Pro-Rec's Synth Sounds
for the Korg Karma.

Trinity Disk

We also have great new
for the Triton,
for use with your Karma.
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We can email these sounds to you the same day!

Pro-Rec Has Been The #1 Producer Of Synth
Sounds In The World for Over 11 Years!

Compare us to the competition!
We have all-new progams in each bank...
128 per disk, in fact!
Most people don't offer any new programs at all!
We have 128 combinations per disk,
everyone else has 64 each.
Our sounds have been top rated,
and we've been the number one producer
of synth sounds in the world for over 11 years!

Karma Disk Prices:

(Set 1)
PCGs. All fully Karmified except Film 4-D.

...On floppy
or by email.

1 Dance
2 Techno/Synth
3 New Age
4 Film 4-D

$49.90 each, $119 for any 4 disks, $219 for any 7 Karma disks, $299 for all 10 Karma disks

(Set 2)
All fully Karmified.

...On floppy
or by email.

1 Dance 4-D
2 Tech 4-D
3 Film 5-D

(Set 3)
PCGs. (Not Karmified).

...On floppy
or by email.

1 Dance
2 Techno
3 Film 3-D

$99 for all 3 Karma-MOSS disks, $49.90 each.

Karma Super

On floppy
or by email.

Get all 10 Disks for $299!

Triton Sounds!
Check out our
and other
Triton disks
you can use
with your Karma!
Not karmified,
but the sounds
are great!

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...On floppy
or by email.

1 Ultra Pads
2 Poly Synths
Smooth Leads

4 Buzz Fuzz
Chiffs & Bells
EPs & Keys

7 Synth Basses

Synth sFX
Resonance & Phase

10 Dance Essentials
11 Tech Essentials
12 Pads & Panascapes

$119 for all 3, $49.90 each.


$4 First Class Mail in U.S.
$10 Air Mail Internationally
$0 by email


The Karma-Native Series (Set 1)
features Dance, Tech 4-D, and Film 5-D, all fully karmalized and filled with 128 patches, and 128 combinations per disk, bringing out the best of the advanced Karma technology.
These are sounds that could only be made with the advanced
Karma technology, programmed exclusively on and for the Korg Karma. Dance 4-D features original dance and synth
sounds of all types, Tech 4-D has punchy dance and synth sounds using the power of Karma GE's, and Film 5-D features a wild selection of great, room-filling musical film and ambient sounds. These just happen to be some of the coolest sounds we've ever made. Each disk is $49.90, and you can get all 3 disks for just $119, all 7 Karma disks for $219, or get the entire series of 10 disks (including the 3 MOSS banks) for just $299!

The Karma-Original Series. (Set 2)

Four great disks for the Karma!

Dance (Now Fully Karmalized!)
Techno/Synth (Now Fully Karmalized!)
New Age (Now Fully Karmalized!)
Film 4-D
(We will not be Karmifying this bank).

The NEW Karma MOSS Series. (Set 3)

Three great disks for use with the Karma MOSS expander.

Please note that these have been ported from our Triton MOSS sounds,
and will not be fully karmified! Even so, the sounds sound great.

(We will not be Karmifying this bank).
(We will not be Karmifying this bank).
Film 3-D
(We will not be Karmifying this bank).

Triton Sounds for Your Karma!

We have a huge library of Triton Sounds that are
not Karmified, but sound GREAT on your Karma.
Click here for complete information.

Trinity Disk

We can email these files right to you!

We can email these sounds to you!

Some Quick Recent Reviews from Customers:

Many thanks for the New Age sounds they are GREAT and wonderful. I LOVE THEM!!!!!...... just to let you know.
- Jan, Denmark.
Karma Customer

I don't know what I would do if I ever had to testify in a court of law. Me being atheist and all, it would be hard to put my hand on a bible and say "I do." If it were for Pro-Rec's sounds, that's another story. They've shown me the light.

I've had my patches (the "Karma-Original" set) for over 3 months now and I still havent fully explored all the programs yet. I'll get to a sound and just jam with it for hour or so. Great work guys, and thanks again for your technical support after I've order your sounds! Cheers.
Mike, Karma customer.

Dear Pro-Rec... Thank you for the disks for the Karma.
I am very pleased with the sounds and how they have been put together.
Congratulations on the new disks!
Yours in Karma, Lou

Great work Pro-Rec Team!
I've already tried about half the Native series sounds I received today -
I am impressed at how well you guys have exploited the many
wonderful features of the Karma midi / synth engine.
Kudos to you all!

The Karma patches are outstanding. Although I am a 50 year old
contemporary-jazz-kind-of-guy, I like almost all genres, including dance and techno.
Personally, I am glad you are taking the time to produce an excellent product,
instead of rushing and sending us junk. I would suspect that most of your
customers would agree with me. Best Regards, Larry W.

Big kudos for your film and new age programming. Inspiring!
- Bruce, Triton and Karma customer

Thanks for these... it's a top collection!
- Karma Customer

The collections are quite outstanding. Many thanks and best wishes.
- David, Karma Customer

Hey mate, I am soooooo greatful.
I have checked out the sounds I have and they are great, so I can't wait to get the others!
I appreciate this sort or service greatly.
Ashley - Karma Customer

Hi, Thanks for the updated DANCE Karma sounds.
As with the previous updates, these sounds are great and will be a big asset in my studio.
I look forward to receiving the others in the future. Regards, Alan.

I recently purchased your new Karmalized sounds
for the Karma, and I'm very happy with them.
- Karma Customer

Pro Rec has done well with the new Karmalized sets of sounds.
It's good to see a company produce new sounds and inspirational material.
Inspiration is the driving force for any musician and in these sounds there are lots!
- Lou, Karma Customer

Thanks for the updated KARMA sound bank. 90% of recordings in my studio
rely on the KARMA Synth and your sound bank sounds great.
- Alan, Karma Customer

Pro-Rec has come up with some new stuff for the Karma.
The "Dance" and "Tech" combinations are well put together and
are definitely worth a look if u like to create dance or tech tunes from almost
"prodigy-heavy" to pretty dancey trance. These are worth considering in my view.

I would add they are completely different from "Chemistry" which is an
excellent 64 combi set. Pro-Rec does give u the full 128 bank on both disks.
That's always a plus! This set of disks opens even more possibilities for Karma users.
Thanks for putting your heads and creativity around new sounds and combis for the Karma.
Well done! Keep the ideas and new files coming, and inspire us even more!
- Post on Yahoo! Karma Group, by a Karma Customer

I bought all the disks available for the Karma (including MOSS).
Excellent sounds by the way!!!

Thanks, Paul

Just wanted to let you know that my disks arrived this morning...
so quick from your side of the pond... I am so pleased with the sounds...
Kind of like a kid in a candy store... which one to choose!!!!
Keep me posted of anything new, I'll look in from time to time.

Seeya. Karl

These cards are nice - plenty of new timbres to work with and manipulate,
especially the analog sounds. I purchased the Karma banks DANCE,
TECHNO/SYNTH, NEW AGE & FILM 4-D. The sounds are all great!

- Customer from Berlin

I just got the last one of the set this morning.
Thanks a lot, these sounds are great!


Hopefully the remainder are as good as that Film set :)
Good for the occasional sci-fi soundtrack-style song, the pads and
atmos-style sounds are mostly amazing. I must have played half an
hour with "Evolution" alone ! "Music Boxers" and "Cracklers" are just
2 of my other favorites from the set I have currently loaded.

- A Karma MOSS customer, ordering the rest of the set.

"Greetings Pro-Rec! First I would like to say that I am very happy with
the sounds, all 4 disks sound great...nice job!" -- Karma Customer

"The sounds are fantastic!...excellent product. Thanks again." - Paul.
-- Karma Customer

Check out Korg's quotable on our Karma sounds,
coming from Korg management, itself...:

"Play and enjoy the sounds - they're really quite good!!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

Korg management's comments on Pro-Rec:
"Pro-Rec is a fine and reputable company who has been providing valuable sound
support for Korg products for ten years now. There aren't many third party companies
left anymore making new sounds to enhance your use of your instruments -
they provide a good and valuable service to all of us!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

Click here to download the DEMO for our Karma-Native library!
(2+ Combis, 7+ patches, 1 Drum Kit from each bank!)
Bank C Demo
Bank D Demo
Tell us what you think of this demo! Email us at sales@pro-rec.com

Click here to download the DEMO for our Original-Series Karma library!
Several sounds from each of our Karma banks!
Bank C Demo
Tell us what you think of this demo! Email us at sales@pro-rec.com

Click here to download the DEMO for the Karma MOSS sounds!

Just click on the demo link above to download the demo file,
format a disk on your Karma, and copy the demo
file onto the disk, and load! Great stuff!

