 901

    808 Dance
    808 Kick
    808 Kick (Long)
    808 Snare
    Electronic Kick
    808 Snare (Brush)
    808 Side Click
    808 Closed HH
    808 Open HH
    808 Snare (High)
    808 Snare (Mute)
    ElectroTom Brush
    ElectroNoise Slide
    Smack Clap
    CompuBend Tom
    808 Ride
    808 Snare (Mute Hi)
    808 Kick (High)
    808 Brush Snare
    808 Long Clap
    808 Fast Clap
    808 Tom (High)
    Electronic Deep Kick
    808 CowBells
    808 Toms
    808 Conga Sound
    808 Claves
    High Q Sound
    Toinc Hollow Noise
    Space 808 Toms
    CompuScratch Plick
    Phone Demo Code 902

    909 Dance
    909 Kick
    909 Mute Kick
    909 Snare
    808 Clap
    Super Dance Snare
    78 Super Snare
    909 Closed HH
    Boing Dance Snare
    909 Open HH
    909 Side Knock
    Elemental Snare
    Boing Dance Kick
    78 Closed HH
    Video Dance Kick
    78 Open HH
    Video Kick High
    Metallic Snare
    78 Tambourine
    78 Guiro Sound
    Super Clap
    78 Marc Perc
    Super Clap Short
    Poly C Tone
    Dance Hollow
    303 ElectroBass
    55 Low Claves
    909 Dance Toms
    55 CompuClaves
    55 Claves (High)
    Phone Demo Code 902

    Super Rap Kit 1
    Deep Kick
    Tom Kick
    Low Syn Kick
    Ambient Knock Kick
    Deep Rap Kick
    Tamb Kick
    Closed HH
    Hard Clap Knock
    Open Syn HH
    Heavy Clap Knock
    Natural Open HH
    Fast Clap Hit
    Funky Snare High
    Perc Sound Low
    Hard Snare
    Perc Sound High
    Metallic Dance Snr
    Fast Dance Snare
    Dance Tom Low
    Hard Knock Snare
    Dance Tom Med
    Hard Knock Snare 2
    Dance Tom High
    Funky Snap Snare
    Vocal Hit Snare
    Hard Open HH
    Hard Kick Knock
    Super Q Sound 1
    Syn Bongo
    Super Q High 2
    Snare Side Light
    Conga Low
    Heavy Dnc Q Sound
    Conga High
    Bongo Low+
    Bongo High
    Tamb Perc Knock
    Tamb Short
    Tamb Long
    Shaker Short
    Cabasa Shaker Shrt
    Syn Snap Fast
    Cowbell Light Low
    Cowbell Light High
    Perc Knock Low
    Perc Knock High
    Guica Perc Low
    Super Horn Kick
    Guica Perc Med
    Guica Perc High
    Phone Demo Code 903

    Super Rap Kit 2
    Breathy Kick
    Machine Kick
    Clap Kick
    Standard Kick
    Deep Kick
    Step Kick
    Closed HH
    Sonic Knock
    Open Syn HH
    Knock Kick
    Open Natural HH
    Hard Snare Clap
    Humpty Clap
    Dance Bongo Low
    Hard Clap Knock
    Dance Bongo High
    Fast Clap Knock
    Ambient Clap Knock
    70's Dance Snare
    Funky Snare
    Deep Dance Snare
    Hard Knock Snare
    Deep Dance Snare 2
    Hard Fast Snare
    Ambient Knock Snr
    Closed Knock Light
    Amb Snap Knock
    Deep Knock Kick
    Funky Drum Snare
    Syn Dance Snare
    Old Style Snare
    Syn Bongo
    Short Knock Snare
    Dance Knock Snr 2
    Indust Breath Kick
    Cowbell Low
    Cabasa Shaker
    Syn Bongo Low+
    Syn Bongo Low
    Syn Bongo High
    Super Snare Roll
    Conga Low
    Conga High
    Tamb Cowbell High
    Smash Hit Short
    Smash Hit Long
    Phone Demo Code 903

    90's House Kit 1
    Heavy Kick
    Syn Conga Low
    Heavy Fast Kick
    Syn Conga High
    Mute Kick Short
    808 Snare
    Closed 808 HH
    Syn Fast Snare
    Open 808 HH 1
    Syn Snare High
    Open 808 HH 2
    Dance Snare Mute
    808 Clap Med
    808 Clap Mute
    808 Clap Short
    Syn Super Tom
    Side Stick
    Bongo Low
    Bongo High
    808 Shaker
    Dance CowBell
    Conga Low
    808 CowBell
    Conga Med
    808 Syn Click
    Conga High
    808 Syn CowBell
    Super Orch Hit
    CompuVox Pluck
    Shaker Rattles
    Dance Whistle
    Phone Demo Code 904

    90's House Kit 2
    Dance Kick
    Ambient Short Kick
    Deep Bass Kick
    Heavy Stop Kick
    Deep Ambient Kick
    Dance Clap Snare
    Closed 909 HH
    Ambient Dance Snr
    Open 909 HH 1
    Heavy Dance Clap
    Open 909 HH 2
    Fast Dance Snare
    Hard Dance Snare
    Fast Deep Snare
    Dance Snare
    808 Knock
    808 Clap Med
    Fast Super Clap
    909 Syn Tom
    Hard Clap Med
    909 Syn Tom
    808 Clap Heavy
    909 Syn Tom
    Long Hard Clap
    Deep Organ Hit
    C + C Guitar Stab
    Party People Orch
    Dance Organ Hit 2
    Orch Hit Fast
    CompuVox Reverse
    Phone Demo Code 904

    90's House Kit 3
    Deep Dance Kick
    Mute Dance Kick
    Ambient Dance Kick
    Fast Kick
    Fast Brush Kick
    Tom Dance Kick
    Closed 808 HH
    Dance Clap 1
    Closed 808 HH 2
    Dance Slap
    Open 808 HH
    Super Twist
    Block Clap
    808 Knock
    Snare Clap 1
    808 Snare
    Spr Dance Snare
    Block Snare
    Strong Dance Clap
    808 Clap
    Mute 808 Clap
    Spr Dance Clap 2
    Perc Brush
    Dance Stab
    Super Horns
    Dance Toms
    Dance Organ Hit
    CompuDance Sound
    Disco Orch Hit
    Phone Demo Code 904

    Techno Rave 1 (NEW!)
    Deep Techno Kick
    Bottomless Kick
    Pounding Kick
    Hammer Pulse Kick
    Open Dance HH
    Med Pulse Kick
    Med String HH
    Tom Bass Kick
    Closed Dance HH
    Super Pulse Kick
    Long Deep Kick
    Solid Knock
    Metal Machine Kick
    Solid Knock
    Hard Side Snare
    Raw Room Snare
    909 Click
    Metal Snare
    909 Click Low
    Hard Trash Snare
    909 Click High
    Tronic Snare
    Full 909 Snare
    808 Clap
    Flange Hit Snare
    Open 909 Ride
    Techno Trance
    Techno Bugz
    Hard Metal Knock
    Pulsing ElectroTom
    Phone Demo Code 905

    Techno Rave 2 (NEW!)
    Fullest Tron Kick
    Pulse Techno Kick
    Full Dance Kick
    Limitless Dance Kick
    Open HH
    Hammer Tron Kick
    Med Closed HH
    Deep Elec Kick
    Closed Elec HH
    Long Full Elec Kick
    Pulse Tron Kick
    Heavy Room Hit
    Pulse Knock
    Open 909 HH
    Room Knock Clap
    Super Snare
    Hard Shake Snare
    Fast Knock Snare
    Machine Hit
    Solid Dance Snare
    Brush Elec Snare
    Mystery Side Knock
    Techno Stabz
    Machine Worx
    Toinxx Stabz
    Pulse Tonnix
    Phone Demo Code 905

    Techno Trance 1 (NEW!)
    Heavy Deep Kick
    Pulse Tronik Kick
    Breath Hat Kick
    Deep Pulse Kick
    Electronic Kick
    909 Open HH
    Deep Bass Kick
    Elec Closed HH
    Punch Knock Kick
    Elec Med HH
    Low Dance Kick
    Full Bass Kick
    Med Tronix HH
    Fast Hit Snare
    Closed Tron Knock
    Fast Elec Snare
    Fast Bruch Snare
    Walking Snap
    Brush Full Snare
    Snap Click
    Pound Hit Snare
    Tronix Bugz
    Metal Hard Snare
    Full Hit Snare
    909 Knock
    Electronix Clap
    Tronix Knock
    Bugz Tron Voice
    Low Dance Knock
    Bugz Tron Voice
    Closed Brush
    Metal Alien Rush
    Alien Zipperz
    Techno Pulsse
    Mini Elec Snap
    Alien Fallz
    High Elec Snap
    Heli Alien Toinc
    Electronic Toinx
    Brush Tron Falls
    Phone Demo Code 906

