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We now have 7 great banks of all-new sounds for your Motif 6, 7 & 8 & Rack!

Take advantage of our bulk special (Any 4 for
just $129 or all 7 for $199) right now, by email.
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These sounds all work on the Motif-Rack, as well.

Sounds for the Motif are sent via email, you just download them to your computer, copy to SmartMedia with your SmartMedia reader, and load into your Motif. SmartMedia readers are easy to get at any computer store or department. Motif Rack sounds come in standard MIDI files you send to your Rack from any Mac or PC. All files work with all Motif models, and we can email them to you the same day.

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Titles Pro-Rec Offers for the Yamaha Motif:

1 Dance MX (NOW HERE!)
2 Tech QSX (NOW HERE!) [demo]
3 New Age Pads (NOW HERE!) [demo]
4 Filmscape 5-D (NOW HERE!) [demo]
5 Disco Station (NOW HERE!) [demo]
6 Super Poly (NOW HERE!) [demo]
7 Synth sFX (NOW HERE!) [demo]

: $49.90 each

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Get 7 for just $199!

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We email SmartCard
format along with the
Voice Editor files.

(Voice Editor only supports patches.)
Motif Rack files come in standard MIDI format.


Motif Files

...On floppy
or by email.


1 Dance MX
2 Tech QSX
3 New Age Pads
4 Filmscape
Disco Station

6 Poly Synth
7 Synth sFX

$49.90 each
$129 for any 4
$149 for any 5
$199 for all 7

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with Motif
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Get all 3 CD-ROMs for just $149! Over 2,000 patches & 33 drum kits!

$4 First Class Mail in U.S.
$10 Air Mail Internationally
$0 by email


We can email these sounds to you!
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MP3 demos:

Downloadable demos:

Free sounds for you to demo
from each of our Motif disks!

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Dance MX bank!
(8 Voices and 3 Performances, in SmartCard format.)

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Tech QSX bank!
(8 Voices and 3 Performances, in SmartCard format.)

Click here to download a demo of our Motif New Age Pads bank!

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Filmscape 5-D bank!

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Disco Station bank!

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Super Poly bank!

Click here to download a demo of our Motif Synth SFX bank!

Simply copy the file to your SmartCard,
and load to your user bank. Load the files as "ALL" files.

Our NEW Motif Library

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Dance is filled with tons of fat, punchy, dynamic, cool synths, hits,
leads, pads, basses, percussive sounds, synth fx, stabs and much more,
with all arpeggios programmed for maximum playability.
Perfect for Dance, Techno, R&B, Rap and
much more! Transform your Motif.

Patch Names:


001 A01 Super Fatty 033 C01 Pleg Plegra 065 E01 Run X Cutter 097 G01 Spannicle X
002 A02 MX Sweepers 034 C02 PoleStar MX 066 E02 Sonig Plug Bs 098 G02 Spatter X Bs
003 A03 Dance MSXR 035 C03 Hydra Synth 067 E03 Bounce Cut Bs 099 G03 PanPenners
004 A04 Tribal XMX 036 C04 Light Syn RS 068 E04 SPX Strings 100 G04 Polar Zone
005 A05 SPX Resons 037 C05 Digi Pons Bass 069 E05 Pole Plug Bass 101 G05 Smooth Ld LX
006 A06 Pole Player 038 C06 Fezz Cutter 070 E06 Hoo Choo Choo 102 G06 Multiplyyy
007 A07 TokkaTokah 039 C07 Big Buzzer 071 E07 Stab It Now 103 G07 Speculate Bs
008 A08 Syn Hydratix 040 C08 Spinnacle XR 072 E08 Parallax Bass 104 G08 Polar Tech X
009 A09 PWM Stab Bs 041 C09 Polar Axis 073 E09 Penner Bass 105 G09 Ultima Fez Bs
010 A10 Zig Ziggy XR 042 C10 Tech Pulser 074 E10 Itoh Lead XS 106 G10 Sticky Keys
011 A11 Skarpenoid 043 C11 MetalliBass 075 E11 Snap SX Bass 107 G11 Sonar Slider
012 A12 Ultima Fezz 044 C12 DynoPlugBass 076 E12 Pad Smooths 108 G12 Cutter Zone Bs
013 A13 Diggy Doo XR 045 C13 Zipper Bs RS 077 E13 MetaliZone 109 G13 Jupiter Bells
014 A14 Ultra Fat XR 046 C14 Vox Humanum 078 E14 Slide Orbital 110 G14 Ooh Dynamic
015 A15 PQ Squiggle 047 C15 QRS Whistlers 079 E15 DR Pantasis 111 G15 Pantel Pan
016 A16 IndianAllure 048 C16 HollowScape 080 E16 Diggler Dan 112 G16 Ziggo XRBS
017 B01 IndiaFlex 049 D01 Buzz Fuzz MX 081 F01 Q P Zone MX 113 H01 Syn Crisps
018 B02 Syn Dynamos 050 D02 Ping Tong Bs 082 F02 Cutter Zone 114 H02 Shakattack
019 B03 PWM X Lead 051 D03 Digi Zone RS 083 F03 Alien Wheel 115 H03 Crystaline
020 B04 Tri Attaxx 052 D04 Lead Slicer 084 F04 Digitos Keys 116 H04 Spintaker
021 B05 Porta Jump 053 D05 Hydrattics 085 F05 WVX Vacuous 117 H05 Tech Tronnix
022 B06 RevSynBs XY 054 D06 Spectro LSX 086 F06 SFX Q Stop 118 H06 SPX Stabber
023 B07 Rumbler X Bs 055 D07 Fuzz Cutter 087 F07 Hydratiix MX 119 H07 Fuzzmaster
024 B08 QX Squiggler 056 D08 Hydra Keys 088 F08 Dyno Bass XR 120 H08 Trek Attack
025 B09 Ping Pang Bs 057 D09 Thick XRS Bass 089 F09 Vocular Plug Bs 121 H09 Q Digitasis
026 B10 Slide RSX 058 D10 Syn Razor MX 090 F10 TechTonica 122 H10 Pole Star MX
027 B11 MXStringWheel 059 D11 Smooth PWM 091 F11 Big RS Bass 123 H11 Helio Trope
028 B12 PWM Solana 060 D12 M Saw Lead RS 092 F12 Biggy Q Bass 124 H12 Q Sniggler
029 B13 RX Zone Bass 061 D13 Star Itohs 093 F13 Taglia Tone 125 H13 Techniater
030 B14 Elemetrixx 062 D14 RS Plug Bass 094 F14 Helio Scans 126 H14 Technica XS
031 B15 Sine Whistles 063 D15 Smoothie Lead 095 F15 Hard Pole Bs 127 H15 Spec Q Stop
032 B16 Bottle Cuts 064 D16 Module Lead 096 F16 Aah Portals 128 H16 Vocal Throng FX


01 Dance Groove 33 Q Tribes
02 Pannattax 34 App Centrix
03 Pex Runner 35 Cut & Run
04 Tribal Zone 36 Night Vortex
05 Zipp Attaxx 37 Tribe Trekka
06 Asiamatics 38 Mystery Men
07 Slip Sliders 39 Cold Cutz
08 ResonNator 40 Run Whistler
09 Elementall 41 QRX Modal
10 Optical Spin 42 Fuzzmatic X
11 Slider MSX 43 Come & Get Me
12 Pan Cutterz 44 Start & Stop
13 Runner X 45 Giant Jumper
14 SkimmySkat 46 Digital Drone
15 PhaseMatic 47 QX Simplate
16 Spy Spinner 48 Zip Pleggra
17 Polar Phaze 49 Underground Z
18 Dance Zones 50 Smick Smack
19 Snap Snare 51 Spin Cutter
20 Metallica 52 PoleStar FX
21 Transmat XR 53 Sonic Pulse
22 Zig Zipper 54 Tech Roller
23 Fleggiater 55 Space Gaber
24 Tekk Tokkah 56 Bell Modal X
25 Dog Diggery 57 Control XRZ
26 Dance Armada 58 Crystalate
27 Penattaxx 59 Dance Mixx
28 Belladonne 60 Sonic Plugs
29 Float Flute 61 Zip Zapper
30 Q Effexx 62 Fuzz Muzzle
31 Osmosis X 63 Slow Optix
32 Supplier X 64 Voculatrix


UDR: 009 Dance MX Kit

128 All-New Patches,
64 Performances,
and 1 Drum Kit Per Disk

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Tech QRX is filled with tons of cool, powerful &
punchy synth hits, leads, pads, basses, stabs and a whole lot more.
Cutting-edge, pulsating, driving, rhythmic, hypnotic arpeggiated sounds.
Highly technical, hard-hitting and original voices & combis to pump up your Motif!