Karma MOSS Banks load from bank F.

Our Karma-Native Library.

Trinity Disk

DANCE 4-D (Fully Karmalized!)

Dance 4-D features wild, unique, dynamic and very, very
cool dance hits, leads, pads, basses, drums and much more...
Using Karma GE's to the max to create amazing, completely original
sounds you can ONLY find on the Karma, check these out.
A HUGE idea factory for your dance, techno & film compositions!

Patch Names:


00 Space Quarrelers 32 Synaptics 64 BangoBass 96 Planespheres
01 Panimater XG 33 Indian Lights 65 Zawinul 97 Squiggletron
02 Synth Slider 34 Jelly Bass XG 66 Asia Probes 98 Vocularis XY
03 Quadrasis 35 Pan Throughput 67 Syn BoJangglers 99 Percussionates
04 TechTakeoutXG 36 PWM Big Stabber 68 Pan Leadatron 100 Electronnica
05 TechnoTextures 37 Revemator XG 69 Dance 4D Kit 101 Pleni Sum Bass
06 SynthPolyStabr 38 Wick Wickers 70 Pad Oceanics 102 Replicoids
07 Space Bass 39 Sum Protector 71 Plug Runner 103 Hyperbole XG
08 Astral Zone 40 Chordal Swaths 72 Pan Wavoids 104 Pulse Panographs
09 Motionater X 41 Sync Leader 73 Panzine Thrust 105 Altra Moder
10 Matrix Zones 42 Mega Syn Bass 74 Punch Tronnix 106 Vox Ocularis
11 Squiggle Master 43 Night Rider 75 Polestar XQ 107 Pantomatics
12 Big Stabbers 44 Attackulus 76 Vortex SFXG 108 Hollow Scapers
13 Super Motion 45 Bass Elements 77 Pro Pulsar XG 109 Electro Static
14 Motivator XG 46 Reso Sonomas 78 Revelater Lead 110 Swirl Ocularis
15 Panose Stickies 47 Panamatrix 79 Xylo Spectrosis 111 Dr. Choppy
16 Sphericals 48 Tonnicals XY 80 Boogie Bass 112 Plasma Waves
17 Voscillator 49 Flip n Blip X 81 SynRover 113 Helium Halon
18 Dance Zones 50 Pole Tronnix 82 Lead Runners 114 Symph Showers
19 Pantiflates 51 Tonal Control 83 Wild Symphonic 115 Bone Cyphers
20 Plenetia Bass 52 SynBass Res 84 Warm Supernovas 116 Pod Panners
21 Bipolar Synth 53 Pulse Puncher 85 Vocoscillator 117 Hyperspace
22 Harmonium XG 54 Techno Paddler 86 Bass Runner 118 Pole Traveller
23 Karmic X 55 Spongematics 87 Moon Rovers 119 Syn Cutter X
24 Fantasm XY 56 Whisper Nights 88 Indian Risers 120 Doo Plenetia
25 Plug Oculars 57 Elementasis 89 Attack Lines 121 Big Stab Source
26 Numeric MXG 58 Pannattack Bass 90 Pleggra Bass 122 Swish Swasher
27 Syn Wavoids 59 Sticky Bass 91 Wave Reliefs 123 Swisherz Y
28 Vortical Risers 60 Plugger Pun XY 92 Spago Lights 124 Stellar Rays
29 Planet Pop 61 Big Syn Bass 93 Tubulars XG 125 Outta Control
30 New Age Nights 62 Panamatic XG 94 Mallorama 126 Digital Pleggra
31 Fantasiamatic 63 Revemator XY 95 Source Attack 127 Pan Holiosis


00 Panamatrixx 32 Bass Runner 64 Dance Complex 96 Pyramid Master
01 Disco Patterners 33 Velocity Zone 65 Polar Crosshairs 97 Holionic X Ray
02 Your Digitals 34 Flyaway Zoners 66 Digital Raygun 98 Velocity Zone
03 Zigger Ziggaro 35 Plasmattics 67 Astral Attack 99 Pulse Presser
04 Techno Leader 36 Jelly Drums 68 Pantera Phobia X 100 Elementasis NQ
05 Dig Generation 37 Tech Polars 69 Hydrates X 101 Broken Bow XG
06 DJ Hits 38 Karmalazers 70 Electro Modules 102 Paleontasis X
07 Pole Trackers 39 Flesh Fantasy 71 Flute Travellers 103 Punch The Bass
08 DJ Attacker 40 Digi Portals 72 Dance Elementals 104 Tantric Moments
09 Legend of Panos 41 Technical Wavers 73 Home Stretch 105 Magical Combo
10 Dance Opera 42 Pantiflers One 74 Polar X Waves 106 Pendar Attack
11 Program X Liners 43 Polar Attacks 75 Alien Bongos 107 Unification
12 Cosmic Runner 44 Syn Elementals 76 Confuzor FX 108 Panoramic Waves
13 Tabula Rasa 45 Vector Waveform 77 Panamatrix 109 Matrix Runners
14 Planet Gunners 46 Storm Walker 78 Technotronic X 110 Basic Synths
15 Pantronnixx 47 Big Boomers 79 Cosmic Sunshine 111 XG Elementals
16 Boogie Nights 48 Bono Porters 80 Simpler Funks 112 Glacial Shaper
17 FunkTrack XG 49 Digital Runners 81 Pillow Ponger 113 Let It Run
18 Bumpin' Out 50 Pleggra Combos 82 Techno Timbre 114 Space Case
19 Digital X Set 51 Heli Wavules 83 Fantasy Nights 115 Jelly Trancers
20 The Wriggler 52 Nameless Robie 84 Pantastic XG 116 Elemental Funk
21 Inner Waveform 53 Resomatics XG 85 Indian Zones 117 Machiner XKG
22 Digital Runners 54 Reso Attackulus 86 Elemental Space 118 Engender Nights
23 Tubular Zone 55 Planet Droppers 87 Fantastic Ride 119 Syn Phunkers
24 Equinox Rays 56 XG Looper 88 Digital Hypnosis 120 Retro X Scape
25 Laser Rifler XG 57 Jangler Beats 89 Dance Splitter 121 Hyperspace XG
26 Dirk Digglers 58 Wave Traveller 90 Techno Savvy 122 XRay Runners
27 Tech Panates 59 VX Vibrations 91 Night Whirlers 123 Fast Time XG
28 Reverse Hydrasis 60 Digital Runner 92 Digi Crosslines 124 Triple X Drums
29 Digital Dozers 61 Deep Mentality 93 Pole Negaters 125 Moonrovia XR
30 Syn Mooners 62 Terminator Wave 94 Bass Runner X 126 Planet Planers
31 Miami Vice Ray 63 Soft Tricklers 95 Winter Hopefuls 127 Night Vision XY

128 All-New Programs, 128 Combinations & 1 Drum Kit!
All fully GE'ed and Karmalized.

Trinity Disk

Tech 4-D (New!) (Fully Karmalized!)

Tech 4-D features cutting and edgy synth hits, leads, stabs, motion-synths, fat
basses, and tons of superb dance, techno, R&B and synth sounds and more.
The power of the Karma's GE's give you incredibly original, textured dance and synth
sounds of all types, dynamic, modern sounds you can't find on any other synth.

Patch Names:


00 Night XG Attack 32 Bang Bongers XG 64 Throb Bass 96 Psych Crackers
01 Pulsar Drone XQ 33 FlexiBug Bass 65 Mr. Wiggles 97 Degradators PQ
02 Panterics Bass 34 Jungle Tribals 66 Tantric Ventures 98 XY Trillians
03 Teletub Zones 35 Tron Buggers 67 Asiatic Tomes 99 X Crosstone
04 Technicals XRG 36 Zipper Sliders 68 India Pulse XR 100 Digital Pongers
05 Syn Tronnixx 37 Fragilators SQ 69 Tech 4-D Kit 101 Sponge Trackers
06 Flexagimator ZG 38 Sticky Pulse 70 Syn Pantanes 102 Tonal Stalk XG
07 Synchro Oasis 39 Stabber Lead RG 71 Wavering Woggies 103 Tonal Oculator
08 Fire Starter XY 40 DigiPanes Bass 72 DigiZone Cutter 104 Pantiflates Pad
09 Star Zipper XG 41 The Menacer XY 73 Techno Phezz 105 Asia Cyphers
10 Pole Electrons 42 Random Stabs FX 74 Cluster Attacks 106 Paddle Rays
11 Edge X Cutters 43 Tonglers XP 75 Digglar Drone XN 107 Swig Swaggers
12 Pod Pulsar XG 44 Punch Sweep Bs 76 Pulsar X Zone 108 Dig Panglers
13 Saw Sync XP 45 Pan Plug Bass 77 Wire Pulse XG 109 Panamatic Stabs
14 Technical Pulsar 46 Bionic Vision 78 Poly Pressmatic 110 Squiggler Bass
15 Pantel Attackers 47 Cannot Compute 79 Strong Arm XY 111 Swisher QX
16 Wicky Wack XKG 48 Tonal Pulse X 80 Spectral Itoh XR 112 Digi Tremulates
17 Pantasms XMG 49 Vorticular Array 81 Donger Bass 113 Pon Posis XY
18 Poly Plasms XG 50 Toonami XRG 82 EP Prognosis 114 Space Techies XY
19 FX Crashers 51 VocoLead XG 83 Breathless Zone 115 Cosmos X Zone
20 Cutter Scolisis 52 Log Syn Pad 84 Big Throater QX 116 Plug X Scope
21 Velocity X Factor 53 Plenimater X 85 Helical Zones 117 Crater Haven X
22 Flexi Tonals 54 Phaze Enzyme 86 Techno Tonal 118 Wave Factor X
23 Wave Sequencer X 55 Elec Modular 87 Plasmic Sweepers 119 Industria XG
24 Bass War Runners 56 Plug Swasher Bs 88 Dance X Driver 120 FX Sprinklites
25 Space Runners 57 Percolatromatic 89 Phase Slippers X 121 Tonex Generator
26 Koto Transporter 58 UltraPan X Bass 90 Bang Banglers 122 Digital Y Zone
27 Dongler Bass 59 Beller X Bass 91 Spherical Radius 123 Bendatron X Bs
28 XP Ponglers 60 Wondrous Element 92 Symphs Stabber 124 Polestar X
29 Poly Tonater 61 Pole Continuator 93 Throaty Beast 125 Triple Rampers
30 Centrillians 62 Monitor XRG 94 Digital Swiper 126 Qbert Attacks
31 Silicon Runner 63 Cutter X Sonar 95 Throaty Dark Bs 127 Space Huggerz


00 Generational Tech 32 Bigg Buzzer 64 Posis Travellers 96 Indian Runners
01 Cyphermatic XRH 33 XG Progressor 65 Pantel Pomades 97 Centiphlates XY
02 East X Postulate 34 Pan X Filers 66 OXR Wavicles 98 Panimatic Overt
03 Pan Platters 35 Plug The Oracle 67 Mystery X Zone 99 HoverCraft Homes
04 Panadrome Zone 36 Bongo Matrixx 68 Pantel X Panes 100 Elemental Bass
05 Dark Chambers 37 Xmen War Zone 69 Maniacal Waves 101 Positive Vibers
06 XY Genetics XR 38 XRG Narcosis X 70 Lateral Trancer 102 Big XR Thumper
07 XRG BlipMachine 39 Domaniacs XRG 71 Resonance Remix 103 Vector Waveform
08 Port Plugger 40 Pulsar Chromatic 72 Hydrous Fragments 104 Poly Q Matrixx
09 Motion Detectors 41 Pole Position X 73 Explorer X Zone 105 Big Jangglers XY
10 SCX Scratchers 42 Q Zone Continuum 74 Plantation XRG 106 Sinister Bomb XG
11 X Box Dramatics 43 Pole Moleculars 75 XY Metallics 107 Pan Tables XR
12 Easy Hydrasis 44 Cold X Charters 76 Experimental XR 108 Euro Dance Array
13 Electro Oasis 45 Phase Throbbers 77 Flexible Score 109 SynBass Runner
14 Tribal Antics 46 Bass Runners 78 Space Spectacles 110 Pana Dreamers
15 Phase Toggles 47 Swigg Swaggler 79 Guitar Jam XR 111 Dominator X Pole
16 Panama Jack 48 Astral O Rings 80 Mellow Attackers 112 Left Right Mix
17 Originators XQR 49 Koto Electrons 81 Pole X Phasers 113 SynWave Hoppers
18 Progress Report X 50 Helical Output 82 Spoon Spinners 114 Complex Voculars
19 Depeche Modors 51 Don't Destroy Me 83 Magic Movers 115 Helical Insight
20 Multiple Toners 52 Electron Bass XQ 84 Intergeneration 116 Mystery X Techs
21 Hypno Rayguard 53 QRX Scratcher 85 Mallet Stasis 117 Poly JamBoat
22 Panteam Attack 54 Reso X Jammers 86 Pantammer Array 118 Alien Landing XG
23 Pana Enabler XP 55 Sweeper Modular 87 Metallionix Q 119 OXR Wavicles
24 Helical X Dose 56 Pulsar X Scan 88 Miniature Swirls 120 Spec Radiations
25 Digital LifeZone 57 Dynamic Travels 89 Panterics X Pods 121 Axis Hyperspace
26 Unimatrix Seven 58 Ping X Pongers 90 Wavicle Formers 122 Panorama FXS
27 Digital Plexxus 59 Mega Runners 91 DJ Motioners XY 123 Plasmic Particle
28 Pole Stopper 60 Zap Zippers XRG 92 Phenomenon XRG 124 Panner Pulsates
29 Open Wavules 61 Panner Tentacle 93 PercussiTrance 125 Fantasy Pans RS
30 Molecular X 62 Panoramic X Ray 94 Centrillians XYG 126 Smooth Criminals
31 Digi Pressmatic 63 Ramblin Jack 95 Sonomic Pons EX 127 Fantamagora XZ

128 All-New Programs, 128 Combinations & 1 Drum Kit!
All fully GE'ed and Karmalized.

Trinity Disk

Film 5-D (New!) (Fully Karmalized!)

Film 5-D features new age and musical film textures, swirls,
developing, sweeping, panoramic, room-filling sounds that change over time,
pan from effect to effect and create incredible musical new age and filmscapes.
Prepare to be hypnotized with five-dimensional
sound, and the power of the Karma GE!

Our Karma Native Series features sounds so
amazing you can ONLY find them on the Karma.

Patch Names:


00 Ancient Polydome 32 Wet Water Pads 64 Ooh XRS Panates 96 Core Hydrasis XS
01 Pluperfect Zones 33 TalkToTheMoNster 65 Voxx Portals 97 Aqua Levels RS
02 Moon Doggie XRS 34 Voxx Oculars XZ 66 Operatic Regimes 98 Jungle Panates
03 New Age Swirls 35 Aqua Levels RS 67 Creepy Tombs 99 X Zone Cracklers
04 Pan Windscapes 36 Pad Risers RS 68 Choralius XRS 100 Voxx Plexxus
05 Jungle Callers 37 Entropia Pads 69 Panic Zones 101 Polar XY Zones
06 Air Wavicles XR 38 Serator X Zones 70 Vox Dreamscapes 102 Computer Attack
07 Phantom Agent 39 XRG Transporters 71 Vox Wanderers 103 Miracle Waves
08 Intimate Venture 40 Aah XS Chambers 72 Dream Thematics 104 HollowScapes
09 Aqua Phenomenon 41 Glacier Chasms 73 Water Controllers 105 Space Dustings
10 Fantastic Motion 42 Haunted Gardens 74 Phaseon Lighters 106 Vocal Cross War
11 Equinox Eternals 43 Mellow MuteBass 75 New Age 107 GE Glimmers XRS
12 Timbala Junglers 44 Speed Racer XRG 76 Astral Icicles 108 Hyperscape FRS
13 XP Paintbrush 45 Itoh Hoppers XR 77 Nine Oscillators 109 Ice of Darkness
14 Vortex Interface 46 Space Tentacles 78 Poly Panaters 110 Bell Palatials
15 Pad Panascapes 47 XRG Rewinds 79 Air Plenetia XRS 111 Empty Chasms
16 Wondrous Pad RS 48 XP Slip Slide 80 Pantral Pads XS 112 XE SlipDrives
17 Voice Chambers 49 New Ages XRS 81 Waterfall Pads 113 ComputationalsXR
18 Plasmic Reaction 50 Whisper Zones 82 Voxular Landings 114 Karmic SpaceZone
19 TX Twinklers 51 Lone Spectrals 83 Me Breathless 115 Cosmic Travels
20 Transcend X 52 Bubble Phone X 84 DigiDose LowBs 116 Space Waveforms
21 Wander Neutrinos 53 Softest Nights 85 Space Explorers 117 Don't Go In There
22 Lunar Landings 54 Ice Motioners 86 Cosmos Flutter 118 Pan Nos Vortex
23 New Age Tentacle 55 Wavicle Module 87 Plasmic Sweepers 119 Whisper Zones
24 Night Portal XS 56 Zone Tentacles 88 Central Panates 120 Wix Whiskers
25 Vorticle Wonders 57 XRZ Porticles 89 CosmicWindChimes 121 Crash Generator
26 Saturnic O Rings 58 Sinister Jangler 90 Vast Expanse RG 122 Space Capsules
27 Plum SynBass 59 Space Hydrasis 91 Spherical Radius 123 XR Tremors XRS
28 Resonant Padders 60 XRG Swigglates 92 Digital Drones 124 X Vox Knockers
29 Lava Formations 61 Lost Equationer 93 Space Commune 125 Borg Metallics
30 Fantastic Haven 62 Square RockBass 94 Compu Plexus 126 Panicle Pinnacle
31 World Swirls 63 Plenetia X Zone 95 Sonic Swirlers 127 X Face Wavicles