    Techno Trance 2 (NEW!)
    Pulse Dance Kick
    Medium Elec Kick
    Switch Metal
    Roomy Elec Kick
    Solid Elec Kick
    909 Med High Hat
    Deep Full Kick
    Open Dance HH
    Round Deep Kick
    Closed Dance HH
    Far Elec Snare
    Fast Elec Snare
    909 Dance Knock
    808 Low Snare
    Block Knock
    Blow Brush Snare
    Dance Clap
    Electronic Ride
    Snap Claps
    Closed Dance Brush
    Hard Snap Clap
    Metal Brush Shaker
    Pipe Metal Knox
    Hollow Metal Tom
    Tron Snap Stab
    Metal Room Hit
    Tronix Shaker
    Metal Tron Drumz
    Deep Dance Toms
    Pulse Scratch
    DJ Dance Scratch
    Bass Tron
    Alien Scratch
    Bass Tron
    Alien Fallz
    Bass Tron
    Helio Dance Pulse
    Mini Dance Pulse
    Bass Tronix
    Phone Demo Code 906

    Reggae & Ethnic 1 (NEW!)
    Low Hollow Kick
    Mellow Middle Kick
    Hollow Kick
    Deep Bass Kick
    Snare Hi Hat
    Deep Elec Bass Kick
    Closed Natural HH
    Reggae Snare
    Brush Open HH
    Hi Reggae Snare
    Open Large Brush
    Knock Snaps
    Med Room Snare
    Low Bongo
    Crack Snap Perc
    Clap Med Elec
    Brush Shaker
    Perc Dance Hit
    Open Ride HH
    Low Hollow Perc
    Shaker Brush
    Mellow Knock
    Roomy Snare
    Tambourine Perc
    Timbale Snare
    Snap Small Brush
    Wood Brush Knock
    Wood Perc
    Wood Brush Hi
    Hollow Snap Perc
    Deep SuperFat Snr
    Clapz Knock
    Waah Man Vox
    Mellow Rnd Bongos
    Med Bottle Bongos
    Phone Demo Code 907

    Acoustic Drums 1 (NEW!)
    Deep Kick
    Normal Kick
    Open High Hat
    Punch Kick
    Medium High Hat
    Ambient Kick
    Closed High Hat
    Hard Room Snare
    Fast Metal Snare
    Wood Knock
    Hard Knock Snare
    Wood Knock
    Fat Hard Snare
    Wood Knock
    Full Hit Snare
    Wood Knock
    Open Hit Snare
    Wood Knock
    Fat Brush Snare
    Fast Hard Snare
    Short Fat Snare
    Brush Shaker
    High Wood Perc
    Metallic Perc
    Low Deep Tom
    Medium Tom
    High Punch Tom
    Phone Demo Code 908

    Hip Hop 1 (NEW!)
    Room Machine Kick
    Deep Hollow Kick
    Solid Medium Kick
    Machine Wind Kick
    Solid Hit Kick
    Ambient Knock Kick
    Hard Open HH
    Very Deep Full Kick
    Electronic Open HH
    Medium Room Kick
    Closed Acstsc HH
    Run Solid Kick
    Hard Side Snare
    Blow Hollow Snare
    Full Knock Snare
    Shaker Metal Snare
    Empty Metal Snare
    Closed Shaker Knck
    Hi Blow Snare
    Hollow Shaker
    Metal Door Hit
    Blow Shaker
    Full Hollow Mover
    Humpty Knock
    Metal Machine Snr
    Hollow Metal Knock
    Reverb Hollow Toot
    Deep Dance Hit
    Clap Mix
    Soft Snare
    Hollow Empty Snare
    Deep Pulse Knock
    Rubber Perc Knock
    Metal Perc
    Hollow Wind Perc
    Smash Wind Hit
    Click Snapz
    Phone Demo Code 909

    Hip Hop 2 (NEW!)
    Mellow Dance Kick
    Room Flat Kick
    Room Machine Kick
    Hollow Breath Kick
    Solid Medium Kick
    Machine Snare
    Open Natural HH
    Knock Brush Snare
    Open Brush HH
    Hollow Knock Snare
    Closed Acstc HH
    Brush Knock
    Solid Knock Snare
    Snap Click
    Small Knock
    Brush Hat
    Open Snare Kick
    Room Knock
    Funky Swish Knock
    Open Mouth Hit
    Deep Mouth Kick
    Low Metallic Snare
    High Metal Snare
    Wooden Room Tap
    909 Muted Taps
    Heavy Moving Snare
    Closed Room Clicks
    Full Room Tom
    Phone Demo Code 909

    Super Funk 1 (NEW!)
    Deep Breathy Kick
    Medium Ambient Kk
    Knock Room Kick
    Deep Acoustic Kick
    Open HH
    Soft Hollow Kick
    Acoustic Open HH
    Medium Room Kick
    Acoustic Closed HH
    Hard Medium Snare
    Block Knock
    Hard Side Snare
    Full Hard Snare
    Solid Acstc Snare
    Short Intro Roll
    Roll Solid Snare
    Side Click
    Fast Solid Snare
    Hard Breathy Tom
    Snare Soft Hit
    Crash Hard Clap
    Medium Tom
    Deep Tom
    Light Cowbell
    High Bells
    Scratchy Knocks
    Phone Demo Code 910

    Super Funk 2 (NEW!)
    Acoustic Kick
    Knock Acstsc Kick
    Room Kick
    Low Acoustic Kick
    Open High Hat
    Pulse Acstc Kick
    Medium High Hat
    Deep Acoustic Kick
    Brush High Hat
    Snare Crash Kick
    High Hi Hat Kick
    Low Bongo Perc
    Medium Snare
    High Bongo Perc
    High Medium Snare
    Brush Side Snare
    Block Knock
    Solid Snare
    Closed Acstsc HH
    Brush Solid Snare
    Simple Block
    Hollow Hit Snare
    Medium Crash Kick
    Drum Tom
    Hollow Hit Tom
    Tamb Hollow Perc
    Hi Perc Bell
    Knock Fast Snaps
    Phone Demo Code 910

    Pianos & More:
    Piano 1
    Piano 2
    Piano 3
    Piano 4
    Piano 5
    Piano Mix 1
    Piano Mix 2
    Piano Mix 3
    Piano Mix 4
    Piano Mix 5

    B3 Organs 1

    Full B3 Slow Rich, slow and full B3 organ
    Hammond B3 1 Dynamic hammond B3 organ
    B3 Wave 1 All rich, beautiful, dynamic
    B3 Wave 2 B3 organ waves...
    B3 Wave 3
    B3 Wave 4
    B3 Wave 5

    B3 Organs 2
    Full B3 Fast Rich, fast and full B3 organ
    Hammond B3 2 Dynamic hammond B3 organ
    B3 Wave 6 All rich, beautiful, dynamic
    B3 Wave 7 B3 organ waves...
    B3 Wave 8
    B3 Wave 9
    B3 Wave 10
    EP 1 Rich, glassy, rounded EP
    EP 2 Dynamic metallic, glassy EP
    EP 3 Full-bodied, tine-like EP
    Glassy EP Unique and full, glassy EP
    EP Pads Beautiful EP with rich pads

    Rhodes 1 (NEW!)
    Rhodes 1
    Rhodes 2

    Rhodes 2 (NEW!)
    Rhodes 3
    Hard Rhodes

    Sample disks feature a full DD disk of all-new samples
    and generally contain 5-10 fully-mapped, ready-to-play
    instruments. DRUMs contain one high quality drum kit per disk.
    See SYNTH COLLECTIONS above for multi-
    disk sample sets for the EPS & EPS16+


    Synth Collections

    Our synth collections are multi-disk sets
    of samples of our sounds for the best synths, that
    sound exactly as they do on the original synths!
    They are just $69.90 per set, and are available for the
    following samplers & sample-synth models:
    SPECIAL: GET ANY 3 Collections for JUST $129!
    That's 42 Disks for just $129!!!