Patch Names:


001 A01 Hypnottix 033 C01 Icicle X Ray 065 E01 Vox Waters 097 G01 Ooh Portaxx
002 A02 QSX Tech MX 034 C02 Tong Axis Bs 066 E02 Hollow QX Bs 098 G02 Pantane QRX
003 A03 Jungle MRSX 035 C03 Filter X 067 E03 Zip MSX Bs 099 G03 OBx Pad Strings
004 A04 Tundra MRX 036 C04 Beller Syns 068 E04 Bong Tongle 100 G04 FX Huff MFX
005 A05 Porticles XS 037 C05 Axxes MSX 069 E05 Hollow Scan 101 G05 Porticulte
006 A06 Flexitone X 038 C06 PorticoWave 070 E06 Syn Ziggy MX 102 G06 Helio Whistle
007 A07 SuperTonnix 039 C07 Ooh Smooths 071 E07 Plug Ping Bs 103 G07 Q Tech Percx
008 A08 FX Technics 040 C08 Spinner Cut 072 E08 MMX LinkBass 104 G08 Sticky Tekk
009 A09 Chorx QMX Bs 041 C09 Sync Tonx Bs 073 E09 Pons Portal 105 G09 Panatile Zone
010 A10 Dongle MX Bs 042 C10 PonosPlugBs 074 E10 PX Hyperion 106 G10 Tech Glass
011 A11 Portico Vix 043 C11 Speculasis 075 E11 Ping Tingle 107 G11 Floggle Bass
012 A12 Fuzz Cut QRS 044 C12 Spatattack 076 E12 Plig Plug Bs 108 G12 Slip Drive M
013 A13 Orticle Pulse 045 C13 Pole Snap Bs 077 E13 Aah Wanders 109 G13 Galaxy Pc Bs
014 A14 Tinc Tonx Bs 046 C14 Tech Wobble 078 E14 Teck Talker 110 G14 Opulatrixx
015 A15 Reson Dinon 047 C15 Dance Pmp Bs 079 E15 DigiTech RS 111 G15 Radio X Waves
016 A16 X Ray Swept 048 C16 Tekka Lines 080 E16 Paddle Pl Bs 112 G16 FX Rave FX
017 B01 MX Scanners 049 D01 X Cutter MSX 081 F01 Zip Slider 113 H01 Tech Portal X
018 B02 Metalitone 050 D02 Tech Sweeper 082 F02 SCX Trippers 114 H02 Push Push MX
019 B03 PMX OBx Bs 051 D03 Spim Spam Bs 083 F03 Space Bubble 115 H03 Plentidue X
020 B04 ChordlChorx 052 D04 Zip Zapnose 084 F04 Tekkates 116 H04 Pan Pow Wow
021 B05 Chorx Crackers 053 D05 Hoo Scitars 085 F05 Thump & Bump 117 H05 Bongle Dongle
022 B06 HauntTheHs 054 D06 Pantane Bs 086 F06 XY Pulsers 118 H06 TransMedia
023 B07 Rumbler X Bs 055 D07 Shrill Trill 087 F07 Metal Torx Bs 119 H07 TeleMetrix
024 B08 Ooh Matrixx 056 D08 SX Paddler 088 F08 Digi Panose 120 H08 Open Wavule
025 B09 Tech Panose 057 D09 Pan Ascorbic 089 F09 Portulax RX 121 H09 CompuScrabble
026 B10 FX RainStorm 058 D10 Hydra Pad MX 090 F10 Chorx Pan Bs 122 H10 Zip Turbulence
027 B11 Zip Zapule 059 D11 Dirk Dongle Bs 091 F11 ScolioPcBs 123 H11 Q Quotrons
028 B12 TechPlugBs 060 D12 Pan Fluters 092 F12 CTX Waves 124 H12 Technix Xy
029 B13 PannerPuls 061 D13 MX Pads RS 093 F13 Trenssler X 125 H13 Oracle XR
030 B14 Thip Module 062 D14 Trill SQRX 094 F14 XRP Waves 126 H14 Technical X
031 B15 UltimaSynBs 063 D15 TransMediate 095 F15 Tears Lead 127 H15 SFX Whisps
032 B16 BounceTrax 064 D16 PX Kicker Bs 096 F16 X Tabulax 128 H16 FSX Essence


01 Axxess QSX 33 Banger Beat
02 Trance QSX 34 QSX Hollow
03 Planet QSX 35 Smick Smack
04 QSX Pow Wow 36 Bass Race MX
05 Dance MSX 37 Tribal XX
06 Freedom X 38 SmackAttack
07 Portical X Ray 39 Slave Rhythm
08 Tonc Axis MX 40 Portu Tonx
09 Emit Scanner 41 Fuzzy Logic
10 Bongo QSX 42 Perc Quirx
11 Pantax Groove 43 Biggle Digs
12 Big Ups SX 44 Plug Scanner
13 Stab Spokes 45 Night Trams
14 Hypnos QX 46 Corx Tronix
15 Talk Back Live 47 Snip Snaps
16 Spy Spinner 48 Beat Master
17 Teck Express 49 Rhythm Water
18 Lazy Bones 50 Tonnix Zone
19 Encounter X 51 Scope Centrix
20 SFX Pole Star 52 Torx Mental
21 Snap Snare 53 Zone Tremors
22 MX DoorWay 54 Bump Bubble
23 Old School Dance 55 Slim Slammer
24 Particle Pore 56 Tribal Meeting
25 Callio Dance 57 Smack Smoker
26 Elimi Torx 58 Tekka Storm
27 Porta Motion 59 Push It Push
28 Dance Drone 60 Zipper Slip
29 Scoli Pan MX 61 Particle Ray
30 Teka Panose 62 Syn Trillians
31 Swiggler MX 63 MX Electrix
32 Laid Back Jam 64 Tech Effexx


UDR: 009 Tech QSX Kit

128 All-New Patches,
64 Performances,
and 1 Drum Kit Per Disk

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New Age Pads features smooth, room filling, swirling, beautiful, natural and relaxing background pads for use in all types of music. Beautiful and musical in nature, the sounds are perfect for layering over your favorite tracks. Warm pads, relaxing EPs with pads behind them join a wide range of lush, sweeping textures.

