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Pro-Rec Has Been The #1 Producer Of Synth
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ALL Titles for the Korg TRITON EXTREME!

1 Dance EXTREME (NOW HERE!) [demo]
2 Synths EXTREME (NOW HERE!) [demo]
3 New Age EXTREME (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Filmscape EXTREME (NOW HERE!) [demo]

Just $49.90 each

Bulk Special! Get all 4 for just $129!!
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AND, fill your EXTREME with sounds for the Standard
TRITON and Triton Pro from
our NEW professional
Triton Producer Series!:

1 Ultra Pads (NOW HERE!) [demo]
2 Poly Synths (NOW HERE!) [demo]
3 Smooth Leads (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Buzz Fuzz (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Chiffs & Bells (NOW HERE!) [demo]
EPs & Keys (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Synth Basses (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Synth sFX (NOW HERE!) [demo]
Resonance & Phase (NOW HERE!) [demo]

Our Triton Essentials Series:
10 Dance Essentials (NOW HERE!)
11 Tech Essentials (NOW HERE!)
12 Pads & Panascapes (NOW HERE!)

Our Original Triton Series:
13 Dance
14 Techno/Synth
15 New Age
16 Film 4-D

Our Triton MOSS Series:
18 Techno
19 Film 3-D

Get them with Triton standard sounds!
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Any 7 for $199!
Any 10 just $299!
Any 15 just $399!
Any 19 $499!
All 23, $599!

Want to know how we could make so many sound banks?
We've been doing this for 15 years.
Second, we are the #1 synth programming
company in the world, and our sounds have
been top rated in almost every synth
publication and web site in existence.

Third, we love the Triton! :)

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Triton EXTREME Sounds!:

Series PCGs
(Set of 4!)

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1 Dance EXTREME (new!)
2 Synths EXTREME (new!)
New Age EXTREME (new!)

4 Filmscape EXTREME (new!)

Just $49.90 each

All 4 for just $129!

You may combine these with the bulk packs for Triton standard sounds below.

Our newest Triton library takes advantage of the Triton EXTREME waveforms! Fill your synth with top shelf pro-programmed sounds for your compositions!


On floppy
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Just $49.90 each

Any 4 for just $129!
Any 7 for $199!
Any 10 just $299!
Any 15 just $399!
All 19 $499!

Get the best sounds for your synth, at great prices. We can even email you your sound today! :)

Series PCGs
(Set 4)

On floppy
or by email.

1 Ultra Pads (new!)
2 Poly Synths (new!)
Smooth Leads
4 Buzz Fuzz (new!)
Chiffs & Bells (new!)
EPs & Keys
7 Synth Basses
Synth sFX
Resonance & Phase

Our newest Triton library introduces our new Producer Series, featuring a wide range of essential, top shelf-programmed sounds for your compositions.

(Set 1)

On floppy
or by email.

10 Dance Essentials
11 Tech Essentials
12 Pads & Panascapes

Our newer Triton library has some cutting edge new sounds with some great combis - one-button push starter points for songs!

(Set 2)

On floppy
or by email.

13 Dance
14 Techno/Synth
15 New Age
16 Film 4-D

Our original Triton library features some great great stuff.


On floppy
or by email.

17 MOSS Dance
18 MOSS Techno
19 MOSS Film 3-D

Our MOSS Series takes advantage of the optional MOSS expander from Korg. All-new patches!

Mac or PC Email
Floppy Disk (Same)

$6 First Class Mail in U.S.
$14 Air Mail Internationally
$0 by Email


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Some Quick Recent Reviews of our Top Rated Traditional Triton Sounds From Our Customers:

Reason for latest order: "Dance essentials was awesome." Jim. Triton customer on his second of many orders!

Received with Jim's third order: what made me purchase: "Because previous purchased synth sounds are still awesome!" Jim, Korg Triton LE customer.

I am the happiest KORG TRITON owner in the world!! ULTRAPADS is PERFECT!!!!! I love the atmosphere this collection provides,so much motion and atmosphere!! Almost as good as my KORG Z1 Filmscape 3-d!! Keep up the good work!! R.M.