    Z-1 Dance 1 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Dance 2 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Techno 1 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Techno 2 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Pads 1 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Pads 2 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    Z-1 Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    Trinity & Prophecy 1 (NEW!)
    Trinity & Prophecy 2 (NEW!)
    Trinity Techno & Rave 1 (NEW!)
    Trinity Pads 1 (NEW!)
    Trinity Pads 2 (NEW!)
    Trinity Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    Trinity Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    JV-1080 Collection 1 (NEW!)
    JV-1080 Collection 2 (NEW!)
    JV-1080 Analog 1 (NEW!)
    JV-1080 Analog 2 (NEW!)
    Analog Pro 1
    Analog Pro 2
    Analog Pro 3
    JD-990 Collection 1
    SY85 Collection 1
    SY85 Collection 2
    Pads 1
    Pads 2
    Filmscape 3-D
    D-70 Collection 1
    D-70 Collection 2
    D-50 Collection 1
    D-50 Collection 2
    01/W Collection 1
    01/W Collection 2
    M1 Collection 1
    M1 Collection 2
    Vintage Keys Analog Dance 1
    Vintage Keys Analog Dance 2
    JV-80 Super Dance
    JV-80 Super Pop
    WS AD Pop/Dance
    WS EX Super Pop/Dance
    WS EX Pop Collection


    Z-1 Dance 1 (NEW!)

    DISK 1 Big Fuzzer
    Funky Lead
    DISK 2 Hydrattics
    Dance SynBass
    SynBass Talker
    DISK 3 Syn Dancers
    DISK 4 Vox Pulser
    Fat Z Bass
    DISK 5 Phat Syn Bass
    Funky Cutter
    DP Pulse Bass
    Talk Plugger
    Low Fatty Bass
    DISK 6 Fat Attack
    Haliosis Bass
    DISK 7 Vox Pulser
    Funky Lead Bs
    ModuPulse Bs
    DISK 8 Flying Attack
    DISK 9 Smooth Syn
    Guitar B
    DISK10 Choraliss
    Fat Fuzzy
    DISK11 Phaser Q Seq (1)
    DISK12 Phaser Q Seq (2)
    Fatty Bass
    Cutter Bass
    DISK13 Warm Pad Syn
    F Fat Bass
    DISK14 Poly Softs
    Electron Bass
    31 ALL-NEW

    Phone Demo Code 697

    Z-1 Dance 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Brush Synths
    Flexitone Bass
    DISK 2 Panner Synths
    Flexi Bass
    DISK 3 Smooth Poly
    Sharp Bass
    DISK 4 Q Sub Lead
    Digi Pan Bass
    DISK 5 Ponnics
    Fuzz Bass
    DISK 6 Symph String
    Aah Pulse
    DISK 7 Acid Q Bass
    Sine Bass
    T Low Bass
    P Syn Bass
    T Pan Bass
    S Syn Bass
    S Fuzz Bass
    DISK 8 Fatty Synth
    Deep Dark Bass
    DISK 9 Poly Plucks
    Talker Fuzz
    DISK10 Fat Poly
    DISK11 Sweller Syns
    DISK12 Metal Keys
    Pan Dog Bass
    S Square Bass
    DISK13 Mix Stabbers
    Phat Guitar Bs
    DISK14 Peni Pulsars
    32 ALL-NEW

    Phone Demo Code 698

    Z-1 Techno 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Big Poly Saw
    Under X Bass
    DISK 2 Techna Stabs
    Panner Bass
    Plugger Bass
    DISK 3 Synth X Lead
    Screw X Bass
    DISK 4 Propho Stab
    DISK 5 Xanaphobe
    Helion Bass
    Trans X Bass
    DISK 6 Tube Attack
    DISK 7 Big Upps
    Mouther Bass
    DISK 8 Zaos
    Spattica Bass
    DISK 9 P Cutters
    Aciwaah Bass
    DISK10 Attack Pulse
    DISK11 Helium Rings
    DISK12 Slipstream Atax (1)
    DISK13 Slipstream Atax (2)
    Phat Fezzer
    DISK14 Saturn RIngs
    24 ALL-NEW

    Phone Demo Code 640

    Z-1 Techno 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 EVO Pro
    DISK 2 Fat Fuzzer
    Pulse Q Bass
    DISK 3 Solid M Syn
    Lazer Zap
    DISK 4 Hot Fuzz
    Philo Bass
    DISK 5 Subparticle
    Metalastic Bs
    DISK 6 Helions
    DISK 7 Synth Cycle
    Tech Rez Bass
    DISK 8 Fatt Ravers
    Pulse W Bass
    DISK 9 Plantronix
    DISK10 Saw Funnels
    Mute Bass Talk
    DISK11 Saturn Polys
    Square Bass
    DISK12 Filter Rings
    Filter Pulse Bs
    Fat Syn Bass
    DISK13 Fantasy X
    Oomaxx Bass
    DISK14 Pulse Chord
    25 ALL-NEW

    Phone Demo Code 641

    Z-1 Pads 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Muted Pads
    DISK 2 Smoothies
    DISK 3 Beautiful Pads
    DISK 4 Ultra Pads (1)
    DISK 5 Resonant Soft (1)
    DISK 6 String Pads
    DISK 7 Miracle Pad (1)
    DISK 8 Pad Softs (1)
    DISK 9 Wonder Pads (1)
    DISK10 Fatty Strings (1)
    DISK11 Miracle Pad (2)
    Ultra Pads (2)
    Wonder Pads (2)
    Fatty Strings (2)
    DISK12 Syn Whispers (1)
    DISK13 Hollow Pads (1)
    DISK14 Hollow Pads (2)
    Resonant Soft (2)
    Pad Softs (2)
    Syn Whispers (2)
    12 ALL-NEW
    SOUNDS !
    Phone Demo Code 672

    Z-1 Pads 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Synth Softs
    DISK 2 String Softs
    DISK 3 Syn Key Softs
    DISK 4 Synth Symph
    DISK 5 Choral Pads
    DISK 6 Poly Pad Syns
    DISK 7 Mute Z Pads
    DISK 8 Lush Strings
    DISK 9 OBx Pads
    DISK10 Pad Strings
    DISK11 S String Pad
    DISK12 Brass Pads
    DISK13 Mallet Pads
    DISK14 Fat Saw Pad
    14 ALL-NEW
    SOUNDS !
    Phone Demo Code 673

    Z-1 Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Fantasy 3-D (1)
    DISK 2 Fantasy 3-D (2)
    Miraculous (2)
    Noise Infant (2)
    Altered State (2)
    X Factor (2)
    DISK 3 Miraculous (1)
    DISK 4 Noise Infant (1)
    DISK 5 Altered State (1)
    DISK 6 Faraway Star
    DISK 7 X Factor (1)
    DISK 8 Heliscapes (1)
    DISK 9 Morning Waves (1)
    DISK10 Dimensional (1)
    DISK11 Hydrasis X (1)
    DISK12 Heliscapes (2)
    Morning Waves (2)
    Dimensional (2)
    Hydrasis X (2)
    DISK13 Cursor Light
    DISK14 Fantasy Dome
    12 ALL-NEW
    SOUNDS !
    Phone Demo Code 642

    Z-1 Film 3-D 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Bottle Glimmers (1)
    DISK 2 Bottle Glimmers (2)
    Fantasy Q (2)
    Tentacles (2)
    The Riddler (2)
    DISK 3 Fantasy Q (1)
    DISK 4 Tentacles (1)
    DISK 5 The Riddler (1)
    DISK 6 H20 Particle (1)
    DISK 7 H20 Particle (2)
    Sparkolaters (2)
    Dimensional (2)
    DISK 8 Sparkolaters (1)
    DISK 9 Dimensional (1)
    DISK10 Alien Vector (1)
    DISK11 Alien Vector (2)
    Fantasy Dome (2)
    DISK12 Phenomenon Q (1)
    DISK13 Phenomenon Q (2)
    DISK14 Fantasy Dome (1)
    10 ALL-NEW
    SOUNDS !
    Phone Demo Code 643