00 Planet Sunspots 32 Cypher Attacks 64 Phazer Zones 96 XY Moleculars
01 Winter Wonders 33 Indian Pleggra 65 Aural Transports 97 Slow Haunters
02 XRZ Chambers 34 Aurora Centralis 66 PluPerfect Zones 98 Porticle Waves
03 Dark SpaceFlutes 35 Night Strings 67 Snake Chamber 99 Symphonic Spores
04 Planet O Rings 36 Tribal Oohs XRS 68 Solar WindChimer 100 Elementals Pads
05 Mysphenom Nights 37 Planetary Fibers 69 Hard Water Zone 101 Massive Missives
06 GRX Helgramites 38 Vortical Entry 70 Morning's Dawn 102 Night Emphasis
07 Planet Palatial 39 Mystical X Factor 71 Polar Attraction 103 Flute Swirlers
08 Domain XRS 40 Chasm Symphonics 72 Space XS Racers 104 Planetary Ebbs
09 Ghost Runners 41 Soul Lighters 73 Ice Ventricles X 105 Bang Bongglers
10 Hollow Formation 42 Space Spectral 74 Central Bubblers 106 Pontane Attaxx
11 Polar Tappers 43 Fanticle Zones 75 Talk Amongst Us! 107 Mental Constructs
12 Cosmic Hideout 44 Lonely Wavicle 76 Space Symphonies 108 XRS Swashates
13 Cyborg Central 45 Virtual Journey 77 The Hollowers XR 109 Desert Mirages X
14 Midnight Echoes 46 Pan Orbitals 78 Mix Swishers 110 Equinox Haleons
15 Transporter XRS 47 Cosmic Mummies 79 Astral Orbiters 111 Space Creatures
16 Weather Storms 48 Alienator THX 80 Portical Station 112 Phantasms XRS
17 Metaphasic Plan 49 Polar Trail XRS 81 Motion Detectors 113 Haunted XRS Hole
18 Karmic Oasis 50 Simple Pleasures 82 Mystery Creapers 114 Tantric Tentacles
19 Zone Planes XS 51 Washing Ashore 83 Hollow Poles 115 Pantel Whispers
20 Peace Pipe 52 Timbral Hideaway 84 Mysterious Jungle 116 Stone Cold WXS
21 Panoramic Waves 53 Digital Surrounds 85 Central Core 117 Sea Sickness RS
22 Planet Hydrates 54 Disciples on Air 86 Island Magnates 118 Ventricle Array
23 Motion Arts 55 WriteAtmospherix 87 Central X Space 119 Pi Equatrix XS
24 Space Lava Flow 56 Indian Planners 88 M Based Aquatics 120 Tentacle Zones
25 Slow Glisteners 57 Washing Ashore 89 Escape Now 121 Hyperspace XG
26 Empty Bottlers 58 Spirits' Essence 90 Cosmic Mummies 122 Water Droplets
27 Ice Pole Desires 59 Central Deposit 91 Under Creatures 123 Alien Syndrome
28 Tomb Entrances 60 Shift Techtonics 92 Digi Crosslines 124 Portal Winters
29 BewareTheChamber 61 Bone Chillers RS 93 Sinister Zone XR 125 Darkest Chambers
30 Water Droplets 62 Saturn Trines 94 Landing Static 126 Freedy's Coming!
31 Bat Belfries XR 63 Compu Sliders 95 Winter Hopefuls 127 Atmospheres XRS


128 All-New Programs & 128 Combinations
All fully GE'ed and Karmalized.


Our Karma-Original Library.

Trinity Disk

DANCE (Now Fully Karmalized!)

Dance features a tons of GREAT punchy synth hits, leads,
pads, basses and percussive sounds of all types - edgy synths,
fat punchy basses, the best that the Karma has to offer.
Analog leads, digital hits, sweeping pads, fat basses.
Top level, current dance and synth sounds!

Patch Names:


00 Fatty Stab Bass 32 Simple Oohs 64 FM Ep 2 96 ShamiBass
01 Panate Keys 33 Smooth StrPads 65 Synchro Leads 97 Pad Backgrounds
02 Metallic PWM 34 MallePads 66 D50 Chiffers 98 Megaton Bass
03 Phantasy Lead 35 Pan Comings 67 Dist Pwr Guitar 99 BrilliaSynths
04 Compuplixx 36 PWM Leader 68 Singular Pads 100 Strings XG Lead
05 WarmSlipperyLd 37 Plugger Pun 69 Dance Drums 101 Slow Chorals
06 DontMessWiMe 38 Log Vocalese 70 Smooth Ld Bs 102 Reversal Pads
07 Pantel Pads 39 Choral Softs 71 Midrangers XY 103 Vocal Strings
08 Digi Soft Keys 40 Dance Piano 72 Lead Me On 104 Sync Mallets
09 Fragmenters 41 Destuny Q 73 Resonance Fun 105 Banji Bass
10 Meli Syn Bass 42 Vox Keyyers 74 Simple Soft EP 106 Destiny Jelly
11 Plenatones 43 Jangglers 75 Phasync Lead 107 Basic Instinct
12 Tonka Pads 44 VibraBells 76 Fatty Bass 108 Ripperzz
13 Syn Pop Bass 45 Rich Underbass 77 PWM Bass 109 Clean Strat Bass
14 Pantafora 46 Rezzonance 78 Block Ooh 110 Dyno Softs
15 Simple MP3 47 Palatextures 79 Mission Imposs 111 Wire Bank Bass
16 Grand Golithan 48 70's Sticky Bass 80 Muted Keyers 112 PWM Porter
17 Brilliance D50 49 Helion Bass 81 Faraway Strings 113 Voice Bugger
18 70's Plug Bass 50 Tougher Bass 82 Paleontasis 114 Technasis
19 Rubbery Bass 51 Aah Fountains 83 Key Pluggers 115 Serene Strings
20 MusseChoir 52 Electric Org 84 Wonder Bass 116 Pulsator X Bass
21 BrilliStrings 53 Pender Pluck 85 Mute SlapBs 117 Plenitones
22 Prognosis 54 Power Sync Bass 86 Simple EP 118 SFX Coming
23 Helions 55 Pulser Punch 87 Rich SynKeys 119 Dramattics
24 Jupiter Strings 56 Metallics GS 88 Soft Memory 120 Vocal Eraser
25 Bigg Sawws 57 Xyla Pads 89 House Hit 121 Auh Aurals
26 Technologix 58 Mad Drummerz 90 Mandi Bass 122 Panner Keys
27 Dyno Pad Keys 59 Evolution X 91 SyncPulse Bs 123 Percasaurus X
28 Ghostly Bass 60 Sticky Bass 92 Padder Keys 124 Crazy Computer
29 Backstreet Bass 61 Panate Stickers 93 OrchestraDrumz 125 Crackerzz
30 Slippery Bass 62 Bandzz Leads 94 Wonder Synths 126 MMG FullKeys
31 Syn Bass Low 63 Rock Outs 95 Fattest Bass 127 Oscillatorz X