Big kudos for your film and new age programming. Inspiring! - Bruce, Triton and Karma customer

Your triton sounds are killer, particularly the synths and basses. Thanks again for producing such usable products. Best wishes. PH

Got the sounds for the Triton and they are great. Even more arsonal to go at. The basses are fantastic and the BUZZ FUZZ disk is fantastic. Just the
kind of sounds needed for our Hard Dance tracks.
Good work

I bought all the disks available for the Triton (including MOSS). Excellent sounds by the way!!!
Thanks, Paul

As you may have seen I did end up placing an order for Triton Le sounds which have already arrived, and I have started going through them.
There are definitely some very good sounds there!
Because of the quality - I have literally just placed an order for some sounds for my Korg N5 -so at least you know all your personal efforts and time have been
rewarded not only with 1 order but 2 in as many days and more importantly, from a very satisfied customer.

Thank you!
Best wishes,

Hi, Thank you for the fantastic 7 Triton
sound disks you emailed me today!
Thank you. The sounds are great.
Please make more.
Greetings from Germany, Dirk

Just wanted to let you know that my disks arrived this morning... so quick from your side of the pond... I am so pleased with the sounds...
Kind of like a kid in a candy store... which one to choose!!!! Keep me posted of anything new, I'll look in from time to time.

Seeya. Karl

These cards are nice - plenty of new timbres to work with and manipulate, especially the analog sounds. I purchased the Triton banks DANCE, TECHNO/SYNTH, NEW AGE & FILM4-D. The sounds are all great!

- Customer from Berlin

I just got the last one of the set this morning.
Thanks a lot, these sounds are great!

- Dan

Hopefully the remainder are as good as that Film set :) Good for the occasional sci-fi soundtrack-style song, the pads and atmos-style sounds are mostly amazing. I must have played half an
hour with "evolution" alone ! "music boxers" and "cracklers" are just 2 of my other favorites from the set I have currently loaded.

- A Triton MOSS customer,
ordering the rest of the set.

"Greetings Pro-Rec! First I would like to say that I am very happy with the Triton sounds, all 4 disks sound great...nice job!" -- Triton Customer

"The sounds are fantastic!...excellent product.
Thanks again." - Paul.
-- Triton Customer

Check out Korg's quotable on our Triton sounds, coming from Korg management, itself...:
"Play and enjoy the sounds - they're really quite good!!" - Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA

Korg management's comments on our company, Pro-Rec:
"Pro-Rec is a fine and reputable company who has been providing valuable sound support for Korg products for ten years now. There aren't many third party companies left anymore making new sounds to enhance your use of your instruments -
they provide a good and valuable service to all of us!"
- Jerry Kovarsky Korg Keyboard and Recording Product Manager, Korg USA


Our NEW Triton EXTREME Series



Dance EXTREME uses the brand-new Extreme waveforms to the max! Fat synths, rich basses, sweeping pads, punchy leads and much more fill this bank to the brim with pro-programmed dance and synth sounds of all types! Perfect for dance, hip hop, r&b, and many other styles. Includes 16 of the fattest combinations we've ever heard!

Patch Names:


00 Bright Valvular 32 Transfunctioner 64 White Padness 96 Phenneticals
01 Ponnicle Pad 33 PaddlePluggers 65 Pulse Puncher 97 Tonalities
02 Plongo Noters 34 Phant Asia 66 Pure Tronic 98 SimplicitySix
03 Panatrobes 35 Weggles 67 PoleJammerTwo 99 Big Doom
04 HollowPannatics 36 Pango Bass 68 HarshRaspyKeys 100 SummerMoroder2
05 PhantasmicaBig 37 Power Pulsers 69 Big Phatty 101 RubberThwarper
06 Snaptronics 38 Pennicons SX 70 Fat Dynam Pad 102 Noisy Journey
07 PonsQ<Ribbon> 39 Valvey Keys 71 Cuttrix Keys 103 CompuSwank
08 Retro Probe 40 Plennicals SX 72 Phat Phasers 104 Phantaclear
09 Dynomez 41 Art Of The Vox 73 Plug Punch Bass 105 Elastixx
10 Q Motioners 42 Fat Puncher Bs 74 Fat Dimension 106 Fat Tonality
11 Indian Chaser 43 Ding Dango 75 Cho X 107 Snappy Keys
12 Brightest Keyys 44 Pennacle Bass 76 Phase Dissolver 108 Anafat Pad
13 Power Swells 45 Panang Bass 77 Phennatikul 109 5 Syn Pro
14 PanabulousXRY 46 PhumperStabber 78 ThroatyDeepest 110 Twingle Tones
15 Phoanates 47 PentaculusThork 79 PantronicFatty 111 Throaty Dooms
16 PhennactonesXRX 48 BigPhuppy 80 Belly Runners 112 Chor Swarms
17 Pumpy PumpBs 49 Roboplunge 81 WaveMetrics 113 PlugPhanaticuls
18 Mix Brighters 50 Panticlose 82 PlugPadules 114 CompuplixxSRX
19 Standard Poly 51 Fumper Bass 83 ChorxMetallics 115 UltraSynths
20 PulseSequitor 52 ElimicutrixSRX 84 SynthCuttrix 116 Compuploder
21 SummerMoroder 53 RubberyPunBs 85 Ennaissance 117 TemporalTouch
22 ProcoLogoBass 54 ValvePoletron 86 DynoStams 118 Hydroscaper
23 PhaseChIntro 55 Swank Pons 87 PowerDynams 119 PhaseValvic
24 DancePolys 56 Pulse Locatrix 88 TetricToincSRX 120 AdditionalXRS
25 Punnicle Bass 57 Denali Cutters 89 ScionDynam 121 5ths Lushness
26 ChorX SynKeys 58 Valve Radeon 90 Phunk Trinket 122 Digicode DFX
27 HydrochordKeys 59 Pole Jammer 91 Porticalis NSX 123 SublimaSync
28 DoomyTrancer 60 Hydroliminal 92 Indian Trionic 124 Trinklicates
29 BigPhannaticals 61 Ultratech QRS 93 PulseAttack 125 Macro Pumper
30 Peggiates 62 Pulse Code XRS 94 WarmthSynPad 126 Protocleasis
31 Ponnikers 63 Arp Funk Unit 95 PureThrupeBass 127 PatternStabSRX


00 PulseSwarmers 08 IndianDanceDream
01 Phannaticus 09 Hard Edge Hypno
02 Doomination 10 SynthLighters
03 TorxAppealXRS 11 Protoclearasis
04 Q Crossings 12 Q Triasis Layer
05 HydroliminalPHS 13 TineTranslator
06 RecordThisNow! 14 Mix CrossPlugs
07 Old SkuulRulez 15 Dynamathon

128 All-New Programs and
16 Powerhouse Combinations!



Synths EXTREME uses the brand-new Extreme waveforms and the built-in ARPs to the max! Use the ARPs or turn them off for another layer of playability. These are some very cool sounds... Fat basses, leads, hits, pads and cool motion-laden ARPed synth sounds. Perfect for dance, hip hop, r&b, and lots of other styles. Another set of 16 absolutely world class performances. Some of the coolest combinations we've ever heard!