Patch Names:


EP Warmers
Mandala SR
Glass Brites
Itoh Smooths
Vocule Soft
Bright Nite
Waggle EPs
Pantel Pods
Slide V Lead
Mega Padd
Vox Risers
Pan Dynos
EP MedSoft
Itoh Panner
Beller Soft
Beller Wine
Syn Beller
Vox Brash
Fezo Smooth
Moody Bass
Gentle Zone
Slide Pons
EP Flowers
EP Choos
Dyno Beller
Key Strings
Bell Brights
MX StrWheel
Flute Wander
Palisade RS
Pad Smooths
Padonis RS
Jupe Shupes
Rhaspy Cut
Layer Bells



01 BeautyPads 33 AsiaTonics
02 SlowMorass 34 SlowWhisps
03 Night Rays 35 WanderWithMe
04 NewAgeBellers 36 MidAgeBeats
05 GuitarAxis 37 Tonic Keys
06 PianoVoces 38 Lonely Bell
07 JungleLove 39 Bell Symphs
08 Smoothtics 40 Bell Alleves
09 Thoughtless 41 Pantel Pons
10 Guitarasps 42 X Wonderers
11 FluteOsmosis 43 MyLighters
12 HolyGhosts 44 SimplePons
13 VocoOasis 45 VoxSwathers
14 IndianZone 46 BellWXPads
15 NewAgeTech 47 SynHopeful
16 SmoothVision 48 SmoothLayers
17 MarimStacks 49 PX Swirlers
18 PanRenewal 50 MovieTrack
19 PanSmooths 51 NightSquigs
20 Thoughtfuls 52 GuitarWaves
21 Beller Rays 53 HollowKeys
22 Wintery Ice 54 PaddleLove
23 Crystalline 55 EPKeyBreaths
24 Bell Mixers 56 VoceNights
25 Thoughtless 57 SynWhistler
26 Light Hoppers 58 MusicBoxHs
27 Asiamatics 59 New Wonders
28 FluiBells 60 Aah Waters
29 Metallishift 61 JupeWavers
30 Fantasias 62 BellBoxers
31 SynthWishes 63 Layer Bells
32 Key Layers 64 Dreamy Waves

128 All-New Patches,
and 64 Performances per bank.

Synth Pic



Just try to wrap your ears around these mind-bendingly 5-dimensional soundscapes! These new sounds, quite simply, to be honest, go way beyond filmscape material. They're, dynamic, powerful, and inspiring farscape fillers. Featuring cool wild trance-like hypnotic sound arrays that float and soar around your sonic soundspace, dizzying you into a trance. Some are fx-laden, some rhythmic, some pad-based, some musical, there is a huge array of sounds from which you can create your next masterpiece. Whether you're using the film sounds as background sounds or sounds central to your mix, you will never get bored with these sounds! They're so dynamic and powerful, they inspired a whole new set of sounds coming soon.

Patch Names:


001 A01 FilmPlanar 033 C01 Microbial 065 E01 Micronesia 097 G01 Quantum Ray
002 A02 ScanPhoric 034 C02 OceanicsXY 066 E02 Hydrascope 098 G02 Hollow Zone
003 A03 Patterners 035 C03 GhostPortal 067 E03 Schockerrr 099 G03 PlanaDrome
004 A04 Planar3D 036 C04 FinalVocal 068 E04 TriangulateMe 100 G04 SpeciesXYZ
005 A05 Vocule Soft 037 C05 Choralasis 069 E05 Hydro Swarm 101 G05 Phaseonics
006 A06 ZingZanger 038 C06 Zoner Ray 070 E06 Vox Tabules 102 G06 SpinControl
007 A07 DeepThroat 039 C07 Speculosis 071 E07 Far Off Vox 103 G07 Slapper XR
008 A08 HydraScope 040 C08 EnergizeMX 072 E08 Advancer XY 104 G08 Space Time
009 A09 Portal Flyer 041 C09 SpaceBassX 073 E09 SneackerQX 105 G09 SpanPantane
010 A10 WaveFormers 042 C10 TakeOverRay 074 E10 Drum Forms 106 G10 Poly Tonxx
011 A11 PorticleRay 043 C11 Pantasia X 075 E11 RockOut5-D 107 G11 Tekka Drone
012 A12 SinisterSyn 044 C12 ChoralBlanket 076 E12 MotiveGesture 108 G12 CanYouBreathe
013 A13 Planet2000 045 C13 Transcendental 077 E13 XR Control 109 G13 Tracheosis
014 A14 DiggleDayGlo 046 C14 Toinc Helis 078 E14 AahRelaxers 110 G14 RayGunXRP
015 A15 BuzzerCutter 047 C15 Lander X Ray 079 E15 Parallax XP 111 G15 LostZoneSX
016 A16 X-ActoTone 048 C16 MasterBlaster 080 E16 Fire Signs 112 G16 Digital Code
017 B01 SwirlersMX 049 D01 Portal Wave 081 F01 5-DStation 113 H01 Turntable X
018 B02 DreamFlute 050 D02 TekkaPounce 082 F02 WaterMoment 114 H02 Wind Tunnel
019 B03 Helioscope 051 D03 WaterBubble 083 F03 FieldofFly 115 H03 Planettack
020 B04 SwizzleStick 052 D04 Jungle Zone 084 F04 DigitalDrone 116 H04 Porticles X
021 B05 FantasyZone 053 D05 PhantomGhost 085 F05 SpaceCrack 117 H05 X Runner X
022 B06 Sequential 054 D06 Speculates 086 F06 Space Panic 118 H06 WaveShocker
023 B07 WardOffEvil 055 D07 ChoralPlugger 087 F07 Gravattack 119 H07 FantaxMRXP
024 B08 TechnoCodeX 056 D08 CrCroakerrr 088 F08 Electrosis 120 H08 Trek Attack
025 B09 ThoughtFlute 057 D09 NightMoves 089 F09 MrStingRay 121 H09 Voyager X
026 B10 Holobreather 058 D10 XY Wavicles 090 F10 Spanner 200 122 H10 Notioners Y
027 B11 WallScrape 059 D11 X Array 091 F11 FilmRunner 123 H11 Wavicles XX
028 B12 OminousssX 060 D12 Disconics X 092 F12 WarlockWave 124 H12 Hyper Stretch
029 B13 MyHarmony 061 D13 ColdIceform 093 F13 Scopiosis X 125 H13 Earth Drone
030 B14 PhantomZone 062 D14 DiscoStation 094 F14 HelioScans 126 H14 X-Villager
031 B15 Vocalescence 063 D15 Computasis 095 F15 Pantosis XR 127 H15 HydrasisXX
032 B16 X RayWaves 064 D16 Pluralis 5 096 F16 PaddleDrone 128 H16 Pantel Attaxx


FILMSCAPE 5-D performances

01 FrontComing 33 ColdRayGun
02 TekkaFilm5 34 Sci Zoners
03 PrimeWaters 35 Spin Control
04 StarShifters 36 SmackAttack
05 Fluteosis 37 VocPassion
06 Heliotrobe 38 Layer Love
07 Wonderwhisps 39 Soft Vocule
08 Spin Trader 40 Lookout Stn
09 ElectroLab 41 DawnNewDay
10 Abnormal X 42 ColdChambers
11 Helicore MX 43 DarkMoment
12 Helical Coil 44 Indian Night
13 Planet Ray 45 Miind Meld
14 Time Portal 46 AlienSyndrome
15 Phantom Zone 47 BigSpiderz
16 Space Beats 48 WiggWaggle
17 Night Fantasy 49 Space Basis
18 Dark Moment 50 Light Bright
19 Portal Drone 51 Wavicles RS
20 Planet Force 52 Pelitracts
21 Centralis X 53 PoincTraveller
22 Tech Wrecks 54 Dark Chasms
23 WaverPhonic 55 Zon Wanderer
24 SilkShocker 56 Flyer Loner
25 Discovery X 57 Plura Waves
26 Phantom Zone 58 Zons Demands
27 X Ray Mixers 59 New Tablets
28 Float Portal 60 Compudrome
29 Entrance Z 61 Table Runner
30 Spatial Axis 62 Triumph Zones
31 Drimo Drome 63 Mind Prober
32 Ice Hollows 64 Planetonnix

128 All-New Patches,
and 64 Performances per disk.

Synth Pic

Disco Station


Welcome to a room-filling return to the 70's, 80's and 90's with big dance-floor synth sounds and lots of real-time, dynamic control through the Motif's sliders, aftertouch, mod wheel, knobs and lots more. Disco Station includes a free performance PDF with notes on how you can get the most from the programmability and real-time controls of your new Motif sounds. Lots of pulsing, dynamic, room-filling 70's, 80's and 90's synth sounds, basses, pads, leads and a whole lot more.
This bank includes a special PDF of performance notes for the first 64 voices! ...So you get the most value from your highly programmed pro-rec Motif sounds!
you can see the performance
notes by clicking here.