00 DanceMatic 32 Resonifiers 64 Megaton Stabs 96 Plugger PGs
01 Spec Q's 33 Fannattics 65 Dyno Simplites 97 Key Fantasies
02 Pender Synths 34 Pleni Buggers 66 Lazy Bass 98 PWM Q's
03 Pantone Mixers 35 Bell Simples 67 Syn Vocals 99 Pan Attaxx
04 Wonder Surfaces 36 Malleo Leads 68 Pad Mellows 100 Phant Janglers
05 PWM Fattys 37 Jo Jangler 69 Vox Dendrites 101 Power Synth
06 MalleSyncs 38 PWM Fantasies 70 Brilli Mix 102 Warm Slips
07 Choral Mallets 39 Pulse Panners 71 Fuzzy PWMs 103 Slippery MMGs
08 Lead Mute Bs 40 Synth Mixers 72 Pulse Attacks 104 Indian Textures
09 Dance Stabbers 41 Tonka Pans 73 Sync Mallets 105 Pan Helions
10 D50 Dancers 42 Lead Pummeler 74 Edgy Faults 106 Panner Oohs
11 90's Mix 43 Electro Syns 75 Malleo Aurals 107 Frag Resos
12 Panner Leaders 44 Shami Pans 76 Ripper Keys 108 Pleni Splits
13 Pendar Keys 45 Dynamic Syns 77 Malle Panate 109 Panta Fours
14 MetalliMix 46 PWM Plugger 78 Pop Ripperz 110 Awesome Synths
15 Mono Brillis 47 Helion Resos 79 Fatties Split 111 Tonk Metals
16 Jupiter Six 48 Synth Mixers 80 Rubbery Dino 112 Power Pulse
17 Shift PWMs 49 Wire Syn Leads 81 Dyn Pantofora 113 Jup Stickers
18 Hard Edges 50 Palanights 82 Keyy Pluggers 114 MetalliChiffs
19 Rubbery Leader 51 BrilliLayers 83 Wire Soloes 115 Saw Edges
20 Stab Out 52 Voco Leaders 84 Hit the Fatty 116 Wire Trons
21 Vox Whispers 53 80's Split 85 PWM Leaders 117 Dyno Smooths
22 Simple Synths 54 Heliosis 86 Plasmattics 118 Sonic Pads
23 Smooth Voices 55 Keys Leader 87 Rubber Pleni 119 Midrangers
24 VocoBass 56 Jing Jangles 88 Vox Washers 120 Stacker Syns
25 Midrange Stabs 57 Paleon Syns 89 Aah Chorals 121 Pan Mallets
26 Dramatic Resos 58 Helio Mallets 90 Simple Metals 122 Malleo Pads
27 PWM Cutter 59 Syn Panners 91 Panner Keys 123 Phase PWMs
28 Phasync Attaxx 60 Shami Pads 92 Lead Brights 124 Power Stabber
29 Digital Dance 61 D-50 Layers 93 MMG Syns 125 Fatty Plugs
30 Plug Trackers 62 MMP Pulse 94 Vox Travels 126 Panat Stab
31 Smooth Dance 63 Padd PWMs 95 Jungle Pads 127 Plug Textures

128 All-New Programs, 128 Combinations & 1 Drum Kit!

Trinity Disk

TECHNO/SYNTH (Now Fully Karmalized!)

Techno/Synth features tons of powerful, bright, fat
techno/ dance stabs, hits, & leads... fat and smooth basses,
punchy techno drums, punchy stabs, motion synths,
& a lot more... and all the sounds you need for
super techno, trance & powerful dance songs.

Patch Names:


00 ThisBankisHere 32 Stabber Bass 64 RetroFits 96 Techniaters
01 Super Revs 33 Techniator 65 Double Bass 97 Chromosome Bs
02 Simple Saw 34 PWM Panner 66 Miami Vices 98 PWM Keys
03 Some to Me! 35 Pulse 33 Bass 67 Plinger Hit 99 SFX Hummerz
04 Eurolights SFX 36 Power Chord Plus 68 Chroma Bass 100 Funklevy Bass
05 Pantasis XY 37 Square Panners 69 TechnoSyn Drums 101 Bell Plug Bass
06 Fluteosis 38 VoCommunicator 70 Bass Metro 102 Plugger Keys 2
07 Syn Tech 39 Beli X Bass 71 Metallic Rez 103 Glass Buggers
08 Vaporizer 40 Plugger Bass 72 Lush StrPads 104 DGWS Sync 2 Bs
09 Bongolaterz 41 Q Technates 73 Eletcrovoice 105 Techno Traveller
10 Pulse Panates 42 Laser Bass 74 Pulse 40 Lead 106 EP Pluggers
11 Pluncketts 43 Pole Tech 75 MandoBass 107 TR Scratcher
12 Square Boings 44 Tambura Bass 76 Org Vox Brush 108 Bright Keyers
13 Spatial Attaxx 45 Sqr MMG PWM 77 Glass Pennaters 109 Dont Come Back
14 Syn FatBass 46 Hydrasis 78 Syn Clav 3 Bs 110 Techno Riff 7
15 Koto Tablar 47 Shami Pluck Bs 79 E Org Keys 111 Resonance Take
16 Elementalites 48 Zap It! 80 PWM Rez 112 Tech Chordals
17 Ooh Softs 49 Plug Mellow Bs 81 Plenetia 113 Synner T B
18 Pantane Bass 50 ResoPulse Bs 82 Muted Keys 3 114 DGWS DigiBass
19 Q Pulse Bass 51 Pad Slower 83 Choral Smarts 115 Techno Percz
20 DigiPlug Bass 52 Dancefloor HQ 84 Chromulus Bass 116 DW Wire Keys 2
21 MiniMoog Ldr 53 Techno Sonnance 85 MMG Keys 117 Bubble Tronnix
22 Shaper Synth 54 Poinker Bass 86 Taiko Drumz 118 Pop Under Bass
23 Glisserando 55 Mad Stabberz 87 Vocal Swifts 119 Glissandos SFX
24 Panner Bass 56 Pan Stabbers 88 SimplePWM Bs 120 Pleni DGWS
25 Master P 57 Clavi X Bass 89 Snapper Keys 121 Techtronnix
26 Pleggra P 58 Digi Mini Keys 90 Key Pluckers 122 Blocker XKG
27 Super PWMBs 59 Harp Gliss 91 Fatty Bass TB 123 Vibacious
28 70's Reso Bs 60 Lushest Pads 92 Lead Me String 124 Mettalistabs
29 Saw Soft Keys 61 Super Low Bass 93 FM Bell Bass 125 Q Continuater
30 Syn Poppers 62 DW Digi Keys 94 Q Fragments 126 Hydrattackers
31 Try the Scitar 63 TechnoBasis 95 Syn Reso 1 127 Perc Attaxxx


00 Digital Attacks 32 Synth Hollows 64 Gliss Plings 96 Squares Saws
01 Fattar PWMs 33 Squigglers 65 Pantasis 97 Plugger Org
02 Golden Synths 34 Big Stabbers 66 Reso Stabs 98 Saw Dance
03 Key Mixers 35 Chromo Square 67 Glass Nights 99 Blocker Leads
04 Boxxers 36 Malleo Pans 68 Vapor Keys 100 Panatasis
05 Hydro Cutters 37 Taiko Polar 69 Vox Syn Cries 101 PWM Pan Mix
06 Pulse Panners 38 Pantone XY 70 Bongi Q's 102 Fluteosis Plug
07 Plane Buggers 39 Smooth Fatties 71 Shape PWMs 103 Koto Rezzers
08 Do Me Now 40 Chormo Mellows 72 Wire Popps 104 Spatial Stabbers
09 Koto Attaxx 41 Sweeper Pads 73 DWGS Panates 105 Techno Bug
10 Fragmenters 42 Low Panners 74 Santur Mellows 106 Pulser Stabs
11 PlunckeMix 43 VocoPluggers 75 Cross Syns 107 Frag Pulses
12 Bellsotron 44 Poinker XG 76 Key PWMs 108 Pluncket Pulse
13 Edgier Now 45 Koto Leads 77 Square Resolvers 109 Pulse Sweeps
14 Hydro Cuts 46 Dance Wonders 78 Fat Poppers 110 Technical Vox
15 Q Smoothers 47 Positives GX 79 Thin Panners 111 PanaSquares
16 Digital Dance 48 Panatanes 80 Saw Q's 112 Pan Stabbers
17 Q Pluggers 49 SimpleSaws 81 Digi Thangs 113 Pan Panner
18 Fat Buzzers 50 TriTracks 82 Chorax Stabs 114 Power Chiffs
19 Techno Leader 51 Shapers 83 Syn Synths 115 Techno Rockers
20 Chromo Pulse 52 Strings & Bass 84 Syn Q Moogs 116 Mix LowBass
21 Techno Plug 53 Square Plugs 85 Tech Stabs 117 Dyno Padders
22 Bounce Techno 54 DW Wires 86 Plasma GQ 118 Choral 80's
23 Double PWM 55 Mix Boxxer 87 Glisserandos 119 MetalliStabbers
24 Techniate Vox 56 Tech Control 88 Banters 120 ClaviPlunk
25 Res Metals 57 Paleo Panta 89 Techno Plug 121 Pan Pulses
26 Chorx Vox 58 PWM Shapers 90 Perc Vapors 122 Wire Brushers
27 Rez Stabbers 59 Voxxer Blocks 91 Blocker Poppers 123 Square Pulsers
28 Mando Stabs 60 Crazed Stabbers 92 Puggers XY 124 Plegra Pings
29 Digi Q's 61 Bright Stabs 93 MMG Bongers 125 Squares Chorals
30 Q Helios 62 Lead Stabbers 94 Tech Spatter 126 Drum Panners
31 PanaStabs 63 Bell Padder 95 Koto Synths 127 Techniasis.