    JV-1080 Collection 1 (NOW HERE!!)
    DISK 1 Poly Bright
    Dance Bass
    202 Bass 1
    DISK 2 Synth Brass
    Fat Bass
    MC 2 Bass
    DISK 3 Syn String 1
    Oww Bass
    DISK 4 Poly Keys
    Big Bass 1
    DISK 5 D Saw
    Fat SynBass
    Low Pan Bass
    Ana Bass 1
    DISK 6 Fat Syn Bass
    Smooth Bass
    Pluck Bass
    J Saw Bass 1
    Ana Bass 2
    Ana Bass 3
    DISK 7 Bells Heaven
    Perc Organ
    Wire Bass
    DISK 8 Brush Mallets
    Big B Bass
    DISK 9 Acstsc Piano 1
    Slap Bass
    DISK10 JV Rhodes 1
    Mute Gtr Bass 1
    DISK11 JV EP 1
    Pick Bass 1
    DISK12 Syn Squares
    Square Bass 1
    Lead Bass
    Pulse Bass 2
    DISK13 P Saw
    Acstc Gtr 1
    Perc Organ
    DISK14 JV Dance Kit
    39 sounds & 1 full drum kit

    Phone Demo Code 688

    JV-1080 Collection 2 (NOW HERE!!)
    DISK 1 JP Bright
    J Saw Bass 2
    Reso Plug Bass
    DISK 2 Synth Strings 2
    Fat Pan Bass
    Techno Bass
    DISK 3 Syn A Bass
    Dual Bass
    Syn Bass 3
    OB Bass
    Moog Bass 1
    Smooth AnaBass
    DISK 4 Saw Synths
    Syn Bass 1
    DISK 5 Bottle Blows
    DISK 6 Acstc Piano 2
    Mute Guitar Bs 2
    Elec Bass 1
    DISK 7 Smooth Pads
    Sine Keys
    Clav Bass
    DISK 8 Elec Grand
    Tri Waves
    Pulse Bass 1
    Reso Ana Basss
    DISK 9 JV Rhodes 2
    DISK10 Acstc Guitar 2
    Stop Organ
    Jazz Bass 1
    Hollow Perc
    DISK11 Super Saw
    Light Harp
    Vox Bass
    Bug Bass
    Scan Bass
    DISK12 JV EP 2
    Pick Bass 2
    DISK13 JV Rhodes 2
    Bell Bass
    Widget Bass
    DISK14 Acoustic Strings
    43 all-new sounds!

    Phone Demo Code 689

    JV-1080 Analog 1 (NOW HERE!)
    DISK 1 OBX Synths
    OBC Bass
    DISK 2 Dop Synths
    OBx Bass
    DISK 3 Analogea
    JP Plug Bass
    DISK 4 Analog Pads
    MJ Bass
    DISK 5 Analog Keys
    DISK 6 JP Ana Pad
    MGC Bass
    DISK 7 Pan Plucks
    101 Bass
    DISK 8 MGP Lead
    QUB Bass
    DISK 9 OPB String Hit
    Pulse Bass
    CSA Bass
    DISK10 CS Synths
    Dance Percz
    DISK11 Horn Strings
    DISK12 OB Lead
    MGP Bass
    DISK13 JU Pulses
    Play Bass
    DISK14 JV Kit 1
    26 sounds & 1 drum kit

    Phone Demo Code 692

    JV-1080 Analog 2 (NOW HERE!)
    DISK 1 JP Synths
    DISK 2 DOP Plucks
    JPB Bass
    DISK 3 OB Strings
    Pulse Square
    MGW Bass
    DISK 4 Ramp Synths
    MGF Bass
    DISK 5 Jup Strings
    Sharp Bass
    DISK 6 Pro5 Synths
    Sharp Bass
    DISK 7 AP Synths
    JP Lead
    DISK 8 JP8 Synths
    JPC Bass
    DISK 9 Smooth OB Pad
    S7 Bass
    S7 Bass 2
    DISK10 Ana Choir
    KP Bass
    MGV Bass
    DISK11 MG Synths
    101 MT Bass
    DISK12 Belly Synths
    DISK13 XP Synths
    Seq Bass
    DISK14 JV Kit 2
    27 sounds & 1 drum kit

    Phone Demo Code 693

    JV-1080 Pads 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 New Age Voxx (1)
    DISK 2 New Age Voxx (2)
    Marimba Pads (2)
    Space Voxx (2)
    Mute Piano (2)
    Bell Lights (2)
    Muon Chiffs (2)
    SH Pads (2)
    DISK 3 Marimba Pads (1)
    DISK 4 Space Voxx (1)
    DISK 5 Mute Piano (1)
    DISK 6 Jupiter Mutes
    DISK 7 Bell Lights (1)
    DISK 8 Muon Chiffs (1)
    DISK 9 Toinc Pads (1)
    DISK10 Toinc Pads (2)
    Slow Strings (2)
    Fatty Pads (2)
    DISK11 Slow Strings (1)
    DISK12 Fatty Pads (1)
    DISK13 Juno Pads
    DISK14 SH Pads (1)

    Phone Demo Code 644

    JV-1080 Pads 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Resultimates (1)
    DISK 2 Resultimates (2)
    Marim Loggs (2)
    Bottle EPs (2)
    Vocular Pads (2)
    DISK 3 Marim Loggs (1)
    DISK 4 Bottle EPs (1)
    DISK 5 Vocular Pads (1)
    DISK 6 Lush Strings (1)
    DISK 7 Lush Strings (2)
    Fantasy Chiff (3)
    Block Pads (2)
    DISK 8 Fantasy Chiff (1)
    DISK 9 Fantasy Chiff (2)
    DISK10 Fatty Sweeps (1)
    DISK11 Fatty Sweeps (2)
    DISK12 Block Pads (1)
    DISK13 Stringy Pads
    DISK14 Glass Waves

    Phone Demo Code 645

    JV-1080 Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Cinemaphex (1)
    DISK 2 Cinemaphex (2)
    DISK 3 Space Heaven (1)
    DISK 4 Space Heaven (2)
    DISK 5 Space Heaven (3)
    Syndrome (3)
    DISK 6 Syndrome (1)
    DISK 7 Syndrome (2)
    DISK 8 Planet Sweep (1)
    DISK 9 Planet Sweep (2)
    DISK10 Planet Sweep (3)
    Heliosound (2)
    DISK11 Heliosound (1)
    DISK12 Space Sounds
    DISK13 Micronaut (1)
    DISK14 Micronaut (2)

    Phone Demo Code 648

    JV-1080 Film 3-D 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Voculars (1)
    DISK 2 Voculars (2)
    DISK 3 Voculars (3)
    White Waves (3)
    Water Waves (2)
    DISK 4 Winter Winds (1)
    DISK 5 White Waves (1)
    DISK 6 White Waves (2)
    DISK 7 Water Waves (1)
    DISK 8 Throaty (1)
    DISK 9 Throaty (2)
    Vocal Sweeps (3)
    DISK10 Synthesis (1)
    DISK11 Synthesis (2)
    DISK12 Dark Bell (1)
    DISK13 Dark Bell (2)
    Vocal Sweeps (2)
    DISK14 Vocal Sweeps (1)

    Phone Demo Code 649

    Trinity & Prophecy 1 (NOW HERE!!)
    DISK 1
    Ultimate Syns
    DISK 2
    Big Moog Bass
    Funk SynBass
    303 SynBass
    Low SynBass
    DISK 3
    Deep Bass 9
    Pulson Bass
    DISK 4
    Edge Saww
    Korg Mini Lead
    Deep SynBass
    DISK 5
    PWM Synth
    Robotixx 3
    DISK 6
    Prophecy Lead
    Night Bass
    Ac Pick Bass
    DISK 7
    Big Talker
    MG Log Bass
    Pan Bass
    Dance V Bass
    Filter Bass
    JX Moog Bass
    DISK 8
    Solid SynBass
    Syn SawBass
    Pulse SawBass
    Muddy Bass
    DISK 9
    Analog Stab
    Big Bottom Bs
    Hard Pluck Bs
    Square Bass
    303 Acid Bass
    Mellow Bass
    Ac Jazz Bass
    Low Smooth Bs
    Analog Pads
    Syn Bass 1
    Trinity Piano
    Big Pan Bass
    Syn Mouth
    Trans X Bass
    Acidic Bass
    Mute Guitar Bs
    Techno Pegg
    DANCE Drum Kit
    45 sounds & 1 drum kit

    Phone Demo Code 690

    Trinity & Prophecy 2 (NOW HERE!!)
    DISK 1 Pantones
    DISK 2 Pan Choir
    Syn Bass 1
    Deeper Bass
    DISK 3 Analog Brass
    DISK 4 Wurli EP
    Big Poly bass
    Wiggly Bass
    Robotixx 2
    DISK 5 Metallics
    DISK 6 D Saw Bass
    Cutter X Bass
    Mini Drums
    Wood Drum
    DISK 7 Key Nights
    DISK 8 Bright Poly
    DISK 9 Analog Strings
    JS Bass
    DISK10 Fuzz Stab
    Panner Bass
    Talk SynBass
    Tron Bass
    DISK11 Fuzzy Lead
    DISK12 JX Bass
    Moog Soft Bs
    Robotixx 4
    DISK13 Saw Lead
    Plug Bass
    DISK14 DANCE Y Drum Kit
    30 sounds & 1 full drum kit