Patch Names:

Disco Station PATCHES:

001 A01 DiscoAttak 033 C01 TekkaToker 065 E01 Disconic Bs 097 G01 HydroPKeys
002 A02 XXX Breather 034 C02 Electrixx 066 E02 Digo Bass 098 G02 Porticular
003 A03 Moroder BsX 035 C03 Q Blipp 067 E03 Holio Plug Bs 099 G03 Majjicalls
004 A04 Runner Lead 036 C04 Fluella MR 068 E04 PanAbleBass 100 G04 Waviculons
005 A05 SwathersMQ 037 C05 Pulsometer 069 E05 QSnigg Bass 101 G05 XB SynBass
006 A06 Sparklater 038 C06 PhasonicBs 070 E06 GrowlerBass 102 G06 PatchSonar
007 A07 DrumStation 039 C07 DeepPlugBass 071 E07 WaterSwath 103 G07 Scratchers
008 A08 Gun Runner 040 C08 Swarmer Pad 072 E08 TimbaToinc 104 G08 SpackAttak
009 A09 DiscoJammerz 041 C09 Phaseonic 2 073 E09 TechnoTime 105 G09 ZingCrunch
010 A10 Waveformers 042 C10 Ggrrowwler 074 E10 BongoSqueek 106 G10 Telezapper
011 A11 Squig Squeek 043 C11 Snapper Bass 075 E11 BingBonger 107 G11 X Phalanxx
012 A12 PlanetWhir 044 C12 Mod Planar 076 E12 HoliotropeBs 108 G12 Clip Clap
013 A13 Fractal Pen 045 C13 Diggo Plug Bs 077 E13 Big Swell X 109 G13 XZ Swisher
014 A14 TelePhonics 046 C14 Time Tables 078 E14 Tekka Tech 110 G14 Magnet Keys
015 A15 Buzzer Cutter 047 C15 X-Sweeper 079 E15 Talker Bass 111 G15 BoingoBong
016 A16 Poly XX 048 C16 SmickSmackBs 080 E16 Cutter Bone 112 G16 SpankSequence
017 B01 Spangle Bass 049 D01 LunarZipper 081 F01 WaveStation 113 H01 BouncePounce
018 B02 Crime Time X 050 D02 SponkSponk 082 F02 Smick Smack 114 H02 SynthSwash
019 B03 SideWinders 051 D03 X Crinkles 083 F03 Diggo Bass 115 H03 MoroderBass
020 B04 Phaseattax 052 D04 Alphatrope 084 F04 SweepDynamic 116 H04 MoroderBass2
021 B05 Logic Runners 053 D05 Dr.DrePulseBs 085 F05 Panatos Bs 117 H05 MoroderBass3
022 B06 UltimaPadd 054 D06 Wig Waggler 086 F06 Dognetics 118 H06 Dance Happens
023 B07 Pan Runner 055 D07 Panatanes 087 F07 SwathSmash 119 H07 Spoigle Bass
024 B08 ModWhlYaya 056 D08 MetaliEdgeBs 088 F08 TimbaToinc 120 H08 SlapClapper
025 B09 VocosPanos 057 D09 PoinoPoinc 089 F09 SnapperBass 121 H09 S Particles
026 B10 Hormicles X 058 D10 WaviclesXX 090 F10 ThoincToinc 122 H10 Pelattics
027 B11 Paddler Bass 059 D11 Narsmonic Bs 091 F11 FunkPulseBs 123 H11 X Timers
028 B12 Planar Plan 060 D12 Metallics X 092 F12 StockFlutter 124 H12 Xylos Wave
029 B13 ModTalkerz 061 D13 Sequential Bs 093 F13 SmoothWhlX 125 H13 Tonaic Pros
030 B14 Fat Sambos 062 D14 Sweep Synth 094 F14 Planar Plan 126 H14 Click Trax
031 B15 PanPottBs 063 D15 Pello Toinc 095 F15 Trikklates 127 H15 SporticlesX
032 B16 Hydro Keys 064 D16 Pluralis 5 096 F16 SparkAttack 128 H16 Sonic Traxxx


Disco Station performances

01 Dark Zones 33 PanHydrasis
02 SupraSmack 34 Dance Simple
03 WaveExtreme 35 DigiMasters
04 Hydra State 36 Zone Zinger
05 DiscoStand 37 TekkaTones
06 SmickSonic 38 Wavikkle
07 Quattrixx 39 Syn Mixxer
08 DanceZones 40 TransferStation
09 DiscoHaven 41 Dramattica
10 Q Dynamics 42 Sonogramatic
11 XP Patterners 43 Night Rhyme
12 Dynamixx 44 SynthMatic
13 The Floww 45 SmickSonic
14 WonderWindow 46 Latitudes
15 Syn Injun 47 Static Pulse
16 Syn Zippers 48 X Porticles
17 Wavicles X 49 Xylos Synth
18 DanceItAll 50 Talk Talker
19 DanceTronic 51 Sequentials
20 Rock Transfer 52 PanaThrope
21 Tribal Dance 53 WaveSorter
22 Rubberific 54 Sticky Pulse
23 Palatasia S 55 Oxiotrope
24 M Dynamite 56 Smakattack
25 HydraTraxx 57 QRS Zones
26 Syn Stories 58 Vocos Panox
27 DigimaticS 59 Tech Tonnix
28 HelioSonic 60 Night Drive
29 DarkNights 61 Specktacle
30 Holionics X 62 Tick Tokker
31 TouchSource 63 SupraPunch
32 Dance Rhyme 64 Smack Zone

128 All-New Patches,
and 64 Performances per disk.

Synth Pic


Super Poly for the Motif features a rich collection of fat, smooth, retro analog synths and great dance and synth hits, leads, pads and basses. Synthetic synths with that rich poly analog flavor. Retro keys, smooth poly leads, bright synth hits, fat fat basses.