Patch Names:


00 Smackers 32 Palaswan 64 Zoins Zons 96 PWM Bass
01 Psy Cutters 33 Thimmiers 65 SimpleDance 97 Fat Fumpy
02 Super Swipe 34 Zingymabob 66 DoubleFat 98 PumperBass
03 HitHard&Soft 35 SynPowerRnr 67 PolySnaps 99 TranceRamp
04 Pantrobics 36 ThunkMaster 68 Psy Optical 100 Spinnacle
05 SnappySnicker 37 Trogglayers 69 PlugFloater 101 SwipeSwells
06 BuilderSyns 38 FatPunBs 70 RezTalker<Ri> 102 SparkleBox
07 Hymatticon 39 BrightSyns 71 ZipperZonic 103 SoulDiggy
08 PolarPumped 40 9PointRise 72 ThenkBass 104 ThrombicPlsr
09 SlippyFatt 41 SlippoPunchBs 73 ScionBass 105 VocPulseBs
10 PulseVapor 42 PulsePantel 74 FattPadders 106 PanTronBass
11 IndianStone 43 ValveSweeps 75 HitHard&Soft2 107 ValveonicForce
12 PanDiggo 44 FuttyPunchBs 76 Polarquest 108 PaddleBone
13 Panaphasers 45 SlinkySloper 77 SawStammers 109 ZiggoBass
14 Plongers 46 Zonic 78 DungoBungo 110 Pennitonic
15 TalkFunky<Ri> 47 Panamix SFX 79 Tong Tone 111 ThroatyThrum
16 SlippySlides 48 SwinSlices 80 SlippyBassist 112 ThrongoCut
17 Pons Bass 49 PlunckerBass 81 Phenneticals 113 RubberZones
18 Q Pedals 50 SlippyRubber 82 PhenPulsates 114 ResoPhunkBs
19 Dynatang 51 QuadraSawQ 83 MereMortalsBs 115 TwingTwang
20 Cold Polatron 52 Flambacious 84 PhenPlucks 116 FluggyBass
21 Phenna Pans 53 DigglateBs 85 SlipRibbonBs 117 WeggleWiggles
22 CosmicSwinger 54 ThromPulsers 86 ForbiddenX 118 DarkPulser
23 Electro Bass 55 LateNightHydra 87 PopBubbles 119 PumpItBig
24 Phenkatus 56 PhrumpyBass 88 SpaceSlicers 120 CompuMotives
25 Hydrascope 57 PhasmonicRSX 89 PlunkyBass 121 SlippySloper
26 ThumperPumper 58 Pulse Trobic 90 DreamitisXR 122 LightMagnetix
27 PaddlePump 59 Bumpin Bass 91 Telezoning 123 PolePlugulates
28 Trarpeggio 60 Phantasmastabs 92 ThuggoLeader 124 WarmSwarmers
29 Scramble Bass 61 Washer Leads 93 PanPaddleBs 125 Randomites
30 DimmyBass 62 CompRunning 94 ZipperSlip 126 PhenterikRS
31 MegaSyns 63 PadReversals 95 BigElementz 127 Zongmatic


00 SoulBrights 08 StaggerSimplate
01 SoulBrights2 09 FutureBumps
02 IndianPhineac 10 PlenkPemitank
03 Phenometicon 11 ControlPhase
04 DynamStoners 12 RushMountmore
05 Wondlaters 13 RushMountmore2
06 AnalogPhageas 14 LightShimmy
07 AnalogPhageas2 15 TrumpetShakers

128 All-New Programs and
16 Powerhouse Combinations!



New Age EXTREME makes the most of beautiful the brand-new Extreme waveforms and ARPs to form beautiful, lush pads, strings, vocal washes, slow moving, unfolding, expanding, room filling swirls of all types. Guitars with background pads, strings, and other lush atmospherics that will make your songs come to life. Very relaxing, gorgeous sounds.

Patch Names:


00 Drawstrings 32 GuitarSofts 64 HappyLightness 96 SynthSlithers
01 Openings 33 BeautyCompass 65 Portholes 97 Drammatics
02 Watery Winters 34 WalkerNights 66 GuitarWhisps 98 Slighters
03 Quark Magnets 35 WhisperWhisps 67 MysterySymph 99 StringSweeps
04 Ephemerals 36 Chordalates 68 GamelaChiffs 100 DepthOfDarkness
05 Night Walkers 37 SynMortals 69 BreathCuts 101 ToTheDreamers
06 Dream Portals 38 BellWarbles 70 Glissyando 102 PanPortals
07 VibraPads 39 Phageonics 71 WarmWelcomes 103 FindMyGhost
08 Phanagence 40 Pizz Nights 72 StringStrums 104 AsiaSlippers
09 Vocal Dreams 41 DeepDreamers 73 PianoStrings 105 SilentRadio
10 Float Away 42 ChordalRiffs 74 Mystiquals 106 PluckFlute
11 Entrance To Now 43 FluteyPortex 75 WaterFlute 107 ThoughtfulPans
12 Palawa Soft 44 GlissStrings 76 AsiaMutes 108 SweetSweepers
13 Massive Wash 45 KeyCrystals 77 RichSynPads 109 ClearRisers
14 Ultimaters 46 WashEddies 78 SilentPad 110 VocoSwater
15 Slow Motions 47 InterPetals 79 Musette Ice 111 CutterSofts
16 Quiet Flutters 48 WanderAway 80 Transients 112 SweepingSlopers
17 Cuppulates 49 VocosLight 81 DarkLushes 113 Thinkers
18 Odious Beauty 50 Shimmerdomes 82 PhaseEminates 114 PluckVoces
19 VocalSlipLd 51 VocosPortos 83 VocalClusters 115 HarpChordals
20 Phanatoners 52 DreamWithMe 84 FluteLighters 116 Slippuleads
21 GorgeousArps 53 SlowSynths 85 Darling 117 VocalWashes
22 PWM Softness 54 FlutePrograms 86 Wavulaters 118 IndigoSweeps
23 PhaseFlutters 55 VibraBalances 87 Modular 119 FluteFluster
24 Dymanimates 56 Sidewinders 88 PhaseGenates 120 BellGamelan
25 PWM Deepness 57 FluteAir 89 Phenemerals 121 MutePunchBs
26 LightersXRS 58 Arisings 90 Marimastrings 122 Dischordants
27 ElementalBs 59 VocosFlirtos 91 LightRadiance 123 Clickables
28 ScorePanners 60 SpectralSwirls 92 PatienceIs 124 GlistenWithMe
29 HollowPadders 61 FM EPPadKeys 93 PlugBass 125 DreamAgain
30 Wonderfalls 62 WuuWashers 94 DreamSequence 126 SymphFlyAway
31 PianoPads 63 Crystallines 95 FluteWanders 127 AllIsQuiet


00 SlowDimensions 08 WelcomingWalker
01 PadConnectors 09 StrumSofts
02 PadSymphonies 10 MovieSwish
03 NightElaters 11 Homecomings
04 SilenceOfNight 12 WhenYouFly
05 AsiaMortals 13 Thinkers
06 WanderingLights 14 IntimateNights
07 AnalogPhageas 15 WashAway

128 All-New Programs and
16 Beautiful Combinations!

Filmscape EXTREME (NEW!)


Filmscape EXTREME fills your audio landscape with swirls, slow pads, and room filling, original sounds made on and for the Extreme breathing new life into your sonic palette. These make for great background sounds and any time you need some sonic depth. Cool, original sounds abound from this bank of super film sounds.

Patch Names:


00 Emanations 32 Swarmations 64 HappyLightness 96 Droneasis
01 PlanetPortal 33 BonyNights 65 Flutterals 97 HollowEmpty
02 WarpSpatials 34 StringDraggies 66 AquaTrance 98 PhaseGenerate
03 DepthOfZone 35 DreamIfYouWish 67 SlippySloper 99 Emimetics
04 Washerals 36 StrangeGlisten 68 PortalPhronts 100 IndiaSloths
05 BeautyAirs 37 Tremulates 69 Sparklers 101 Swimmerers
06 FloaterScripts 38 ScopeMagnetic 70 ApproachSlowly 102 JungleLayer
07 SpaceFrequency 39 Dungeoness 71 Phenotopia 103 Elimapole
08 Speculates 40 MortalSpheres 72 ScopeScopic 104 Syn Elements
09 NightWarblers 41 FilmScopers 73 VoxArguers 105 IWonderIfI
10 MereMortals 42 Phenneton 74 DarkOnious 106 ScionMatters
11 GlobeMagnetics 43 Stringulents 75 Meteoric 107 Chrysalis
12 ElderMagnetics 44 DreamLayers 76 Wonderates 108 PoleMagnate
13 Asymov 45 Wenterals 77 DimensionMediate 109 Warblers
14 WashedAway 46 Arpheggiates 78 Dischordant 110 Breathulates
15 Scrattics 47 Codex 79 UnderCurrents 111 SynthPhaseates
16 MaybeTHX 48 OffsetsHypnos 80 CodeWarpers 112 Entrance
17 SwirlCurls 49 Vorticus 81 Pantalates 113 Undulater
18 DarkTradition 50 DeepestDarks 82 Transequencer 114 Clinterics
19 WhiteWaters 51 Scopiaters 83 Haunteds 115 Phenetank
20 Warplates 52 Warpulater 84 DronerZones 116 Pennitates
21 SweetSweepers 53 AirPortals 85 Swillers 117 Dynamoats
22 NightScholars 54 NoisePortals 86 Vibrachords 118 CoolIndigo
23 SpectralBreath 55 Scroasis 87 Washoid 119 Squaddrles
24 PoleMagnetics 56 MaybeIfIRun 88 StrangeRadiation 120 Waticular
25 CentralCore 57 QuantumMagnetics 89 Smoothates 121 Destroyers
26 Pluckulates 58 RadioRays 90 Bring To Life 122 AquaScoper
27 RampPolars 59 Pantropolis 91 TransMetaphase 123 Slightliness
28 IndianMission 60 LetsMeditate 92 Cold Darkness 124 DetuneTheRay
29 DrainDrillers 61 PlanarMotion 93 Pulsar Phonic 125 Scintaurus
30 WashSpeculates 62 Trachulates 94 Synthetic Zone 126 Don'tForget
31 Echoics 63 VortexSweep 95 Alien Landers 127 SweetScience


00 TruePortals 08 DiscoverDepth
01 RunSearchers 09 PlanetLandings
02 SearchTheDepths 10 SyntheticDynate
03 ComeTakeIt 11 Warplers
04 DepthOfSweep 12 MereMortals
05 Pan Portals 13 BigEnterers
06 Core Cutters 14 Intimators
07 ExplorePlanets 15 PlayersBall

128 All-New Programs and
16 Lush Combinations!


TritonHaven.com review of our
Triton Original and MOSS libraries!
(Triton-Essentials Reviews Coming Soon!)

Manufacturer: PROREC:

Titles Pro-Rec Offers for the Korg TRITON:
New Age
Film 4-D

Titles Pro-Rec Offers for the Korg TRITON MOSS:
Film 3-D


I loaded the first file: Dance. The first thing I noticed was that the sounds are great dance sounds but also excellent sounds for other kinds of music. Almost every sound gave me new inspiration to play famous songs or creating new songs. I found many fat lead sounds and basses. For producers who need dance-basses, strong leads and powerful sounds, this is the bank you need! I also listened to the combibank of this file and there is a perfect mix of the programs. In the lefthand part of the keyboard you have mostly the bass sounds and in the right are the lead sounds. Ideal for live playing.

My favorites:
A25 Bigg Sawws: This is a really big fat saw sound.
Sounds like the Van Halen Jump sound. Very usable for me in the band.
A36 PWM Leader: Wow more fat!
A63 Rock outs: Very cool Arp
A107 Basic Instinct: This must be a complex arp, sounds huge!

Techno: This is really another type of board, ..ehm.. I mean file! many zaps, pulse sounds, many arpeggiator sounds. I would call it somewhat an agressive bank with heavy techno! These sounds are for the people who want really alternative music. Sounds that can be tweaked in a way you've never heard before! People who this kind of music have an access virus, a nord lead, moss in this PCG file!