    Phone Demo Code 691

    Trinity Techno & Rave 1 (NOW HERE!)
    DISK 1 T Rave
    T Q Bass
    DISK 2 Driver Syn
    Monster Bass
    DISK 3 Reso Grille
    Rub Bass
    DISK 4 Andromeda
    Syn Bass
    DISK 5 Mellow Square
    DISK 6 Phine Leads
    DISK 7 Big Stage
    Reso Q Bass
    DISK 8 Hollow Syncs
    Driver Bass
    Burpy Bass
    DISK 9 Layer Lead
    Poly Bass
    DISK10 Peli Tones
    Bug Bass
    DISK11 303 Stabber
    Double Bass
    Smooth Bass
    DISK12 Fat Bugger
    Muted Q Bass
    DISK13 Techniques
    Simple Bass
    Dance SynBass
    DISK14 Trinity Dance Kit
    28 sounds & 1 drum kit
    Phone Demo Code 696

    Trinity Pads 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Muon Pads
    DISK 2 Ana Strings 1
    DISK 3 Dynates
    DISK 4 Terra Pads
    DISK 5 Dominion
    DISK 6 Mute F Pads
    DISK 7 Bottle Pads
    DISK 8 Light Oohs
    DISK 9 VibraStrings
    DISK10 Metallites
    DISK11 DWGS Sine
    DISK12 Soft Pluckers
    DISK13 Syn E Keys
    DISK14 Sine Melts

    Phone Demo Code 642

    Trinity Pads 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 M Mute Pads
    DISK 2 Ana Strings 2
    DISK 3 Glass Panates
    DISK 4 Analog Pad
    DISK 5 Plucker Keys
    DISK 6 Aah Pads
    DISK 7 Synthetics
    DISK 8 Panites Pads
    DISK 9 Pluck Pads
    DISK10 Flutter Pads
    DISK11 PWM Pads
    DISK12 AnkluFlutes
    DISK13 Glowy Organs
    DISK14 Doo Pads

    Phone Demo Code 643

    Trinity Film 3-D 1 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 THX Surround (1)
    DISK 2 THX Surround (2)
    Vocal Whispers (2)
    DISK 3 Silhouette (1)
    DISK 4 Silhouette (2)
    Flutterers (2)
    DISK 5 Slow Surround (1)
    DISK 6 Slow Surround (2)
    DISK 7 Trickler (1)
    DISK 8 Trickler (2)
    DISK 9 Flutterers (1) (disk4)
    DISK10 Dream Setting (1)
    DISK11 Dream Setting (2)
    DISK12 Hollow Blows (1)
    DISK13 Hollow Blows (2)
    DISK14 Vocal Whispers (1)

    Phone Demo Code 670

    Trinity Film 3-D 2 (NEW!)
    DISK 1 Teleporters (1)
    DISK 2 Teleporters (2)
    DISK 3 Mortalis (1)
    DISK 4 Mortalis (2)
    Bellows SFX (2)
    DISK 5 Digitalis (1)
    DISK 6 Indian Nights (1)
    DISK 7 Indian Nights (2)
    Digitalis (2)
    DISK 8 Alien Swingers (1)
    DISK 9 Alien Swingers (2)
    DISK10 Bellows SFX (1) (disk4)
    DISK11 Ghosts (1)
    DISK12 Ghosts (2)
    DISK13 New Beginnings (1)
    DISK14 New Beginnings (2)

    Phone Demo Code 671

    Analog Pro 1
    DISK 1 Axis Saws
    OBx Bass 1
    JPC Bass
    Moog Saw Bass
    Q Snaps
    DISK 2 Dopple OBx
    Big Moog Bass
    J Syn Bass 2
    Q Blips
    DISK 3 Stabber OBx
    Arp Bass 1
    Arp V Bass
    DISK 4 OB String Hits
    Moog Pluck Bass
    Moog Low Bass
    Moog Syn Bass
    DISK 5 Moog P Pads
    Moog Dyn Bass
    303 Syn Bass
    S Syn Bass
    DISK 6 Dopple Pluck
    Sys 7 Bass
    Dance 7 Bass
    Slap SynBass
    Kilo Bass
    DISK 7 SH Saws
    JU Subb Padd
    S Mute Bass
    DISK 8 JX Saws
    J Syn Bass 1
    S Mute LowBass
    101 SynBass
    A Low Bass
    DISK 9 MG Sawws
    M Dyn Bass
    Moog Punch Bs
    C Pulse Bass
    DISK10 Synthy Voces
    Big C Bass
    Moog Pan Bass
    DISK11 JP Sweeps
    E SynBass
    101 Acid Bass
    DISK12 Reson Saws
    Moog HardBass
    Hard SynBass
    DISK13 AnaBells
    C Dyn Bass
    OB S Bass
    DISK14 JP Padds
    Hard Moog Bass
    Moog Light Bass

    Phone Demo Code 681

    Analog Pro 2
    DISK 1 JP Saws
    OB Jump Bass
    W Syn Bass
    A PulseBass
    DISK 2 OB Large Pad
    OB Pan Bass
    DISK 3 Super M String
    Swell SynBass
    DISK 4 Unis Stab
    OB PunchBass
    DISK 5 Moog Pan Stab
    M Pan Bass
    Q Snap Bass
    DISK 6 OB Brass Hits
    T Punch Bass
    P Kilo Bass
    Snap PulseBass
    Moog Buzz Bass
    DISK 7 Dyna M Keys
    303 P Bass
    DISK 8 Gritty Stabs
    Punch C Bass
    A Kilo Bass
    DISK 9 Mellow Keys
    M Stab Bass
    Bell Metal Bass
    DISK10 Jupiter String
    M Plink Bass
    DISK11 JP Vox Softs
    M Mix Bass
    OB Rez Bass
    DISK12 Dyna JP Keys
    Metal Switch Bs
    OB Rez Bass
    DISK13 Thong Padd
    E Mix Bass
    DISK14 Bottle Ps
    Double JP Bass

    Phone Demo Code 682

    Analog Pro 3
    DISK 1 OBx Mixx
    Double Fat Bass
    Double 303 Bass
    DISK 2 J Saw Lead
    Mega Bass
    Ana ResBass
    Big Mute Bass
    G MixBass
    DISK 3 Reson Leads
    Bang OB Bass
    Plug M Bass
    P Mix Bass
    DISK 4 Dyna S Hits
    C Reso Bass
    S Mix Bass
    Moog Pluck Bs
    DISK 5 Bigg Padds
    Mute 3 Bass
    M Syn Bass
    Mute Plug Bass
    DISK 6 Bigg Syns
    M Sys Bass
    Sharp Mute Bs
    DISK 7 Super P Hits
    OB Res Bass
    OB Bright Bass
    MG Bright Bass
    DISK 8 Pop Rivers
    L Syn Bass
    F Low Bass
    M Low Bass
    DISK 9 Dyn OB Brass
    Bigg SynBass
    M ResBass
    J PulseBass
    DISK10 Layer Leads
    M Punch Bass
    Raspy Rez Bass
    DISK11 Super P Pad
    Fat Rez Bass
    M PulseBass
    Reso 7 Bass
    DISK12 Pop Syn Vox
    Block J Bass
    Pulse Bass Low
    Mute Bass
    DISK13 Syn Key Pads
    Bigger Bass
    Elec Bass 1
    DISK14 Super K Saw
    P Switch Bass
    Pulse Bass Lt
    Saw Rez Bass 1
    Saw Rez Bass 2
    Saw Rez Bass 3
    Saw Rez Bass 4