Patch Names:


001 A01 Pan Poly 033 C01 Tiny Plugs 065 E01 PolyRunner 097 G01 Saw Polits
002 A02 Plantonics 034 C02 Poly Funk 066 E02 Poly Loose 098 G02 Light Chords 
003 A03 PolyCallio 035 C03 Fat Bug Bs 067 E03 Scratchy 099 G03 Puggle Bass
004 A04 HydroSonus 036 C04 Poly Mallet  068 E04 Pun Bass 100 G04 Pulsar Bass
005 A05 PolyResons 037 C05 Acid Poly Tn   069 E05 Poly Magnet 101 G05 Polar Pons
006 A06 SyncTronBs 038 C06 SimpleSmooth 070 E06 Holionics  102 G06 TalkToMe 
007 A07 Transcienx 039 C07 Scooter Bass   071 E07 HomelyKeys  103 G07 Polar Bass 
008 A08 RoughPoly 040 C08 PantaBrite 072 E08 Duggo Bass 104 G08 Mini Plugs 
009 A09 PolyPlugBs 041 C09 Spanniker 073 E09 SimpleStar  105 G09 PolyPonsKy 
010 A10 Key Sweeps 042 C10 AquaPulsBs 074 E10 SynthRider 106 G10 Poly Toincs
011 A11 PolyWarbler 043 C11 Squiggy 075 E11 Filtrates  107 G11 Contrl Bass
012 A12 BandwidthX 044 C12 Dig PolyBs 076 E12 Pantar Bass 108 G12 Dynamic Keys
013 A13 Padre Plug 045 C13 DiggySquig 077 E13 Tonnicals 109 G13 Rich Poly Pad  
014 A14 HydroPanes 046 C14 Smooothy 078 E14 PadreLtKeys 110 G14 Panic Bass
015 A15 PeloSync 047 C15 Plane Symph  079 E15 PolySymphs 111 G15 Hoodoray
016 A16 Poly Dynam  048 C16 Tingler 080 E16 Dubble Bs 112 G16 Scope Bass
017 B01 Poly Syns 049 D01 Rider Bass 081 F01 PolyMoogTn 113 H01 PX Plugger
018 B02 Polyfluous 050 D02 Quadrants 082 F02 Poly Twist  114 H02 Fuzzy Wuzzy
019 B03 Pan Bright  051 D03 Poly Poles 083 F03 Big n Fat 115 H03 Poly Pan Keys  
020 B04 Praxis Keys 052 D04 Fat Snap 084 F04 Oinkle Keys 116 H04 Spanky Bass
021 B05 DigiPaddls  053 D05 StackSynth 085 F05 FatSmoothy 117 H05 Growl Bass
022 B06 Poly Tonx 054 D06 Asia Lead 086 F06 Polar Bass 118 H06 Zone Bass
023 B07 Syn Pons 055 D07 MetaloBass 087 F07 Spiker Keys   119 H07 Squizzle
024 B08 Hydronics 056 D08 PolyDbleBass 088 F08 Canto Bass 120 H08 Poly Gong 
025 B09 PX Brights 057 D09 Hydronix 089 F09 PX Spinner  121 H09 Cutter Wide
026 B10 PluggoDugo 058 D10 Poly Poincs 090 F10 Pantel Keys   122 H10 PsychoTrope
027 B11 Woggler 059 D11 PolySoftKys 091 F11 Digo Lead 123 H11 Turn Tonx
028 B12 Fat Attix 060 D12 RoughRider 092 F12 SmoothOver 124 H12 Dance XXX
029 B13 MoogSmooth 061 D13 BoingoKeys  093 F13 VoxPluggers 125 H13 Tonc Tonnix
030 B14 Poly Tribe 062 D14 OingoBoiBs 094 F14 PhantaxKeys  126 H14 Sparx FX
031 B15 PolytroniX 063 D15 PolyTubes 095 F15 Bigg Stacks  127 H15 Total Eclipser
032 B16 PantonicBs 064 D16 Poly Praxis 096 F16 Super Zings 128 H16 Big Rig XX


SUPER POLY performances

01 Poly Dance 33 VocoDouble
02 Dynamic Ray 34 Big Planets
03 Planattack 35 Major Attax
04 Dirigibles 36 Industrial
05 Robonics 37 SynthViper
06 Sequential 38 PanatropicDrug
07 DanceXenon 39 Metalimix
08 Big Punn 40 Metal Mallet
09 Fannaticul 41 Poly Traxx
10 Hard Buzzer 42 India Phone
11 Spannerz 43 Dynatronix
12 Diggy Doo 44 Key Pulser
13 Big Bumpers 45 Spin Snappy
14 Smish Smash 46 Red Zoner
15 Poly Smooth 47 Cutter Zone
16 Stab Tribe 48 Tekknikalz
17 Poly Robot 49 SynthSplits
18 Dynatrope 50 Quadrants
19 Sinple Poly 51 Pulsetronix
20 Bigg Rigg 52 Tonx Trial
21 DepechRoll 53 Bone Panic
22 StabRhasper 54 LeadSplitter
23 Poly Tines 55 Mystery X
24 Poly Roller 56 Praxis Tech
25 Space Based 57 PulseMover
26 Pan Plastic 58 PulserPan
27 Space Spray 59 RetroViper
28 Vibrant Vol 60 Growl Bumps
29 SmoothRider 61 Tron Trak
30 PlentiZone 62 BoingoBongs
31 Euro Ray 63 Bigg Kutz
32 Bigg Spinner 64 Bugga Boo

128 All-New Patches,
and 64 Performances per disk.

Synth Pic



Synth sFX for the Motif features super cool synth FX - not just random blips and bleeps but really cool, intricate, original sounds you can use as cool song intros, cool drums, background textures, unique rap & r&b percussion / fx, background textures, cool drums, production originals & much more. Filled with sounds you'll find nowhere else and on no other synths. Just for you. Use the ARPs for even wilder effects and loops. A fertile source of sound ideas.

Patch Names:


001 A01 SFX Opener 033 C01 Mr. Big 065 E01 SmackSmick 097 G01 Water-like
002 A02 PowWowWow 034 C02 CutX<Mod> 066 E02 Scratchet 098 G02 PlugPliggo
003 A03 RingoBingo 035 C03 Whizzer 067 E03 CatharTixx 099 G03 Bingolater
004 A04 Spekka 036 C04 Oogles 068 E04 Spintastic 100 G04 GRapplerz
005 A05 Quattrax 037 C05 Whiteline 069 E05 Quiddikers 101 G05 PlugPligger
006 A06 Squiggles 038 C06 Spark Plug 070 E06 Tekh Sho 102 G06 TalkToMeXX
007 A07 DigiZipper 039 C07 PoGs 071 E07 PuhLunk 103 G07 UndoMundo
008 A08 ZipperZapper 040 C08 Paddler 072 E08 Rambler 104 G08 SnapCrackle
009 A09 Flappe<Mod> 041 C09 SplixSplice 073 E09 Cracklers 105 G09 Tikk Tokk
010 A10 Phantaxx 042 C10 Phocoder 074 E10 ShakereFX 106 G10 FantaBooth
011 A11 RoboticS 043 C11 Plickits 075 E11 Hovercraft 107 G11 SpacePrime
012 A12 RoverScratch 044 C12 Splecko 076 E12 Mistikul 108 G12 Trekklater
013 A13 Sidewinder 045 C13 RotoRooter 077 E13 PlingPlong 109 G13 Holionics
014 A14 BingoBoing 046 C14 ScribScrub 078 E14 PanT<Mod> 110 G14 Plikkets
015 A15 Pantixx 047 C15 Jeep Kreep 079 E15 TribalDancer 111 G15 Pingko
016 A16 Pentacle 048 C16 Droptics 080 E16 ZiPzAp 112 G16 Vocozone
017 B01 Tekknikals 049 D01 Centralix 081 F01 Faultline 113 H01 Crickles
018 B02 Strummers 050 D02 GrumpGrowl 082 F02 Poly Twist 114 H02 Tribe-Ex
019 B03 Miggy 051 D03 Transitix 083 F03 Penkater 115 H03 Trance FX
020 B04 Trichlates 052 D04 Sparlate X 084 F04 Squoke 116 H04 SpeggoPegg
021 B05 Digiboo 053 D05 Divination 085 F05 SonnicTonE 117 H05 Iffy
022 B06 Scrusher 054 D06 Spektakle 086 F06 Bong Dongo 118 H06 SoniPluck
023 B07 Revekon 055 D07 Bizz Buzz 087 F07 Portis 119 H07 Split Splax
024 B08 XRayWarbler 056 D08 FarOffDream 088 F08 TekkoTrack 120 H08 Pluggalic
025 B09 TrunkoJunko 057 D09 Quaffers 089 F09 TekkSwitch 121 H09 CutterWide
026 B10 Spintacles 058 D10 WiggWiggoo 090 F10 Spinetone 122 H10 TinkTank
027 B11 Mixelplik 059 D11 Cricklez 091 F11 BligBleeper 123 H11 Metalitite
028 B12 Pulseline 060 D12 Gripplex 092 F12 Ribalacious 124 H12 PanOrbiter
029 B13 Squiggle 061 D13 Tonnical X 093 F13 ThunderScort 125 H13 DrummerMan
030 B14 Oscillater 062 D14 SpaceWoggle 094 F14 BiSpanners 126 H14 SqueezeSqze
031 B15 FlighTRisk 063 D15 SplishSplash 095 F15 Phonicalls 127 H15 Pidentical
032 B16 TekTransfer 064 D16 Junipperz 096 F16 Waveola 128 H16 Spinner XX