128 All-New Programs, 128 Combinations & 1 Drum Kit!

Trinity Disk

NEW AGE (Now Fully Karmalized!)

New Age features light synths, smooth pads, muted
synths, smooth musical atmospherics, muted leads,
textured musical sounds of all types. ...Sweeping atmospheric
pads, light background synths, and soft new age
sounds for your songs! Beautiful sounds.

Patch Names:


00 NewAgeWarmth 32 Beautiful Nights 64 Mini Nights 96 Water Lillies
01 Syn Padders 33 Kalim Pads 65 Dream Waves 97 Wirey Synths
02 Whisper Softly 34 Metallic Box 66 Logger Pads 98 Musette Softs
03 Soft Syn Pads 35 Slow Whispers 67 Soft Dyno Keys 99 Flutter Flutes
04 Kalim Lights 36 Breakables 68 Muted Box 100 Soft EP Pad 2
05 Bells Heaven 37 Soft Spectral 69 Lazy Bottles 101 Squelchers
06 EP Voices 38 Twinklers 70 Lead Me Oooh 102 Miracle Aahs
07 Ultimate Strings 39 Pop Softers 71 Reve Symphonies 103 Koto Voces
08 Ultrasofts 40 OcaMallets 72 Vibra Mellows 104 Ghostly Strings
09 Gamela Symphs 41 Bell Pads 73 Guitar Softs 105 ClariSofts
10 Wave Sweepers 42 Wedding Bells 74 Evolutionary 106 Ooh Backgrounds
11 Spectral Choirs 43 Lush Pads 75 Palasweeps 107 Soft EP LP 3
12 Muted Reso Ky 44 Doo Marims 76 Hallow Guitar 108 Sweeper XY
13 Ooh Pleasants 45 Panate Synths 77 Pop Elements 109 Space Twirlers
14 Soft Granders 46 Vox Mute Bass 78 Soft Stage EP 110 Dream Harps
15 Plenetia 47 Bell Nights 79 Ocari Light 111 Pizzi Nights
16 Pacchio Flutes 48 Soft VocoPluck 80 Muted SynKeys 112 Bells Symphs
17 Rich Padders 49 Filter Mute Syns 81 Lush Nights 113 Hydro Synths
18 Rose Petals 50 Surround Lofts 82 Muter SynsXY 114 Cleaner Guitar
19 Soft EP Pads 51 Marima Bottles 83 Soft Xylo 115 Guitar Strings
20 Glass Helios 52 Vox Padders 84 Ensemble Layers 116 White Rains
21 Renounds 53 Malletine Pad 85 Soft EP Pad 1 117 Silent Bottles
22 Slow Vocals 54 Pad Releasers 86 Doo Lights 118 Pop Ooh Logs
23 Church Surround 55 Reso Musettes 87 Windswept 119 Am I Here?
24 Afterlife 56 Second Comings 88 Beauty Pads 120 E P Strings
25 Wonrous Pads 57 Filter Pipes 89 Slow Sweepers 121 E Low Bass
26 Vocal Elements 58 Positronics 90 Soft EP LP 1 122 Muted Syn Bass
27 Malletine PWM 59 Kalim Warmth 91 Bottlers 123 Whisperers
28 Halin Keys 60 Glass Bellers 92 Celestine 124 Arrivals Y
29 Voccilaters 61 Doo Whispers 93 Plugger Low Bs 125 Chain of Wonders
30 Pala THX 62 Mute Low Bass 94 Soft Vocopluck2 126 Scitar Nights
31 Stereo Chorals 63 Slower Strings 95 Soft Synths 127 Water Falls


00 Wonderlights 32 Flutterers 64 Emergences 96 Sweep Keys
01 Lush Wonders 33 Kalim Syns 65 Soft Smooths 97 Marimals
02 Bell Padders 34 Dyn Afterlife 66 H Sweepers 98 Lagunes
03 Waterfalls 35 Pacchio Chiffs 67 MalleSymphs 99 Pan Beauties
04 Pop Softers 36 Lead Smooth 68 Dream Nights 100 Kalim Squels
05 Brilliant Pads 37 Taiko Polar 69 Halin Softs 101 Metallipans
06 Vocalescence 38 Light Symphs 70 Mute PWMs 102 Missing You.
07 GR Ephemerals 39 Panatronics 71 Y Vortices 103 Air Chiffs
08 Syn Muters 40 Vibra Chorals 72 Muteilaters 104 Softest Oohs
09 Logger Pops 41 Ooh Mutes 73 Wondrous 105 Oca Bottles
10 Slow Effects 42 Ensemble Pads 74 Mallet THX 106 Surround Sweeps
11 VocoMutes 43 Helio Syns 75 Vibrasofts 107 Mallet Bells
12 Jupiter Mallets 44 Doo Pads 76 Water NIghts 108 Mute Swirls
13 Xylo EPs 45 EP Grands 77 G Whispers 109 Pad Layers
14 Gam Releasers 46 Marimates 78 Pacchio Chorals 110 Ooh Haloes
15 Vibra Portals 47 Palace Sweeps 79 Revolutions 111 Reso Marims
16 Kali Spectrosis 48 Mixer Syns 80 Kalim Strings 112 Grand Softs
17 Voco Plugger 49 EP Mixers 81 PalaSweep 113 Dynamic Sweepers
18 Vox Bellers 50 Flutter Keys 82 MetalliSweeps 114 Bubble Pads
19 Flute Runners 51 Surrounds 83 Pop Pads 115 Techno Rockers
20 Mute Whispers 52 SpectraSounds 84 Xylo Tunnels 116 EP Smooths
21 EP Muters 53 Bottle Mallets 85 Rain EPs 117 Dyno Padders
22 Whisper Keys 54 Pizzi Glass 86 Bells Sweeper 118 Indian Rain
23 Pan Syns 55 Muter Mutes 87 Breakers 119 Soft Surrounds
24 Pad Lushes 56 Gamabreaks 88 EP Oohs 120 EP Bottles
25 Doo Kalims 57 Hydro Kalims 89 EP Whisps 121 Pan Pulses
26 Indian EPs 58 Mute Softs 90 Doo EPs 122 Hollows
27 Syn Planes 59 Panner Pops 91 Wire Specs 123 Kalim Aahs
28 Swirl Keys 60 EP Smooths 92 Sweep Syns 124 Syn twinks
29 KaliSofts 61 Kali Softs 93 Twinnates 125 Waterways
30 MalleoLogs 62 Whispectrals 94 Voco Pads 126 Bottles XG
31 Gamela Mals 63 Twinkle Syns 95 Pop Smoothies 127 Vocoates

128 All-New Programs and 128 Combinations per bank!

Trinity Disk

(We will not be Karmifying this bank.)

Film 4-D features massive, wild, 4-D filmscore,
fantasy, huge, full, time-expanding, room-filling,
film and atmospheric sounds...wild pads, fat film attacks,
SFX, developing sounds, swirling atmospheric, & film
& movie soundtrack dynamic sounds of all types.

Patch Names:


00Spectralisis32Crickets Mystery64Vortices96 Traveller X
01Planet Formers33Jungle Purring65Raceway Buggz97 Crazy Laughter
02Oasis34Lunar Landing66Groundswells98 Jungle Stream
03Planar Whisps35Genesis67Ventricles99 SpectroHydrasis
04Wind Sweepers36Pandares68Building to Get Me100 Planar Disputes
05Elevatrix37Inside Out69Tribal Chantz101 Subway Run
06Elementals38Do Not Drown Me70Tranceients102 Creepy Crawler
07Panasis39Trance Rainers71Ghost Belfries103 Cricket Attack
08Ooh Surrounds40Mystery Shocker72Planetarry104 Temporal Chamber
09Sinister XY41Vocasis X73Space Sensor105 Helicopter Pads
10Microwaves42Energy Stasis74Come on Do It!106 Matrix Riser
11THX Risers43Vision Spinner75Spectralysis107 Night Stalker
12Shamulater44Wind Tunnel76Multiplexxer108 Windswept XG
13Aural Spectacles45Puny Humannz77Drum Waves109 Tree Eliminators
14Ooh Elementals46Touchdown78Continuum XS110 Skarpenoids
15Ghostly Woods47i need to hide!79Barren Planet111 Headless Horsemen
16Attaxxx48Vocal Hydrasis80Plasma Tunnels112 Spatial Lore
17Hyperspace X49Telemetals XG81Transporter SFX113 Tiny Whispers
18Microdots50Water Aahs82Transcendentals114 Antithesis
19Alienzzzz51Wondrous Slow83Alien Drinkers115 Lunar Bubble
20Mysterious52Syntillating84Flybynight116 Vacuum Rips
21Set the Trance53Hollow Passing85Teleportasis117 Underwater Plunge
22Wind Spectacles54Choral Nights86Haunted House118 Alien Folders
23Terrscapes55Alien Probal87Air Portal119 Wind Tunnels
24Terra Formers56Emergency Bells88Clackers120 Time Your Clock
25Space Buggz57Haunted Potion89Dreamers XY121 GF Trackers
26Planetosis58Panatosis90Spectralites122 Stardust XYG
27Hemisphere59Holy Ghost91Fonkoze123 Station of Waves
28Effectis60Thin AnaLead92Headless Horse124 Firestorm
29Reeelllaaaxxx61Need Help!93Teleporters125 Swifters
30Click Lighters62Wonderlights94Lava Lakes126 Strange Effex
31Secular Comings63Polar Transform95Transmediators127 Lore Central