    Phone Demo Code 683

    JD-990 Collection 1
    DISK 1 Bright Saws
    Big M Bass
    DISK 2 JX Saws
    Clav PulseBs
    Plugg Bass
    D Pan Bass
    DISK 3 Rich Stacks
    DISK 4 Rich Stacks (part2)
    PanPulse Bass
    JM SynBass
    J Saw Bass
    Wave Syn Bass
    JD SynBass
    L Low Bass
    P Low Bass
    MG Res Bass
    Elec J Bass
    DISK 5 Syn Stacks
    DISK 6 Syn Stacks (part2)
    Mute Bass 1
    Mute Bass 2
    Hard Rub Bs
    Wire Plug Bs
    Elec Vox Bass
    Wire SynBass
    DISK 7 Bells Pads
    DISK 8 Bells Pads (part 2)
    Nice Vibe
    Nice Marim
    Slap J Bass
    L LowBass
    DISK 9 Acstc Piano 1
    Pick J Bass
    DISK10 Power Brass
    DISK11 Layer Padd
    SP Pulse Bass
    DISK12 Flute Pipes
    Acstsc Bass
    DISK13 Rich Strings
    Guitar SynBass
    EM Low Bass
    DISK14 Breathy Chiffs

    Phone Demo Code 684

    SY85 Collection 1
    DISK 1 Hydra Poly
    Helio Syn
    Syn 2 Bass
    U Dance Bs 1
    DISK 2 Panatone
    Brash Synth
    DISK 3 Super Hits
    Analog Syn
    Syn Pluck
    Brash Keys
    Square Poly
    Multi S Bass
    DISK 4 Dynasynth
    P Syn Bass
    Syn 1 Bass
    Low D Bass
    Pan Bass
    DISK 5 Wire Keys
    Helio Pulse
    Syn Keys
    Shaku Flute
    DISK 6 Eli Pads
    Syn 4 Bass
    Syn 5 Bass
    Syn 6 Bass
    DISK 7 Pad Synth 1
    Digi Tones
    Reso Syn
    DISK 8 Saww Keys
    U Dance Bs 2
    U Dance Bs 3
    U Dance Bs 4
    Syn 8 Bass
    DISK 9 Pan Toins
    Pulse Pick
    DISK 10 Pulse Chorus
    Aqua Pulse
    Lead Bass
    Pulse Bass
    Digi Bass
    DISK 11 Digital Keys 1
    Pick Bass 1
    Pick Bass 2
    Mute Bass 1
    Mute Bass 2
    Digi V Bass
    Guitar Keys
    Digi V Keys
    DISK 12 Super 85 Piano
    Night Sines
    DISK 13 Acoustic Strings 1
    Triple Synth
    Simple Poly
    Digit Plugs
    Syn CowBell
    DISK 14 Wonders
    Distort Lead
    Bamboo Blocks
    Q Forward
    Q Reverse

    Phone Demo Code 667

    SY85 Collection 2
    DISK 1 Dynasine
    Analog Conga
    Beefy Bass
    DISK 2 Ana S Synth
    Synth Brass
    Pulse Keys
    DISK 3 Synth Toinc
    Jump Bass
    DigiBass 2
    Pick Bass 3
    Syn 9 Bass
    DISK 4 Pad Synth 3
    Panner Flute
    Synthy EP
    Simple EP
    DISK 5 Choral Aahs
    Super Marim
    Simple Marim
    Simple Vibe
    Nylon Guitar
    Bounce Bass
    DISK 6 Acoustic String 2
    Steel Guitar
    Ac Brush Bass
    Acstc Pick Bass 1
    Acstc Pick Bass 2
    E Guitar Bass 1
    E Guitar Bass 2
    Elec G Comp
    DISK 7 Pad Synth 2
    Wurli Organ
    Clav 1
    Clav 2
    DISK 8 Digital Keys 2
    Simple Flute
    Simple Tromb
    Bari Sax
    Tenor Sax
    Alto Sax
    Soprano Sax
    DISK 9 Digital Keys 3
    Simple Trump
    Mute Trump
    Simple Organ
    Perc Organ
    Perc Organ 2
    DISK 10 Itoh Waves
    Choral Oohs
    Glock Bells
    DISK 11 Panapoly
    Pulse Synth
    Band Keys
    Brush Bells
    DISK 12 Panasweeps
    Peli Pans
    DISK 13 Hydra Hits
    Orchestra Hit 1
    Orchestra Hit 2
    DISK 14 Pitchers
    Dance Conga
    Analog Cowbell
    DJ Scratch
    Super Q

    Phone Demo Code 668

    Pads 1
    DISK 1 Synth Pad 1
    DISK 2 Night Pads
    DISK 3 Night Pads (part 2)
    Vocal Pads (part 2)
    Brush Pads (part 2)
    Heaven Choir (2)
    Air Softs (part 2)
    DISK 4 Vocal Pads
    DISK 5 Brush Pads
    DISK 6 Heaven Choir
    DISK 7 Mallet Pads
    DISK 8 Air Softs
    DISK 9 EP Pads
    DISK10 Slow Heavens
    DISK11 Slow Heavens (2)
    DISK12 MicroNight
    DISK13 MicroNight (2)
    Heaven Aria (2)
    DISK14 Heaven Aria

    Phone Demo Code 685

    Pads 2
    DISK 1 Synth Pad 2
    DISK 2 Strings Pad
    DISK 3 Bottle Voxes
    DISK 4 Bottle Voxes (2)
    Lighter Bells (2)
    DISK 5 Lighter Bells
    DISK 6 Jupiter Keys
    DISK 7 EP GlassPads
    DISK 8 Breath Softs
    DISK 9 Kalim Vox
    Soft Choir (part 3)
    DISK10 Winter Nights
    DISK11 Winter Nights (2)
    DISK12 Winter Nights (3)
    Soft Choir (part 2)
    DISK13 Soft Choir
    DISK14 Muted Syn Keys

    Phone Demo Code 686

    Filmscape 3-D
    DISK 2 COSMOS (part 2)
    DISK 3 COSMOS (part 3)
    ALIASCAPE (part 2)
    DISK12 TELEPORT (part 2)

    Phone Demo Code 687

    D-70 Collection 1
    DISK 1 Dyna Waves
    Dance Bass
    Synth Bass 1
    Synth Bass 2
    Synth Bass 3
    Pulse Bass
    DISK 2 Balachiffs
    Synth Strings
    Synth Saw 1
    DISK 3 Acoustic String 1
    Flute Chiffs
    DISK 4 Pan Choir
    Soft Kalimba
    Light Bass
    Fuzzy Saw
    Big SynBass
    DISK 5 Synth Vox 1
    Synth Pulse
    Elec Organ 1
    Elec Organ 2
    F Bass
    Slap Bass 1
    Slap Bass 2
    DISK 6 Panner Flute
    Simple EP
    Synth Sines
    Synth Bass 5
    Reson Bass
    Cutter Bass
    Metal M Bass
    DISK 7 Acoustic Piano 1
    Simple Pluck
    Simple EP 2
    B3 Waves
    Pick Bass
    DISK 8 Balapads
    Glass EP
    Digi Sine
    Muffle Bass
    Elec Guitar 1
    DISK 9 Callio
    Simple Flute
    Shaku Flute
    D Sax 1
    Trombone 1
    D Trump
    Super Brass
    DISK 10 Acoustic Piano 2
    DISK 11 Marim Pipes
    Wonder Chiff
    Pan Synths
    DISK 12 Layer Synths
    Chiff Mixx
    DISK 13 Grunge Guitar
    Saw Buzz 1
    Digi Sound 1
    DISK 14 Marim Voxx
    Night Vibes
    Poly Bass

    Phone Demo Code 672

    D-70 Collection 2
    DISK 1 Poly Stacks
    Reson Pluck
    DynaSyn Bass
    Synth Clave
    DISK 2 Thinking Pad
    Syn Plucks
    DynaSynths 2
    DynaSynths 3
    Pan Bass
    DISK 3 Pulssars
    Saww Pulse
    Synth Saw 2
    Synth EP
    DISK 4 Synth Vox 2
    Fantasy Bell
    Bells Sine
    Simple Vibe
    DISK 5 Marim Pads
    Poly P Bass
    Fretless Bass
    Slap Bass 3
    Slap Bass 4
    DISK 6 Ensemble Strings
    Actsc Guitar
    Elec Guitar 2
    Elec Organ 3
    Elec Organ 4
    Saww Buzz 2
    Simple Square
    DISK 7 DynaStabs
    Poly Pads
    DISK 8 Voxx Mixx
    Wonder Pads
    Acstc Bass
    DISK 9 Acoustic Piano 3
    Trombone 2
    Trump Combo
    D Sax 2
    D Sax 3
    DISK 10 Synth Strings 2
    Hydro Keys
    Buzz Bass
    DISK 11 Light Pads
    Rotary Organ
    Dist Bass
    DISK 12 Asiatic Pads
    Saww Pads
    DISK 13 Covers
    Brush Synth
    DigiSound 2
    DISK 14 Vibe Softs
    Nature Chiff

