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Sound Cards & Disks for
the Roland D-50 & D-550

Pro-Rec brings its award-winning programming to the D-50,
featuring our new D-50 Dance collection. This bank is filled
with 64 great dance patches... hits, lead, pads, basses,
percussive sounds and more! If you want the best and
newest sounds around for the D-50, programmed by the
same company whose sounds have been top rated in
"Keyboard," "Korg Connection," and "Home & Studio
Recording," be sure to call us today!

Titles Available from Pro-Rec for the D-50:

ROM: 69.90
Disk: 39.90

We can email these sounds to you!

D-50 Dance features 64 dynamic, powerful, rich synth
and dance sounds, with a wide variety of bright hits,
punchy, powerful basses, rich, dynamic pads, super leads,
and dynamic percussive sounds. One of our newest and
best-received sound banks. Classic D-50 sounds!

11 Brush Chiffs 15 Poly Sweepers
12 Keyy Brights 16 Panabrights
13 Poly S Keys 17 Panalucks
14 Ultimate Syns 18 Pulse Leads
21 Hydra Saws 25 Pluck Pads
22 Dyna Mixx 26 Wave Synths
23 Pluck Aahs 27 PanaBass
24 Toot Chiffs 28 Bright Polys
31 Brush Saws 35 Poly P Pads
32 Saww Pads 36 Bell Aahs
33 Multi Horns 37 Marim Synths
34 Multi PanSynths 38 Synth Pads
41 Block Plucks 45 Syn LowBass
42 Resonance 46 D Log Bass
43 Simple Synth 47 Block Oohs
44 Sticky Synths 48 Layer Synths
51 Hydro Plucks 55 Low Organ
52 Synth Lead 56 High Organ
53 Widget Synth 57 Marim Synths
54 Block Synths 58 Square Pulse
61 Super Aahs 65 Hard Keys
62 Digi Piano 66 Low Dance Bs
63 Multi Matrix 67 D Pick Bass
64 Panalogs 101 68 Stabber Bass
71 Poly Keys 75 ResoDance Bs
72 Poly Dance 76 Poly Splits
73 Waverrs 77 P Layer Keys
74 Night Oohs 78 Panaplucks
81 Padd Softs 85 Age Pads
82 Brash Heaven 86 PanaBrights
83 Bell Synths 87 Bell Softs
84 Softest Pads 88 Waters


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