SYNTH SFX performances

01 Hyperspray 33 SpacePhase
02 Spin Tank 34 Ssssimple
03 Phonnix 35 PonPlatter
04 ZippyZapper 36 Hollowwws
05 WaterCrackle 37 ZimmJammer
06 WowwyPowwy 38 Hydrokord
07 Wigghates 39 SpaceOddity
08 Ephemerals 40 Metalikka
09 FaultLines 41 Hydrozone
10 SparkSmark 42 Plegromatic
11 ScripScrap 43 PantaWhistle
12 Bionic Man 44 PhonicSense
13 AlienAttix 45 PlinkPlonk
14 Quaddix 46 Sidentics
15 PhasEx 47 Squeeze
16 ZipRunners 48 TalkTrekk
17 Wavicles X 49 Mixx Mexx
18 Bong Boing 50 ScritchScratch
19 DanceDrone 51 Oscillates
20 Gum Rusher 52 CrickCrackler
21 TribalCricks 53 Phannattix
22 Buggaboo 54 Pong Blong
23 Squogee 55 Cricktick
24 PonicSonic 56 Kreep Peep
25 SpaceCase 57 Hydrates
26 GumpyZones 58 SpawnPanox
27 Phantasmix 59 KlipKlap
28 Pulsetonic 60 PanicDrive
29 Phantasm 61 Kult Throb
30 SquigglesX 62 Pog Wheelz
31 Alternatix 63
Loose Phaze
Slooow Zone

128 All-New Patches,
and 64 Performances per disk.

Top Reviews:

We have some great user comments from actual customers!

These are really amazing patches!
Excellent use of FX, Arps, Ctrlrs...........I'm impressed!!!
Well worth the wait.

I have bought all 5 of your MOTIF-banks and am VERY HAPPY with these!
Motif Customer

I would definitely recommend Pro-Rec’s four soundsets for the Motif, particularly since they use the Motif's waveforms. Plus they can teach you about motif's lfos, etc, so you can learn how such voices are created. Bottom line: go with Pro-Rec’s four new soundsets for Motif. Jonathan runs a great web site and company, so you cannot go wrong.

I've just received an email from Pro-Rec saying there's a brand new 'disco Station' bank for Motif - I've not tried it yet - but if the quality's as good as their recent releases, this should be brilliant. At this rate, i'll never need to use any of my other keyboards again!
All the best, Tony

I recently bought Dance patches for Motif from pro-rec and thought they were really good. After playing them I decided to try recording and ended up with an unusual sounding song The majority of the sounds are arppegiated and there is a variety of them. They include fat and powerful basses, unusual leads, pads and lots of musical effects.
Motif Customer

Thanks for the sounds, guys!  Don't wanna waste too much of your time with comments so let me just say this: the sounds simply ROCK! Thanks so much. Having so much fun with them I have to be dragged away from my Motif by force.
Laurentiu, a customer who had just
received New Age & Pads Filmscape 5-D

I just got my order for Motif Dance MX sent to me --
I got to tell ya, if you're doing trance or any kind of dance stuff, these patches are great. I wish they had a few more pads, but not bad so far. I'll try and make my own demo of them to post.

Motif Customer

The Motif is the greatest synth out there, but with your banks it completely blows away the competition in every respect soundwise! The banks I bought were excellent, many thanks!


The sounds are really great! I really liked most of them, and then there were probably about 20 of them that I just fell in love with (these were usually the ones that had a looooong release, whispy, with lots of dreamy pad textures. ahhhhh! Man!) I can't wait to put this to a song. I will say this - these pads were *exactly* what I needed. I'll let you know when our first song is done with your pads. Thanks so much, man. You guys are awesome! Thanks again, this new age pad set is exactly what I need.

Motif Customer

I'm a very satisfied customer, if you couldn't tell. heh heh! :) New age pads was a blessing!

Motif Customer

Well, I can say this with complete truth... My MOTIF feels completely changed. It feels so much more complete. My biggest concern of the MOTIF (after I surfed through them all) was the lack of voices for us New Age composers. I'm inspired by so many awesome voices from New Age Pads and Filmscape 5D. New Age Pads are soaring with so many great textures I am actually baffled which one to start with. I want to use them all! Filmscape opened up a new world of ideas that I would have never known existed! That's the best way I can describe it.

It's not longer a MOTIF, hehehe, it's more like a..mmm... ahh.. a Pro-TIF. Hehe Seriously though, you've rescued me out of disappointment. The MOTIF seemed to have everything I wanted except for the one thing that I wanted most which was more sonic textures, more pads, more warmth, etc. etc. Most of the MOTIF sounds are very realistic, but not very surrealistic. These new sounds blurred the realism into my own little dream world. I'll make sure to let you know when I get some songs done with em. You guys are the best!

Motif Customer


One Motif customer's in-depth
overview of our New Age Pads patches:

1: Wow, didn't even notice the sparkle that EP warmers had when you hit them harder. This is a great patch!

2: I love the release on this one. cool!

3: Can't put a finger on it. It's good, just not my cup of tea.

4: I like this pad. You know what would be cool is if the main part echoed a little bit more. I can hear the reverb, but I think it'd be cooler with some sort of echo!

5: couldn't do anything to make this pad better! I love it!

6: I like this pad!!!

7: Great patch! oooooo.. I love anything dreamy like this. Is it harmonizing in fifths?

10: This would be a pad that I can see myself using alot. It doesn't stick out and it has a nice flavor.

11: !!!! This is one of my favorites. I love this pad! !!!!!!!

12: A little too buzzy for my tastes, but I would try it out to see how it sounds in a mix.

15: This will end up being great for a lead. I like this one when I imagine how it would sound in a mix.

16: Plucker pads is neat. One thing that would make it kinda cool is if the plucker noise could be echoed, but then again, it wouldn't be a pluck anymore would it? lol!

17: I love echo, so I can't pass this patch. I like it!

18: This is a pad that I would use alot. This is great!!!!

19: a little to plucky sounding, but then again I'm a dreamy pad kinda guy. :) haha

20: I love this bass! First I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I just dig how this would sound. I was playing it too high at first. heh heh!

21: Awesome. It's one of those sounds that you can't use too much, but it's great icing on the cake! yeah!!!

22: hahhaha, this is neat. Great for a lead..

24: ??? heh! hahaha. Not quite my style. :)

25: !!! One of my favorites. I love this patch. This is awesome.

26: This patch will be one of my commonly used patches. It meshes well!

28: It's a really cool patch too.

29: OoOOO, I got chills playing this one. I love this patch

31: I do like this one.