    Phone Demo Code 673

    D-50 Collection 1
    DISK 1 Poly S Keys
    Dyna Pans
    Syn LowBass
    P SynBass
    DISK 2 Brush Chiffs
    Shaku Flute
    PanaDance Bs
    DISK 3 Panabrights
    Pulse Leads
    Stabber Bass
    ResoDance Bs
    D Log Bass
    DISK 4 Bells Heaven
    Pleni Plucks
    DISK 5 Matrix Pans
    Marim Synths
    Mute S Bass
    DISK 6 Keyy Brights
    Simple Marim
    E Syn Bass
    Guitar Bass
    Hard Bass
    DISK 7 Super Calliope
    DISK 8 Pluck Aahs
    Multi Horns
    DISK 9 Synth Strings
    Oca Pipes
    Low Organ
    DISK 10 Brash Synths
    Mallet Bass
    DISK 11 Dynamic Synths
    Synthy EPs
    DISK 12 Bell Aahs
    P Sweepers
    DISK 13 Padd Softs
    Bell Synths
    DISK 14 Breath Chiffs
    Water Chiffs
    Ana SynBass

    Phone Demo Code 670

    D-50 Collection 2
    DISK 1 Dyno Synths
    A SynBass
    Synth Bass
    Low DanceBass
    Dbl Pick Bass
    DISK 2 Hydra Saws
    Poly Keys
    Hydro Plucks
    DISK 3 Poly Dances
    Pluck Picks
    DISK 4 Ultimate Synth
    Block Plucks
    Punch Bass
    DISK 5 Layer Synths
    Simple Vibes
    Strat Bass
    Mute Bass
    DISK 6 Stab Synths
    Square Pulse
    Ana ResoBass
    DISK 7 Fantasy Bells
    DISK 8 Gritty Brass
    Simple Harp
    Simple Rhodes
    High Organ
    DISK 9 Padd Synths
    Syn G Bass
    Syn Q Bass
    DISK 10 Bell Softs
    L Syn Bass
    F Punch Bass
    Raw S Bass
    DISK 11 Arp Strings
    D Saw Bass
    Plinck Bass
    Dual Bass
    DISK 12 Perc Pads
    Glass Piano
    Simple Clav
    DISK 13 Choral Light
    Asia Percs
    Syn S Bass
    Raw S Bass
    DISK 14 Far Flutes
    Sine Harp
    Orch Hits

    Phone Demo Code 671

    01/W Collection 1
    DISK 1 Super Dance
    Hyper Poly
    Analog Reso
    Simple Saw
    Poly Square
    Organ Perc 1
    DISK 2 Wonder Voice
    Power Pad
    Wave Pulse
    Syn Bass 1
    DISK 3 Poly Piano
    Piano EP
    B Organ 2
    Elec Bass 3
    DISK 4 Hydra PWM
    Bass Slap 1
    Syn MeltBass
    01 SynBass
    DISK 5 Super Lub
    Super Trump
    Elec Guitar
    DISK 6 Spectrals
    Super Kalim
    Guitar 1
    SynBass 3
    DISK 7 Super Aahs
    Ghost Keys
    Elec Bass 1
    DISK 8 Super EP 1
    Panner Flute
    Pick Guitar
    DISK 9 Pad Voxx
    Super EP 2
    DISK 10 Super Mutes
    Poly EP
    Bottle Flute
    DISK 11 Ensemble Strings
    T Sax
    S Sax
    MultiBrass 1
    DISK 12 Harpsiwave
    Super Clav
    Super Sine
    Super Zap 1
    DISK 13 Panabola
    Microtaps 1
    Poly Kalim
    Super Block
    Hydra Bass
    01 Poly Bass
    Super Dnc Bass
    Super Syn Tom
    DISK 14 Alia Waves
    Flute Effects
    Hyper Trons
    Hyper Toots
    Super Syn Clav

    Phone Demo Code 660

    01/W Collection 2
    DISK 1 Super Log
    Simple Analog
    Ether Hits
    Pan Choir
    DISK 2 Super Strings
    Super Marim
    Organ Perc 2
    Invert Bass
    Block Claves
    DISK 3 Panabright
    Perc Synth
    Moog Bass
    DISK 4 Piano EP 2
    A Sax
    Waah Guitar
    Supertech Bass
    DISK 5 Simple PWM
    Bright EPs
    Soft Voice
    Bells Light
    DISK 6 Helio Synth
    Simple Saw
    Chorel Keys
    Super Orch Hit
    Quadra Zap 3
    DISK 7 Super Yo
    Guitar Light
    Pulse Bass
    Poly Bass
    SynBass 2
    DISK 8 Soft Choral
    Simple EP
    Pizz Strings
    MultiBrass 2
    DISK 9 Grungy Keys
    Digi Organ 1
    DISK 10 Super Poly
    Simme Pulse
    DISK 11 Grunge Lead
    Magic Organ
    Super Zap 2
    DISK 12 B Organ 1
    Brush Organ
    Micro Taps 2
    Elec Bass 2
    Bass Slap 2
    Super Tech Bass
    Tom Bass
    Dist Guitar
    DIST 13 Stab Analog
    DigiKeys 1
    Pulse Wave 25
    DISK 14 Hyper Clicks
    Hyper Lore
    Electric Hit

    Phone Demo Code 661

    M1 Collection 1
    DISK 1 Panapoly
    Pro Hydra
    Super Picks
    DISK 2 Ana Trilog
    Wire Keys
    Super Kalim
    Poly Bass 1
    DISK 3 Super Piano
    Paseo Syn
    Glass Mallet
    Poly Bass 2
    DISK 4 Fast Plucks
    Karim Trems
    Bright Synth
    Super Clav
    Pulsebass 2
    Digi Bass 1
    Digi Bass 2
    DISK 5 Pop Brush
    Pulsebass 1
    DISK 6 P Brights
    Pad Synth
    Organ Wave 2
    DISK 7 Pop Voice
    Bottle Blow
    Simple Bell
    Simple Vibe
    Ac Bass 1
    DISK 8 Panaflute
    EP 1
    Wave Pulse
    Ac Guitar 1
    El Guitar 1 Syn Bass 1
    DISK 9 EP 2
    Acoustic String
    Digital Keys
    F Bass
    DISK 10 Hydra Mallet
    Simple Saw
    M1 Pops
    Doo Voice
    M1 Brass 1
    M1 T Sax
    M1 Trumpet
    Mute Trump
    DISK 11 MalleClicks
    Digi EP 1
    Digi EP 3
    Digi Key 2
    Super Square
    Pulse 25
    Pana Bass 1
    DISK 12 Marim Voices
    M1 DigiVibe
    Digi Tri
    DISK 13 Voco Voxx
    Light Choir
    DISK 14 Trem Percs
    Simple Block

    Phone Demo Code 664

    M1 Collection 2
    DISK 1 Panabright S
    Digital Wire
    Synth Piano
    Synth Mallet
    DISK 2 Ultimate Syn
    Super Piano 2
    Ac Guitar 2
    Syn Bass 2
    DISK 3 Panabells
    Kalim Vocal
    Pong Pluck
    P Bass
    E Bass
    DISK 4 VocoMallet
    Pop Lights
    MV Softs
    Digi Key 3
    Digi Key 4
    Digi EP 2
    DISK 5 Super Waves
    Hydra Wires
    M1 Digi Piano
    Wires Synth
    M1 Digi Bell
    Digi Organ 1
    DISK 6 M1 Choir
    Ultra Poly
    Panapoly Saw
    M1 Flugel
    M1 Reed
    Under Keys
    DISK 7 MalleChoir
    M1 Brass 2
    Digi Organ 2
    M1 DigiBass 1
    M1 DigiBass 2
    DISK 8 Pulsators
    Phase Waves
    Pick Analog
    DISK 9 MalleSynth
    Simple Karim
    Karima Bell
    DISK 10 KarimStrings
    M1 Flute
    Super Saw
    Pulse 10
    DISK 11 Vocalflex
    Organ Wave 1
    Chorused Pulse
    Round Basses
    DISK 12 Phaser Poly
    Spectral Bottle
    DISK 13 Spectral Mallet
    Synth Basses
    Multi Doos
    DISK 14 Magical Organ
    Super Clicks
    Digi Key 1

