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Welcome to, #1 in synth sounds for 25 years.


We've been the industry's hit! #1 top rated
supplier of synth sounds, for over 25 years!

our synth sounds,
for almost ALL
synths and samplers!

Korg M3
Korg M50
Korg Triton Extreme
Korg Triton
Korg Trinity
Korg Karma
Korg M1
Korg 01/W
Roland Fantom-S
Roland Fantom-X
Roland Fantom
Yamaha Motif Es, Xs, Mo
Yamaha Motif Mo
Yamaha Motif
Yamaha SY85
AKAI format
K2000 CD-ROMs
E-III State of the Art
CD-ROM (one-off)
Fairlight IIx
Sample CD (one-off)

Pro-Rec has been the industry leader in synth sounds for 25 years. We've been top rated in every single publication and web site and have a rock solid consistent grade A line for most of our products. We have top reviews. We have the well-established, inarguably best reputation for sounds, and customer service, worldwide.

Korg M3

Korg M3

Korg M50

Korg M50
  Korg Triton

Korg Triton

Pro-Rec has been the world's #1
producer of professional
synth sounds for over 25 years.

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We've been #1 in synth sounds
in the world for over 25 years!
Be sure to order today! We usually
email orders the same day! sells high quality
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