32: Yeah! That attack rocks!

33: I love the ADSR on this one. That rocks. :)

38: !!! Great lead

39: I like this patch.

41: Arps are always cool. This reminds me of tangerine dream!


43: I really love this one too.

46: Cool. I can use these for some tribal type ambience

47: I actually have a flutist. But if I didn't have one in our band, I would use these.

49: Awesome. Wow.

50: Not my cup of tea, but it is in the spirit of analog

52: I LOVE THIS PATCH!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I want in a pad!!!

55: this patch will become another regular. It works well with lots of songs! :)

57: This is pretty cool patch!

61: I always like vox settings. This is neat.

63: Echo! cool. I like this. Echo is always cool in my book.

71: Another GREAT patch!

73: This is NEAT! Slow and cold!!

74: Set to be a patch I use regularly. This is a great balance

75: I like voxes!

76: Perfect EP!

80: Wow! This arp is great!!

82: Gotta comment on this one. This is a great sound effect!

83: I love this one!!! I can use it for leads.

87: YES YES! One of my top favs! I love this patch to death!

89: cool lead. I could work this this one easily! :)

95: This one is interesting. It makes me curious on how I could use it. I do like it, I think I'll have to try this one out in a song before I can decide if I really dig it or not.

96: Neat! Another icing on the cake voice. Can't put too much icing on the cake, but it definately is sweet!

99: Another top winner! I can make really cool songs with this patch

102: Great for a slow song. Don't change this one. :) Very etherial

106: this arp is neat again. Most of the arps that you guys do really works great!

108: The ultimate lead. Nuff said. perfect.

114: I really like this one, but the harmonizing is throwing me off a little bit.

115: Yes! This is what I"m talkin about! woohoo! Dark and dreamy

117: Another winner. I really dig!!

118: haha, I know I said I like echo. This has lots of it. :) This patch will work great as long as the tempo is synced.

119: Great one again. These last few patches are all really wonderful!

121: love the release on this one

122: This is probably my second favorite arp on here. I like playing it low.

127: !!! I really like this one! Holding it down has it's benefits

128: this will be another regular patch that I'll use alot!

I was trying to listen and be a little bit critical so I can give you as much info as I could. I am 1000% satisfied if you would have sent me this batch of patches as the final cut. There are some voices in here that just blow me away. As a MOTIF owner and a New Age composer, I can't go back to not having these pads. Some of the pads feel so natural to play, it was as if it were meant to be stocked with the MOTIF in the first place! My $50 has paid itself back, that's for sure. $2000 keyboard, and I about tripled my pads for $50. haha. Next song, I'm sure we will load it up with your pads. I'm having a blast with them! :)

Motif Customer


Same Motif customer's in-depth
overview of our Filmscape 5-Dpatches:

Here goes. First I'd like to give you my first impression then my overall impression. My first impression was "My god, this stuff sounds better than the New Age pads!" As I was scrolling through the sounds, I just had wonderful ideas on how I could use these sounds. This bank has more exciting stuff! The New Age pads are not as exciting overall. Very sweet, very textured.

The New Age pads (which have some sounds which compete with 5d in terms of icing) overall are more subtle, and when I think about it, this is actually an excellent combination. New Age pads gives me an arsenal of sounds that can be used over and over in many different situations.

Anyways, here goes...
Once again, if I don't comment on a voice, it's not that I don't like it or hate it. It's usually nice but I just don't really have much to say about it. I'll comment on ones that give me ideas, ones I like, and ones I don't much care for....
User Patches... (*-dont think I'll use, ** good, *** great!!, **** EXCELLENT)

Hard to rate the SFX type stuff, so I'll give it a **

1: FilmPlanar-Dark, ambient, cool echo. I dig. Real cool to play low. **

2: Scanphoric- This is great too. I love the whirrrr noise ***

3: Patterners- This is neat. The skitter skatter noises make it very prominent. This isn't a voice that I would use if I wanted to create a peaceful warm ambience, hahaa :) **

4: Planar 3D- I do like this one, but it seems like a rotary sound is taking away some of the glory **

5: VoculeSoft-I can definitely use this voice in a dark, eerie song. **

6: ZingZanger- haha, first I didn't know about this one, but as I played it lower it started to sound really cool. I like what you did with the MOD wheel. It really opens the sound. **

7: DeepThroat- This is another wsssshhhhy voice which provides a great atmosphere. **

8: HydraScope- Lots of reverb in this one. I like! It adds a haunting texture to a song. If held down long enough you can hear the pad behind it. **

9: PortalFlyr-Man! These voices sound so gothic! I love this one!! ****

10: Waveformrs- I could use it in a mix for background ambience. **

11: PorticleRy Another eerie voice. This one scares me. **

12: SinistrSyn- This one can make warm pretty music. Reminds me of space music. ***

13: Planet2000- Like 12, I can make some really great space music with this pad. ***

15:BuzzerCutr- Yeah! The mod wheel makes this arp reall cool. Sounds like something tangerine dream would use. :) ***

16: X-ActoTone. Nice arp. **

17: SwirlersMX- This is a GREAT pad. Very spacey, omg, I love it! ****

18: DreamFlute- Sounds like a new age flute. It's nice, I like. **

19: Helioscope- with the mod wheel, you can make this voice sound really cool. It's more of an ambient effect than a pad.**

20: SwizzleStik- This feels like it would fit perfectly in the New Age pads! :) I like this one. It's nice! Once again, I love what you did with the mod wheel. ***

21:FantsyZone: Warm and sparkly. Very soothing. ***

22: Sequential: Warm, with fleck of ARPs here and there. ***

24:TechoCodeX: Nice arp on this one. This is nice. **

25: ThoughtFlt: Warm pad that opens up the sound. This is nice. **

26: Holobrethr: very breathy sounding, that's for sure. Nice atmospheric sound! **

27: Wallscrape: Breathy Twinkly SFX. It's nice. **

28: OminousssX: Very Ominous. Very useful. I dig. ***

29: MyHarmony: Ahhh, another beautiful pad. Can use this pad for some cool New Age.****

30:PhantomZne: This reminds me of a video game, Silent Hill. Kind of dreary, kind of a SFX sound too. **

31: VocalesceX: Dreamy lead that arps. I like this ***

32: X RayWaves: Outer space SFX. **

33: Microbial: I like this pad too, has a very evident flange. **

34: OceanicsXY: Can't go wrong with this pad. This is a bread&butter pad. ***

35:GhostPortl: Cool! ***

36: FinalVocal: This one is interesting, it has a screamy sound to it. It's nice. **

37: Choralasis: This is fun to hold and play with. Cool arp! ***

38: Zoner Ray: Nice SFX, kinda of strange, kind of nice. haha . **

39:Speculosis: Interesting drum arp. It goes to a unique type of rhythm.**

40: EnergizeMX: Great sound right before the music hits. **

41: SpaceBassX: Cool. Can use this for space music hmm? **

42: TakeovrRay: This reminds me of those 1950's laser gun sounds in the old sci fi movies. **

43:PanatasiaX: Another great arp. This is fun to play***

44: ChrlBlnkt: This pad is great! Warm, almost choral sound but not quite***

45: Trancndtl: Another breathy sfx type pad. **

46: ToincHelis: If you listen hard you can hear the chord. Alot of wash. Not bad! I like!**

47:LanderXRay: hahah, this is one of those icings that I was talking about. Would be cool to use once or twice. **

48: MastrBlstr: This lead punches forward quickly then warbles back. I might use it as a pad. **

49: PortalWave: Atmospheric again! I can find some cool eerie uses for this pad. ***

50: Tekkapounc: Just not my style of bass :). Probably more for trance or something eh? *