    Phone Demo Code 665

    Vintage Keys Analog Dance 1 & Analog Dance 2
    DISK 1 OB Poly DISK 1 DynaWaves
    Poly Plucks Poly Brights
    Chiff Aahs Pluck Aahs
    Fast Saws Square Bass
    Pan Bass F Moog Bass
    DISK 2 BrilliWires DISK 2 Poly Squares
    Filter Keys Resonant Waah
    Analog Keys Double Sawws
    Bigg Bass Grand Lead
    DISK 3 Poly Piano DISK 3 DynaStrings
    DigiSawws Rich Obx Saws
    Synth Chiffs VocoBass
    DISK 4 Bigg Lead DISK 4 Brush Synths
    Synth Bass Moog Hollow
    Porta Obx Super Aahs
    DISK 5 BrilliSaw DISK 5 Sawws Mixx
    Dynamic Poly Reverse Saw
    Slow Mutes DynaWaves
    DISK 6 Super Strings DISK 6 CP Piano
    Waverrs Pleni Aahs
    DISK 7 Brush Obx Pulse X Bass
    Waah Pads DISK 7 Sync Bass
    Flute Pipe Strings Mixx
    DISK 8 Growl Bass WurliKeys
    P Moog Bass Obx Mixx
    Sync Lead DISK 8 Fast Aahs
    Reverse Bass Crunch Syn
    M Lead Moog Pads
    DISK 9 Crystalline Dyna Aahs
    Saww Chiff DISK 9 Rough Poly
    DynaPanners Indian Sawws
    Mini Reverse Filter Obx
    DISK 10 Analog Waah DISK 10 Muted Keys
    Dance Squares Micro Pulse
    Moog Pads Crystal Keys
    DISK 11 Wires Mixx B3 Organ
    Dance Keys DISK 11 Tenor Sax
    Crystal Saww Whispers
    Moog Plucks Dynates
    DISK 12 Rock Guitar DISK 12 Brush Bells
    Analog Mixx Aah Repeats
    Hydra Synth Poly Moogs
    DISK 13 EP Pads DISK 13 Hollows
    Obx Rises Keyys Mixx
    Simple Square Rush Sweeps
    DISK 14 Simple Horns Alternate Tone
    Brush Saww DISK 14 Sequentials
    Spanners Marim Choral
    Piano Bass

    Phone Demo Codes 662 & 663

    JV-80 Super Dance & JV-80 Super Pop
    DISK 1 Hydra Poly DISK 1 Ultimate Pop
    Panapluck Pop Jupiter
    Pop Synth Silo Poly
    Synth Attack Xanapluck
    Asiatron Multi Tabla
    DISK 2 Poly Synth DISK 2 Wonderlight
    Poly SynBass Pop Plucks
    ResoWaves Paleo Leads
    Pop Piano Panaharmony
    Vocal Bright JV Panalead
    DISK 3 Pulse Bass DISK 3 SynJupiter
    Micro Log Padra Light
    Rich Strings Dynasaw
    Hydra Stab Super Electric
    Micro Synth Silo Plucks
    DISK 4 Panabright DISK 4 Synth Plucks
    Reso Synth Super Bright
    Jupiter Poly JV Organtine
    Jupiter Strings Power Kong
    Vocal Bass Power Guitar
    DISK 5 Helio Reso DISK 5 Padra Sync
    Panalog JV SynBright
    Bell Pads Bells Synth
    JV ResoBass Panaleo
    Waterphone Play Organ
    DISK 6 Breath Synth DISK 6 Vocal Symph
    Super Pluck Breath Bottle
    Micro Waves Metal Keys
    Hydro Pad Score Hits
    Aquapulse Xylo Waves
    DISK 7 MegaResoSyn DISK 7 Paleo Lights
    Bells Hit Soft Lights
    CallioLight Heavy Lead
    Rich Pads Light Pluck
    Pluckbass AquaPulse Bs
    DISK 8 Vibra Voice DISK 8 JV Pad Keys
    Jupiter Pad Dynamic Wave
    Reso Poly MultiFlute
    Synth Bright Pop Keys
    DISK 9 Hydrattack Power Hits
    Paleo Keys DISK 9 JV SynBass
    Bright Synth JV Tri Organ
    Panaflute GrandStrings
    SynPulseBass Perc Waves
    DISK 10 Panadance Fanta Bottle
    Super Bass DISK 10 JV TriPulse
    Vocal Perc PanaGrand
    Dance Piano Crazy Chorus
    Alternate Bs Asia Pluck
    DISK 11 Dance Synth Syn LowBass
    Symph Hit DISK 11 Koto Keys
    Panarich Pad Poly Percs
    Vocal Bright Asia Xylo
    Reso Lead EP Dreams
    DISK 12 JV ResoPad Super Kong
    World Synth DISK 12 Glock Bells
    Hydro Keys Helio LogBass
    Voice Piano Star Hits
    Panabass Dance Organ
    DISK 13 Quadra Poly Paleo Bass
    Multi Horns Panaplex
    Marim Wave DISK 13 Perfect Pop
    Brush Bass PWM PulseBs
    DISK 14 Megasound Punchy Lead
    Flutter Night
    DISK 14 Aquapulse
    Saww Hits

    WS AD Pop/Dance
    DISK 1 Pana Chiff
    Synth Waves
    Hydrattic PWM
    Dance Squares
    DISK 2 Synth Hits
    Saww Keys
    Dyna Keys
    Sticky Waves
    DISK 3 Panapads
    Penna Percs
    Glass Flutes
    Emetic Pops
    DISK 4 Synth Piano
    Dance Bass
    Pulse Bass
    DISK 5 Panates
    Peli Toincs
    Perc Strings
    Dance Mixx
    DISK 6 DynaSynths
    Feather Vox
    Super Phase
    DISK 7 Panalites
    Synth Pops
    DISK 8 PanaWaves
    Super PWM
    DISK 9 PWM Mixx
    AnaDance Keys
    Pop Percs
    DISK 10 VelociDance
    Metal Bass
    Pop Phases
    DISK 11 Dance Voces
    Rich Aquatics
    DISK 12 Dance Waves
    Popps Split
    Veloci Keys
    DISK 13 Voxx Mixx
    Phase Metals
    Flying Voxes
    DISK 14 Aqua Synths
    Glassy Pads

    Phone Demo Code 48

    WS EX Super Pop/Dance
    DISK 1 Dyna Chiffs
    Super Plucks
    Anna SynHits
    DISK 2 Synth Pops
    Wires Dances
    DISK 3 Pana Syn Hit
    Pop Voxxes
    Bottle Hits
    DISK 4 Syn String
    Mutes Pads
    Dyna Pulses
    DISK 5 Vox Warblers
    Indian Pulse
    Fifth String
    DISK 6 Wire Lights
    Vox Keys
    Perc Choirs
    DISK 7 AirVoice Syn
    Synth Attack
    DISK 8 Piano Strings
    Hydratic Poly
    AnaSynth Bass
    DISK 9 Marim Plexus
    PWM Mixx
    DynaVox Mixx
    DISK 10 Phase Hits
    Phase Pads
    DISK 11 PWM Hits
    Poly Wire Bs
    MegaSyn Bass
    DISK 12 Phase Dances
    Pop Reverses
    DISK 13 Mutes Pops
    Low Synth Bs
    DISK 14 Wonder Pads
    Pop Airs
    Hydra Layers

    Phone Demo Code 46

    WS EX Pop Collection

    DISK 1 Super Chiffs
    DISK 2 Hydra Synth
    DynaSyn Keys
    Pop Hits
    Pulse Bass
    Hammer Bass
    DISK 3 Pop Keys
    Kalim Bright
    Super Keys
    DISK 4 Pop Piano
    Kalimba Pops
    MetaliPop Bs
    Pop Kalim
    DISK 5 Flute Chiffs
    Pulse Voxx
    Mini Lead
    DISK 6 PanaSyn Hit
    Helio H Bass
    Vox Layers
    DISK 7 Key Pads
    Pop Percs
    Phase Dances
    DISK 8 Kalim Pads
    DISK 9 Pop P Hits
    Quadra Pulse
    DISK 10 Breath Synth
    Metalli Resos
    Hydra Pulses
    Brass Analog
    DISK 11 Vox Piano
    PWM Waves
    DISK 12 Running String
    Simple Harp
    Synth Bass
    DISK 13 Synth Mixx
    Transport Pad
    DISK 14 Pluck Vox
    Quadra String

    Phone Demo Code 47

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