00Spectrohsis32Space Barrens64Vocoasis96 Tribal Chimes
01Formations33Bionics65Ventricular97 Sit Beside Me
02Pan Waters34Alienzz66Telekinesis98 Planars
03Help Trance35Transponder67Tunnels99 Swashers
04Plane Detectors36Mystery Plex68Spectral Touch100 Whisps
05Formulaters37Dronwers69Vacuum Pack101 So Tired
06Hollow Ghosts38Sensors70Faraways102 Ooh Motioners
07Elementals39Space Waves71Water Haloes103 Lava Foamers
08Motioners40Terra Planets72Bring to Life104 Buggy Winds
09Speedy Oasis41Whispers73Folders105 Portals
10Temporal42Terra Ghosts74Helios106 Explosions
11Haunted Risers43Holy Motions75Trackers XG107 Terracles
12Sinister Planets.44Passers76Presencers108 Windy Nights
13Vocolates45Teleformers77Humanzz109 Marketers
14Radio Waves46Tribal Swarm78MicroShocks110 Barren Winds
15Bell Alterations47Whispelators79Hold the Note111 Cracks XY
16Sinister Dream48Helidome80THX Risers112 Plasmas
17Haunted Gene49Wind & Water81Time Portals113 Divisions
18Clackates50Groundfalls82Aural Specs114 Warm Hearth
19Breathoos51Bubblers83Holy Whispers115 Emphasis
20Shaports XY52Tentacles84Shamus116 Swashes
21Lunar Sweeps53THX Shows85Scannerz XZ117 Crawlers
22Haunted Spectre54Waters86Polar Auras118 Magic Wand
23Risers55Slicers87Beautifuls119 Slow Ghosts
24Aliens Ooh56Ghost Allies88Vortex120 Shamu Haunts
25Insiders57Smoke Stack89Computations121 Chore Sweeps
26Ghost Flights58Water Probes90Haunt Me122 Hypnotic
27HydroPsychosis59A Sweeper91Be Warned123 Crickets
28Plasma Tech60Tranceillate92Interspatials124 Space Dust
29Help.61Under Waters93The Matrix125 Horror Zone
30Transportasis62Myst94Dottosis126 Swish Mind
31Crinkles in Time63Sweet Stuff95Icicles127 Elevatrix

128 All-New Programs and 128 Combinations per bank!

We can email these files right to you!

The original Karma MOSS Library.

Trinity Disk

Titles Pro-Rec Offers for the Korg Karma MOSS:
Film 3-D

Price: $44.90 Each.
Get all 3 for just $99!
Get all 3 with the 4 Karma-original disks for $199!!

We can email these files right to you!

Dance features tons of synth hits, leads,
stabs, pads, basses & percussive sounds.
The best analog leads, fat basses, punchy hits,
and fully programmed analog & digital sounds
the Karma MOSS has to offer. Swarming arpeggiations
and awesome dance sounds.

Patch Names:


00Phaser Qs32Poly Keys64Hello Lead96 Mix Stabbers
01Hydrattics33String Softs65Pulser Leads97 Deep Dark Bass
02Phatality34Phaser Laser66Mini Sines98 Fat Resons
03Vox Pulser35Fantasia Syns67Layer Fatty Bs99 PWM Fatty Bs
04Galaxy Sweep36Reso Sweeps68Flutist100 Flexitone Pulse
05Fattattack37Q Sub Lead69Choral Pulse101 Electron Bass
06Rezzonator38Filter Stabs70Cutter Bass102 Saw Cutters
07Syn Dancers39Q Huggers71Vox Pulser103 PWM Fattys
08Plenetia40Staggaters72Fat Fuzzy104 Sweller Synths
09Flying Attack41Pulser Port73F Fatty Bass &Ld105 Roughy Bass
10Peggiate42Bigg Fuzzer74Fatty Stalkers106 Funky Cutter
11Haliosis Bass43Saturn Leads75Mute Stabber107 Low Syn Bass
12Smooth Synthing44Ponnics76Deep Sharp Bs108 Soft Synths
13Warm Pad Synths45Layer Synths77Metal Keys109 Mixed Synth
14Soft Synthesis46Bigg Pulse78ModuPulse Bs110 Planets Syns
15Ultra Pads47Runner Z79Analog PWM111 Light Bellers
16Smooth Poly48SynBass Talker80Poly Plucks112 Sweeps Reso
17Fatty Synths49Ultimate Cutter81Deep Pulse Bass113 Synth Symph
18Phat Syn Bass50Fat Attack82Talk Plugger114 Funky Lead
19Rezz Master51PMW Reverse83Plugger Cut115 VocoBass
20Poly Softs52Flutey Keys84Dynate Keys116 Aah Pulse Ld
21Helio Keys53SynBass Lead85S Square Bass117 Talker Fuzz Bs
22Padder Synths54String Stackers86Phat Guitar Bs118 Guitar Billows
23Pheli Attack55Syn Key Softs87Brush Synths119 Train Runners
24Soft Nights56Funky Lead88Plugger Bass120 Digi Pan Bass
25Poly Stabbers57Fleximaxx Bass89Fat Tronix121 Panner Planets
26Dance Syn Bass58Symph Strings90RubberTransverse122 Pan Dog Bass
27Panner Synths59Peni Pulsars91Pulsar Bass123 Choral Pads
28Fat Z Bass60Pulsed Pad92Super Fuzz Bs124 Planet Q
29UltraFat Bass61Clavi Keys93Pulse Mute Bs125 Slow Sweepers
30Tonator62Choraliss94Low Fatty Bass126 Bizarre Drum
31Panator Bass63Q Sub Lead95Flexitone Bass127 Pulse Efx

128 All-New Patches for the Korg Karma MOSS!


Techno features powerful, bright, fat techno/ dance
stabs, hits, & leads... fat basses, punchy techno drums,
hypnotic techno arpeggios, cool pulsing waves and
stabbing dance leads, and a lot more... super techno,
trance and powerful dance songs!

Patch Names:


00Big Poly Saw32Pleni Cutters64Negative Ion96 Simple Lead
01Helio Qs33Zaos65Metalastic Bs97 Dynam Lead
02SlipStream Atax34Phat Fezzer66Swifters X98 Hot Fuzz
03Bulging Hard35Attack Pulsers67FilterPulse Bs99 Fast Pulser Bs
04Techna Stabs36Screw X Bass68Space Fork100 Panic Bass
05Pulse Wakers37Big Buddy69Puncher Bass101 Rave Matrix
06I'm Coming38Phantasma70Ultima Fatty102 Negative Motion
07Mini Flyers39Technosis71Sparticca103 Fat Short Bass
08Fantasy Edge40Synth X Lead72Solid MegaLead104 Plenti Bass
09Helium Rings41Tube Attack73Rough Riders105 Helions
10Q Matrix42S Fatty Bass74TechnoZapp106 Q Continuum
11Techno Rez Bs43Simple Pulse75Helion Bass107 Fatty Stabber
12Attack Delta44Holo Matrix76Philo Stabs108 Matrix Square Bs
13Technica Wave45Electronica Bs77Pulse Q Bass109 Muted Pads
14XY Motion46Particles78Big Upps110 Saw Funnels
15Helium Drains47Mute Bass Talk79Pulser Maniac111 Tecknika Bass
16Rezzo Fezz48Cutter Brushes80Under X Bass112 Fazzmatic
17Panic Button49Pulse Gradient81Ion Pulse Bs113 EVO Pro
18Elevatrix50Heliosis82Space Thinners114 Mouther Bass
19Raver Stabs51Fatt Ravers83Heli Stabber115 SmackAttack
20Zanophobe52Dig It In Synth84Planet Storms116 Reso Leader
21Holionics53SubParticle85Deep Leader117 Fantasy X
22Fatt Fuzzer54TechnoPhobe86Magnettics118 Huggy FX
23Spattica Bass55Pulser Maniac87Saturn Flipped119 ScrewDriver
24Warp Effect56Rough Matrix Bs88Morphees120 Weirdo Perc
25Tex Zippers57Decimator Bass89Saturn Polys121 Saturns Rings
26Transformania58Super Fezzer90Tonal Maniac122 Weather Storm
27Train's Coming59Z1 Pumpy Bass91Plexor123 Noise Rumbler
28Techno Strike60Synth Cycle92Tronix Stab124 Weirdooos
29Moody Mellows61AciWaah Bass93Try This One!125 Q Plick
30Plugger Bass62Technical Motion94Generation Y126 Lazer Zap
31Oomaxx Bass63HoloMotion95Fatty Pulsar127 Lazer Zap 2

128 All-New Patches for the Korg Karma MOSS!

Film 3-D features swirling, wild, atmospheric,
time-expanding and 3-dimensional film and
atmospheric sounds...wild pads, full, fat,
developing sounds, and musical film &
atmospheric sounds of all types, as well
as some great, smooth new age sounds.