51: WaterBuble: Wow, padwash with an arp. It's one of those hard to place type sounds. It could really be cool in a song, it's a very specialized sound. **

52: JungleZone: Reminds me of underwater ripples more. Nice SFX **

53: PhantmGhst: Good lead for spacey music. **

54: (I'm just gonna give the user # from here on out since you know the names anyways :-) ) This is fun! This one I'm going to have fun with ***

56: This creaking door noise is funny :) ***

57: Holding this down is awesome.***

58:A little too reverby for me believe it or not, but it is cool so I'm giving it a ***

59: This is kind of a strange SFX! Good for using in the background of a song though. **

60: So far, this is my favorite lead! This is great!!!!****

61: I like how icey this pad is, with a little bit of whistle in the background ***

62: Tangerine Dream is back again. :) This pad is just cool ***

63: Strange harmonization. Is that a tritone?? haha. scary movie music. **

64: Kinda sound you play when you just landed on a strange planet. **

65: This is one of those pads that you could use in many situations. ***

66: I actually like this pad more as a lead. It's real nice !***

68: Very spacey. **

69: another interesting effect! Sounds like thiscan really accentuate some songs if used right. **

70: it might sound better if it wasn't so warbly, I'm not sure though . :) **

71: This is a great pad to use in conjuncation with another. ***
73: I do like this one. It's one of those specialized sound ***

76: Ahhh, space lead! This is cool. ***

78: this is a great pad. I love this one!!!! Most excellent!****

81: I really like this one too, how it widens the longer you play. ****

82: Jeez, it's like some of my favorite ones are around the end! ****

90: Using this as in intro to a song would be really cool. ***

91: This could lead into an industrial or techno song. I dig! ***

99: this arp is crazy. didn't realize i was even arping until I held it down for a little while.

102: This pad can make some great space music again :) ***

111: This is neat! I know it's more of a SFX, but it's my more favorite SFX ***

113: I can find cool ways to use this pad too. More of an atmospheric background. ***

122: You knew I'd like this one. !! ***

126: whoah! this one is strange and cool at the same time. The arp does a pitch bend. ***

127: Of course I would dig this SFX, its very spacey ***

128: This is a cool arp. ***

Overall: If used correctly, this voice bank can bring out the best: especially if you like to do space music, or ambient/dark music. I do like these voices overall, they are mostly "icing on the cake type" sounds. Combined with New Age pads, these new sounds will take the stage. :)
New Age pads are still my favorite, but the Filmscape 5-d will sound even cooler in the mix cause it's more upfront and happenin!. Thanks!

Motif Customer


My user review of first two pro-rec Motif banks:
I took the plunge and ordered the 4 sets of pro-rec sounds - the first two sets have been released (Dance and Tech sounds) which I received easily by email.

Before you load the sounds, restore the user waveforms to the factory settings (the ones with the M25 and Cool Wah guitar sample data). If you don't (as I didn't at first), the pro-rec sounds probably won't sound quite as pro-rec intended.

Once safely loaded into the Motif, the sounds are really really good - there're perfect for their respective music types, and the banks (so far) contain a wide selection of sound types - plenty which you can sit back and enjoy playing on their own, as well as plenty of more abstract sounds (many with arpeggios assigned) useful for ambience or constructing other sounds and performances from.

The performances are equally well created. Most appear to use unedited internal Motif drum voices along with the Yamaha drum arps, but the pro-rec performances really bring out the best of the dance arps and drum kits. Other than the drum voices, I don't think they use any other preset voices from Motif.

Very occassionally, as you go through the sounds, you can hear a familier waveform in a voice, which Pro Rec have used in another sound (suggesting that Pro Rec had one or two favourites out of the 85Mb of waveforms). In future releases, as Yamaha and Keyfax have done, it would be good to see them including new waveforms in their banks, whether they be sliced drum samples or multisamples
The performances cover a 'wide' range of styles within the bank's designated music type (no latin rhythms in the tech bank for example). Though this applies equally to the Yamaha performances shipped with the Motif, with some of the performances, it can seem tricky to know what to do with them (they may not seem appropriate for patterns or whole songs); but there are plenty of Motif owners and users out there who probably will make use of them all, and in any case, they'd make great sample loops.

Overall though, the performances seem very well put together (try the sustain pedal for some brilliant and surprising effects), and are great fun to sit down for an hour or so and play with; it's slightly saddening when you reach performance number 64 and disover that there's only 64 (though Pro Rec's website does show this).

There are two more banks being designed at the moment, due for release within the next two months. At $49.00 for a bank of 128 voices and 64 performances, there're not bad value, considering the quality of the patches. At the moment though, if you order the first two banks at the same time as preordering the second two, you get all four (that's 512 new voices and 256 new performances) for $129.00; a saving of nearly seventy dollars.

Theoretically, you can of course attempt to make up all the voices Pro Rec have made with the Motif, but it's unlikely you'd end up with the sounds they've created (and it would take quite a while). New sample data would have been a welcome addition and would have made their sounds completely unique, but with the Motif's internal data so strong, it would have been unnecessary.

Pro-Rec have done a great job, and if you're looking for new sounds which aren't pianos or military hardware (if you are, try Motif Mart), these could be what you're after.
Hope this helps!

(user review posted on motifator.com)

Quick Pro-Rec Voice set review.......7 out of 10

I got the first 2 banks of voices from pro-rec.com. They are Dance MX and TechQSX. They are both intended for techno and dance music. Each bank comes with 128 All-New Patches, 64 Performances, and 1 Drum Kit.

I would give these voice sets a 7 out of 10. They are both pretty good in some ways and not as good in others. I will say that if you are into either of these generes you will rate these voices higher than I did. I'm not as much into them, but and waiting for the second banks as that's MY niche (they are New age pads AND Filmscape).

First the voices themselves are well programed. I like the variety of voices here. I think they could have grouped them into groups of basses, leads, pads, Ect. Overall pretty good.

They volume of these voices is pretty loud. I don't know how they increased the volume of the samples that much but they are LOUD. I had to turn down the MOs output to 0db instead of the normal +6 to +12 I normally work at thought my digiatl connection. I even had to turn down the Attenuation on the Digital input for my sound card.

I wish they had made more use of after touch and Mod wheel on these banks. Most banks do use Mod wheel but I expected to to be more. The voices DO use the arpegiator a great deal. I'd estimate that half or more of the voices are using ARPs. It's pretty impressive. It does maky you wish for a second arpegiator though is you use more than one of these cool voices in a song of Performance. So If you use one in performace, Forget the drums. In pattern mode you would be able to use the drum patterns, Etc.

They have 64 performances that come with the voices that are pretty interesting. Some are interesting sounds that I couldn't use to play anything. The big complaint with the Performances it that they must not know how to transpose the voices. Nearly every left hand part is unplayable because it's just too low. Only the first 5 keys to the left of the split are playable and farther left is to low to discriminate any tone. I have edited nearly every performance to fix this. It only take a few seconds for each so it's not a big deal.

The Leads are mostly wild sounds.
The Basses are nearly all using the ARP and some are really great and some are I bit too wild for me.
The Pads are GREAT! If this is a little taste of the Pads that are coming down the Pipeline then WOW, I can't wait!
Most of the Syn Comp voices are pretty good too.
Anyway, if you want some wild techno or Dance voices these are them.

If you are waiting for the second 2 banks, then for the
$20 something dollars more for all four banks, these are worth it. You will find a bunch of useable voices.

Overall I'm a happy man.
I'm including a not so small sample of output from the TECH QSX voices. I'll try to get the other one done as well. Have to avoid the Wife.

(user review posted on motifator.com)


more reviews coming soon. :)

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