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We can send you Mac and PC sys-ex
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All banks come complete with downloader
software and instructions,
and it's easy to do!

Most can even be downloaded into your
synth using the sequencer portion of your
own familiar sequencer software.

You save almost 50% by getting
the banks in computer format, not to mention

* fast emailing
* no shipping costs
* saving tax
* saving a lot of time
* saving customs when ordering internationally

Our goal is to email your order within an
hour, and a maximum of 24 hours!

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Our synth sounds have been top rated
in "Keyboard," "Electronic Musician," "Recording,"
"Korg Connection," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"FutureMusic UK" & many more!

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Pro-Rec offers high quality sounds and
samples for almost every synth and sampler
to musicians all around the world!

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Our CD-ROMs and synth sounds
have been top rated in "Keyboard,"
"Electronic Musician," "Recording Magazine,"
"Korg Connection," "Triton Haven,"
"Trinity Haven," "Sound on Sound UK,"
"FutureMusic", and many more.

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