Patch Names:


00Fantasy 3-D32Ultima Planners64Phenomenon Q96 Bug Surrounding
01InterDimensional33Hydrasis X65Genesis97 Flight Genesis
02Fantasy Q34Pulsar Radiation66Boarders X98 Alternatius
03Dimensional Com35Whisper Lites67Plunketers99 Music Boxers
04Tentacles36TechnoScopic68Heli Q3100 Winter Hollows
05Bottle Glimmers37Softest Night69Swifters101 Soft Sines
06The Riddler38String Padds70Faraway Star102 Zapper Quicks
07Morning Waves39Slo Shifters71Hydrasis Pad103 Germ Swarm
08Portal Entry40Haunters72Fontasia104 Transwellers
09H2O Particles41Space Monks73Speculars105 Underground Bugs
10Fantasy Dome42Reactor Engine74Faraway Flute106 Alien XXY
11Sparkolaters43Oxygenate EP75Light Bellers107 Altered States
12Beautiful Softs44Pair Sequence76Simplicity108 Panteras
13Twinklers45Super Softs77Collective109 Running Winds
14Rubber Bands46Noise Infants78Xanathers110 Dark Entry
15Muted Pads47Spinners E79Planet x111 Alien Whistler
16Pan Comings48Helical Scan80Trouble Brewing112 Fatalis
17Sequentials49Moaners81Zipperz113 Trans X
18Smoothies50Spectacles82Pendulates114 Tranceometer
19Scanner Beam51XY Ghost83Resonant Softs115 Sparklers
20Spinnacles52Panner Syns84Evolution116 Flight Training
21Dimensional Atax53Fantasy Winds85Jettison117 Trance Motions
22Alterers54Beautiful Pads86Synth Softs118 HeliScapes
23Hollow Pads55VocoScopes87SynWhispers119 Jokerzz
24Infernals56PeaceMaker88Trance Q120 Cracklers
25Fantasy Dome57Cursor Lite89Flight Source121 Z Spanner
26Space Capsule58Slip Sipper90Antalis122 SineOmeters
27Soft Hollows59Water Wonders91Soft Bell Keys123 Flight Winds
28Miraculous60Bubble City92Miracle Pad124 X Factor (X-Y)
29Ferrites61Alien Vector93Space Tentacles125 Noise Factor 1
30Xanates62MineSweeps94Transporter S126 Night Swishers
31Computer Vox63Scramblers95Key Pluckers127 Deep and Dark

128 All-New Patches for the Korg Karma MOSS!

We can email these files right to you!

We can email these sounds to you!


TritonHaven.com review of our new Karma sounds!

I loaded the first file: Dance. The first thing I noticed was that the sounds are great dance sounds but also excellent sounds for other kinds of music. Almost every sound gave me new inspiration to play famous songs or creating new songs. I found many fat lead sounds and basses. For producers who need dance-basses, strong leads and powerful sounds, this is the bank you need! I also listened to the combibank of this file and there is a perfect mix of the programs. In the lefthand part of the keyboard you have mostly the bass sounds and in the right are the lead sounds. Ideal for live playing.

My favorites:
A25 Bigg Sawws: This is a really big fat saw sound.
Sounds like the Van Halen Jump sound. Very usable for me in the band.
A36 PWM Leader: Wow more fat!
A63 Rock outs: Very cool Arp
A107 Basic Instinct: This must be a complex arp, sounds huge!

Techno: This is really another type of board, ..ehm.. I mean file! many zaps, pulse sounds, many arpeggiator sounds. I would call it somewhat an agressive bank with heavy techno! These sounds are for the people who want really alternative music. Sounds that can be tweaked in a way you've never heard before! People who this kind of music have an access virus, a nord lead, moss in this PCG file!

My favorites:
A08 Vaporizer Arp: I can already imagine this sound in a new song!
A89 Snapper keys: Interesting piano sound I've never heard before.
A108 Bright Keyers: Very fat cool sound

New age: Very beautiful bank. You find sweeps, pads, strings, piano sounds with an ambient feel. When you play this bank you get very relaxed. I like this one very much. Dreaming away playing the sounds on my Karma... Never thought I could turn my Karma from a hardcore dancemachine into a dreammachine! This is a wannahave, even if you don't play new age music. I think this pcg could also be used in film music! My favourites: almost all the sounds.

Film: I was very curious about this pcg file, because I always wanted to make filmmusic. Playing through the sounds I saw many films before me. Especially alien movies like the X-files, horror movies and mysteries with breathtaking fx. Also movie intro's and endings are great to create with this bank. It's all just a matter of taste, you need to listen to the sounds yourself.

All I can say is that I'm impressed of the quality of the sounds. A combination of all those sounds would make yours a new Korg Karma. If your into different kinds of music, you have the choice of many great options for your Karma. Highly recommended!

Angelo Houben, Editor
October, 2001

Top Reviews for our
MOSS Sounds:

These banks have all been top rated in "Trinity Haven,"
the leading online Resource for Korg products!

They reviewed our Trinity V3 & Z-1 sounds, which we've
transferred over and are now available for the Karma MOSS!
They got top reviews!! See below.

Here's the entire review:

Now that the Trinity has the capability to take advantage of
the awesome sound engine power of the legendary MOSS,
The guys at Pro-Rec have tapped into a virgin market
by selling a new line of PCGs designed specifically to
take advantage of the extra M-bank.

No one else currently caters to the MOSS card market.
Since the MOSS bank can only hold 64 sounds
(128 for those with the FlashROM option)
each PCG disk comes with two 64 program PCGs.

Dance: $44.90

There were some good sounds on here, but some of
the others sounded very similar to programs that
could be created on the non-M banks.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're
like me, you can never have enough MOSS sounds on
your Trinity. No need to sacrifice a precious MOSS
track if it isn't necessary. But this set is still useful.
Tons of Bass sounds as well as some interesting
stabs and synths. Surpisingly, there are some really
good acoustic guitar programs to be found.

Some of my favorite sounds are Mute Stabber
(P10) and Flexitone Pulse (P48). I don't mean
to down play the DANCE PCG.
Maybe I'm just biased because the TECHNO and
FILM disks are so impressive.

Techno: $44.90

Now were talkin'! Lots of goodies on this set.
I found many of the sounds useful in real world
dance compositions. Lots of basses, zaps, and
synths to keep any dance producer busy.
In program mode you can really appreciate
the use of effects and modulation controllers.
I found a lot of original sounds that I have never
heard before. If you like techno music and you
have a Karma MOSS, then you are doing yourself
a great disservice if you deny yourself this PCG!

Film: $44.90

The title of this PCG is somewhat of a misnomer,
unless the type of film you are thinking about is
some psycho future space thriller.
Or if your favorite soundtrack is Logan's Run then
the title might apply to you. If your thinking of
sweeping orchestral sounds, forget it.
This is not for you. I personally enjoy strange
bizarre sounds and this baby has it all.

Some of the sounds scarred the SH**T our of me!
Very creepy! There are plenty of gurgles and spine
tingling textures to inspire your next avante garde
creation. Some of the sounds are a bit over the top
for actual soundtrack use, but if you are into
dark or quirky ambient, you will love this PCG.

But not every thing on this is strange or harsh.
A few of the Programs are super mood-inspiring lush.
The Film set will push the limits of your MOSS card to
the extreme. Out of all the Pro-Rec MOSS disks,
this one is my favorite. Highly recommended.

Buying advice: Both Film and Techno are great
additions to your PCG library. Dance is above average.
But the special 3 for $99 bucks make the decision easy.
If you bought the Film and Techno that would be 90 bucks
right there. So for another $10 bucks you might as
well get the Dance. There's bound to be something
you like for that kind of chump change!

- Trinity Haven Website


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