My favorites:
A08 Vaporizer Arp: I can already imagine this sound in a new song!
A89 Snapper keys: Interesting piano sound I've never heard before.
A108 Bright Keyers: Very fat cool sound

New age: Very beautiful bank. You find sweeps, pads, strings, piano sounds with an ambient feel. When you play this bank you get very relaxed. I like this one very much. Dreaming away playing the sounds on my Triton... Never thought I could turn my Triton from a hardcore dancemachine into a dreammachine! This is a wannahave, even if you don't play new age music. I think this pcg could also be used in film music! My favourites: almost all the sounds.

Film: I was very curious about this pcg file, because I always wanted to make filmmusic. Playing through the sounds I saw many films before me. Especially alien movies like the X-files, horror movies and mysteries with breathtaking fx. Also movie intro's and endings are great to create with this bank. It's all just a matter of taste, you need to listen to the sounds yourself.

All I can say is that I'm impressed of the quality of the sounds. A combination of all those sounds would make yours a new Korg Triton. If your into different kinds of music, you have the choice of many great options for your Triton. Highly recommended!

Angelo Houben, Editor



Top Reviews for our
MOSS Sounds:

These banks have all been top rated in "Trinity Haven,"
the leading online Resource for Korg products!

They reviewed our Trinity V3 & Z-1 sounds, which we've
transferred over and are now available for the Triton MOSS!
They got top reviews!! See below.

Here's the entire review:

Now that the Trinity has the capability to take advantage of
the awesome sound engine power of the legendary MOSS,
The guys at Pro-Rec have tapped into a virgin market
by selling a new line of PCGs designed specifically to
take advantage of the extra M-bank.

No one else currently caters to the MOSS card market.
Since the MOSS bank can only hold 64 sounds
(128 for those with the FlashROM option)
each PCG disk comes with two 64 program PCGs.

Dance: $44.90

There were some good sounds on here, but some of
the others sounded very similar to programs that
could be created on the non-M banks.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're
like me, you can never have enough MOSS sounds on
your Trinity. No need to sacrifice a precious MOSS
track if it isn't necessary. But this set is still useful.
Tons of Bass sounds as well as some interesting
stabs and synths. Surpisingly, there are some really
good acoustic guitar programs to be found.

Some of my favorite sounds are Mute Stabber
(P10) and Flexitone Pulse (P48). I don't mean
to down play the DANCE PCG.
Maybe I'm just biased because the TECHNO and
FILM disks are so impressive.

Techno: $44.90

Now were talkin'! Lots of goodies on this set.
I found many of the sounds useful in real world
dance compositions. Lots of basses, zaps, and
synths to keep any dance producer busy.
In program mode you can really appreciate
the use of effects and modulation controllers.
I found a lot of original sounds that I have never
heard before. If you like techno music and you
have a Triton MOSS, then you are doing yourself
a great disservice if you deny yourself this PCG!

Film: $44.90

The title of this PCG is somewhat of a misnomer,
unless the type of film you are thinking about is
some psycho future space thriller.
Or if your favorite soundtrack is Logan's Run then
the title might apply to you. If your thinking of
sweeping orchestral sounds, forget it.
This is not for you. I personally enjoy strange
bizarre sounds and this baby has it all.

Some of the sounds scarred the SH**T our of me!
Very creepy! There are plenty of gurgles and spine
tingling textures to inspire your next avante garde
creation. Some of the sounds are a bit over the top
for actual soundtrack use, but if you are into
dark or quirky ambient, you will love this PCG.

But not every thing on this is strange or harsh.
A few of the Programs are super mood-inspiring lush.
The Film set will push the limits of your MOSS card to
the extreme. Out of all the Pro-Rec MOSS disks,
this one is my favorite. Highly recommended.


Buying advice: Both Film and Techno are great
additions to your PCG library. Dance is above average.
But the special 3 for $99 bucks make the decision easy.
If you bought the Film and Techno that would be 90 bucks
right there. So for another $10 bucks you might as
well get the Dance. There's bound to be something
you like for that kind of chump change!

- Trinity Haven Website

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